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trump voters stayed angry for eight years,
which is why we are having this conversation.

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23 February 2017 update: I've popped in a few headlines and vids below Tuesday's m00bies...scroll down, look for the [NEW] and [/NEW] tags, and...well, I can't say "enjoy" because most of the n00z is horrid, but do go have a look. Oh, and I've popped something fun in there, too, so enjoy that!
-- Dot Calm's shadow

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Dear ones, I'm behind the 8-ball...again!

I'm getting a late start because I'm on an activism-related telecon because I'm trying to save the world FOR YOU, for me, for ALL OF US...and the plants and animals, too!

I have a few pieces of information for y'all today along with a few headlines and a crap-ton of m00bies, so sit down, strap on in, and get ready to roll...then get angry and GET BUSY!!!

I saw a great comment
on Conservative Clown Car:
going from Obama to trump
"is like going from filet mignon
to a half eaten ham sandwich
dropped in a unflushed toilet."
They forgot to say
that the ham had rainbows on it
and the bread had mold on it
before landing in the toilet.
-- Dot Calm's shadow

Get busy--get active locally!!

The Northern Virginia contingent of the SOPROUD Rapid Response Team has been attending Republican Representative Barbara Comstock's town halls--which Ms. Comstock has been phoning in.

Here are some highlights from this telecon, which is the second one that Ms. Comstock has held.

Barbara Comstock likes to pretend that she's bi-partisan, but she-snot...she's clearly very, very Republican. She speaks Republican code because she is trying to manufacture consent.

Barbara Comstock has no plan to fund pre-existing conditions as defunded by Marco Rubio's 2015 Obamacare poison pill*; she supports defunding Planned Parenthood; and she claims that she has no intention to privatize SS/Medicare, but she sure intends to cut coverage!

She wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, not just fix it. Now Republicans are pretending that it's good not to label it as long as it "works"--they forget just how determined THEY were to label and kill it because it had OBAMA's name on it...the bastards. Single-payer, she says, will never fly with the Republican House and Senate. A pity. But it's good that, each town hall, multiple constituents call in and tell her they want single-payer.

She wants to make birth control over the counter, which I think is a good idea. She says that adult women will have improved access to over-the-counter birth control and that it will reduce unintended pregnancies. I guess she has no plan to reduce teenage pregnancies, or does a female qualify as an adult as soon as she starts menstruating?

She supports investigating benedict donald's Russian ties and mentioned bicameral, bipartisan support to maintain sanctions for now. However, she refused to answer a question on cheeto benito's taxes, his corruption, his conflicts of interest, his literacy, his understanding of basic civics and government, and his mental and emotional health.

She wants to cut taxes to create jobs--that doesn't work!!!!!! There's no mechanism for it to work! If I don't have a job, then cutting my taxes does exactly what, duh? And giving the already-rich more money doesn't create jobs, either. Giving us middle- and lower-class ordinary Americans will put some money back into the economy but not in enough proportion to create jobs--the percentages aren't there. In other words, if I make $100,000 per year and pay 28% in taxes, how is giving me maybe 3%, or $3,000.00, really going to help? I mean, sure, I might spend it...or I might save it if I have enough income to do so. Conversely, if I make the $7.25/hour minimum wage, then I only make $15,080.00 per year working full time, so how is 3% or $452.40 really going to help me? She does NOT understand that you need to give people pay to create jobs--you need to pay decent, living wages to create demand!!! Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 equates to $21,008.00/year; raising it to $15 equates to $31,200.00/year. Given that average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1006.00/month, you'd need to make $19.35/hour or $40,240 per year. That means two full-time workers making $10.10/hour or $21,008.00 each. There's no amount of cutting taxes that's going to produce as many jobs as raising the minimum wage will--and it will let people work full time, not round the clock, and rent decent housing so that they can live in dignity and support their families. They could actually see their kids and help them with their homework--imagine that!

She wants to deregulate, too, which makes me cringe. She speaks Republican code: she says that the deregulation won't detract from safety, but we all know it will.

She supports Keystone XL and creating more global warming and climate instability. She mistakenly thinks that Keystone will create "lots" of "good" jobs. It won't--there will be very few jobs, and they won't be long-term or steady. Oh, and did I mention that she wants moar global warming?!??

She is misleading her listeners on tax reform: she says that the corporate tax rates are the highest in the world, but they're not--ExxonMobile and Big Oil and a crap-ton of defense contractors and w-a-y too many other huge corporations that make the highest profits in the world get WELFARE from OUR TAX DOLLARS. THEY PAY ZERO TAXES AND GET REFUNDS AT OUR EXPENSE. We are literally subsidizing them to murder us, as you'll see in the Redacted Tonight video below. Friends, THIS IS INSANE!!!!!

Unlike cheeto benito, Representative Comstock does support increasing funding for NIH and medical research, including at the academic level. That's comforting, since orange twAtler talks smack about NIH and grouched that he wants to cut their funding, saying, "I can tell you, because I hear so much about the NIH, and it's terrible." Srsly, what a st00pit cockwomble he is. Cheez.

One caller remarked that Representative Comstock's town hall telecons are really frustrating because attendees can't follow-up on their questions. So true! Representative Comstock would not give a clear answer on holding a town hall in public, so the caller drew Comstock's conclusion for her: Comstock won't, and she has no intention of ever doing so. Comstock did mention the Indivisible town hall on Friday, but she was very coy about whether or not she's attending herself. Translation: she won't attend the Indivisible town hall because she doesn't want to participate in something that "partisan"--as if SHE WEREN'T partisan!

Bottom line: yes, folks, Barbara Comstock is quite the slippery slithery little snakey-poo, as constituents who've spoken with her and her staff have observed in the past. She is NOT to be trusted!

* Little Marco Rubio's Obamacare poison pill struck in December 2015: he got the Republican Congress to renege on the government's contract with the insurance companies that the taxpayer would reimburse the insurance companies for covering the "high risk corridor" until enough healthy people signed on to make the subsidy unnecessary. That contract was the reason that the insurance companies got into the exchanges and covered everyone, even with pre-existing conditions, cancer treatments, etc. Rubio's poison pill drove several smaller insurance companies bankrupt, forcing them to close forever; it forced United Health and Aetna out of the exchanges; and it drove premiums way up. Remember that 400% increase you read about or were hit with yourself? Don't forget to pull out your checkbook, thank Little Marco Rubio, and beg, "Please, sir, may I have another?"

Remember Ike's 90% income tax rate
on our nation's highest earners?
THAT was how we built
the interstates,
public schools that were
the envy of the world,
the space program,
and a democracy
that was NOT for sale.
Remember unions?
THAT was how we had
decent salaries
where a family of four
could live on one income,
weekends and holidays,
workplace safety,
and a fighting chance
for the individual
to have representation
against the rich and powerful.
Republicans want us to FORGET
how we could and SHOULD live...
They don't want us to have nice things.
They want to keep all the goodies
for their fat, bloated, greedy, rich

Justice Democrats update

Last time, I promised to update you on Samuel Ronan as potential DNC Chair once I obtained information on Mr. Ronan's position on gun control, since he said that he had "a veteran's position on guns."

I wrote him an e-mail via web form; this was his response:

From dragon_lord4269 AT yahoo DOT com

My views on gun control put simply, are to emphasize regulations and constratints on the individual, emphasize fire arms safety, to include handling, storage, and us of force training requirements, rather than "ban" weapons, or limit magizine sizes, etc. The weapon is a tool that military members use on a regular basis without incident, and therefore tells me it is the irresponsible actions of the gun owners themselves that cause the gun violence, accidental deaths or in the case of law enforcement, over reach of authority.
We should all be held to a higher standard especially if our jobs require the use of firearms. Law enforcement especially should not be given free rein to execute civilians because "they feared for their lives". Soldiers, EMT, Fire Fighters, etc. all have dangerous professions as well and they execute their duties without harming innocents, or fearing for their lives.

Samuel Ronan
Frankly, friends, I gets a wee bit uncomfortable when I receive such an e-mail on what I consider to be such an important issue. For one thing, how professional is the guy's e-mail address--is he really serious about running for DNC Chair? It also bothers me that someone who wants to lead something large, like one of the two largest political parties in the nation, shows such a lack o' literacy. To me, it says that the man doesn't pay attention to details. That said, I personally didn't object much to the content--I do think that some weapons do not belong in civilian hands, and I do believe that limiting magazine size saves lives. After all, most if not all of the mass shootings we have in this nation are committed with weapons purchased legally.

As a result of the overall impression I received regarding Mr. Ronan from his e-mail message to me, I think I'd rather keep trusting Bernie and support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.

Your mileage may vary, and I promise my fee-fees won't be hurt either way you go.

We don't just need
a psychological test for the presidency
...we need a literacy test, too!
Oh, and a civics test!
If you wanna be president,
you HAFTA pass the same test
that immigrants take
when they become citizens.
donald john trump would FAIL
every single one of these tests.
Of course, he'd say he WON
because he thinks
"F" is for "Famous."
-- Dot Calm's shadow


Choo choo time

AlterNet: Leaked Tapes Reveal Trump's Offer to His 'Real Group'
...From the teaser: "Our president gives special treatment for dictators." Yeesh. He also has the White House, which is the People's House where tours are free, and he has his golf-country club-restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, where you can rub elbows with orange twAtler for a mere, paltry $200,000.00 membership fee. I wonder whether my barely-GED-educated Tea Party Christian friend has his membership there yet....
AlterNet: Michael Moore Steps Up With Resistance Calendar and Website Devoted to Stopping President Trump
...From the teaser: "He offers his 10-step program to rally the troops for the long-term resistance battle." Time to step it up, friends!
CNN: Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials
Reuters: U.S. inquiries into Russian election hacking include three FBI probes
Vox: A former senator explains how regular people can effectively lobby Congress
...In short, be persistent; write, call, show up as often as possible; make it personal--how is what's going on affecting you and your loved ones? Get them involved and on your side!
Vox: No, Hillary Clinton did not "give Russia 20 percent of the uranium” in the US
...But there's no amount of proof you could show my poor, benighted Tea Party Christian friend that would convince him otherwise. Hell, he probably believes in Pizzagate, The Bowling Green Massacre (which I think would be a great name for a band right now), Sweden...Sweden?!??, and the rest of the bullshit spewed by orange twAtler and his disgusting lying minions....
Reuters: Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump's global anti-abortion move
...Considering that orange twAtler's women-hating bullshit will cost women worldwide some $600 million, if only 60 nations would come up with $10 million each, they can undo and FU our SCROTUS.
Rolling Stone: Matt Taibbi: The Vampire Squid Occupies Trump's White House
...Matt's wonderfully descriptive "vampire squid" label refers to Government Sachs. We are so fucked we have no idea how fucked we are. Jesus ass-twerking Christ.
Daily Kos: Trump and McConnell inadvertently make the rock solid case for NOT confirming Supreme Court nominee
...As the article says, "It would be our pragmatic conclusion that once the political season is under way, and it is, action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over." And we know for a fact that orange twAtler is CAMPAIGNING for 2020--he just had HIS FIRST 2020 CAMPAIGN RALLY!!!!! NO SCOTUS FOR SCROTUS!!!!!

Daily Kos

  • Leaked tapes reveal Trump's offer to his 'real group'

  • Russian Ambassador dies suddenly in New York

  • Trump administration halts California's plans for high-speed rail and infrastructure improvements

  • Donald Trump calls reporting facts 'fake news.' We call it doing our job. Can you chip in $1 to support independent, progressive media?

  • Alabama Sheriff suddenly realizes the gun nuts are not his friends

  • The Newt Gingrich time bomb Republicans are using to destroy everything good

  • Republicans slowly waking to realization that tables have turned on Obamacare's popularity

  • Lawrence O'Donnell: Mike Pence is the man Trump should fear

  • Rebooted impeachment proceedings in Alabama could take down governor—and senator he appointed

  • Donald Trump finds it insulting to talk about anti-Semitism, while vandalism and threats go on

  • Sign if you agree: Neil Gorsuch is too extreme for the Supreme Court. Block his appointment.

  • NASA defies Trump's doubts on climate science. Identifies new path for Greenland meltwater to ocean

  • Freedom Caucus maniac Jim Jordan forced to have town meeting when constituents show up

  • Iowa legislature introduces bill to require university faculty applicants to state party affiliation

  • Undocumented mother to Trump 'I've paid my taxes for 20 years,' what's your excuse?

  • Trump's first month filled with chaos and controversy

  • Don't wait around until 2018—there are tons of elections on the ballot this year

  • One of Trump's advisers goes around wearing a Nazi collaborator medal

  • Morning Joe and Mika on White House advisor Steven Miller: 'Oh my God! It's much worse than I imagined'

  • Jeff Sessions' DOJ drops protections for transgender students implemented under Obama

  • Daily Kos is $34,623.36 away from our February goal. Can you chip in $1 to support the team that brings progressive news to your inbox every day?

  • CNN's 'Reliable Sources' focuses on Trump's sanity

  • Border agents detained a U.S.-born NASA scientist until he unlocked his phone. Know your rights.

  • Chaos at the White House, national security adviser resigns

  • Incompetence-in-Chief: Check out this glaring typo in the official Donald Trump inauguration print

  • Trump adviser: The powers of the president 'will not be questioned'

  • Oklahoma and Wyoming Republicans agree women aren't people, disagree on just what they are

  • The Koch brothers are pouring millions into defending Trump's extremist Supreme Court pick. Sign on to help defeat Trump and the Kochs.

  • After accusing protesters of being 'paid,' Utah rep is getting invoices from protesters

  • Michael Flynn resigns as national security advisor after Russia revelations

  • Biden's daughter launches a made in the USA clothing line, proceeds benefit underserved communities

  • With Trump talking national security over salad, is Paul Ryan still worried about 'careless' people?

  • Situation Room seats available, only $200,000 each. Buy your ticket to history!

  • Let's keep the immigrants and deport Trump instead

  • ***

    By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
    The Supreme Court seat wasn't the only seat that was hijacked by Senate Republicans. READ MORE»

    By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
    New report from American Psychological Association finds vast majority of Americans are significantly stressed out by the outcome of the presidential election. READ MORE»

    By Jeremy Sherman, AlterNet
    Using psychology to cope with the effects of our current president.  READ MORE»

    By Hadley Freeman , The Guardian
    From pundits like Ann Coulter to Kellyanne Conway, American rightwingers are a uniform vision of don’t scare-the-horses dressing. READ MORE»

    By Dan Cohen, AlterNet
    How much longer will we continue to tolerate the kind of intolerance that Islamophobes like Maher have built their careers on? READ MORE»

    By Adam Johnson, AlterNet
    Many high-profile Trump critics are fine with Trump as long as he’s bashing Middle Eastern bad guys. READ MORE»

    By Paul Rosenberg, Salon
    From "zero GDP" to '42 percent unemployment,' Trump's economic claims suggest profound and dangerous ignorance. READ MORE»

    By Ashlee Miller, The Frisky
    A fun way to reduce stress, live longer, and sleep better.  READ MORE»

    By Chauncey DeVega, Salon
    Trump didn't "remake the electorate," argues leading Democratic pollster. Instead, Hillary and her party blew it READ MORE»

    By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet
    The world's total wealth is about $256 trillion, and in just one year the richest 10% drained nearly $4 trillion away from the rest of civilization.  READ MORE»

    By Brad Brooks, AlterNet
    Western states have already sold and privatized 31 million acres of state lands—an area about the size of Louisiana. READ MORE»

    By Ilana Novick, AlterNet
    Medical marijuana comes to the retirement home.  READ MORE»

    By Erin Corbett, Raw Story
    “The dirty little secret of the ‘Never-Mind-What-Trump-Said’ approach to foreign policy is that it’s not a sustainable foreign policy at all.” READ MORE»

    By Monique Morrissey, Economic Policy Institute
    They want to push shoddy funds and kill off competition. READ MORE»


    Please go to Democracynow.org and read and listen to their articles. There are too many for me to put in today, given how late it is.


    I have to give a shout-out to HuffPo: their President's Day headline was (I'm paraphrasing) "Poor trump has to suffer through day about presidents that aren't him."

    Today's headline is interesting on many levels: "CPAC Refuses To Normolopoulize Pedophelia."

    I don't know the degree to which the misspelling is intentional ("pedophelia"?), but what interests me is that CPAC--which has been normalizing if not celebrating every unethical, illegal, hateful, etc-etc-etc word and deed recently done by orange twAtler, his alt-right white supremacist minions, and the Republicans in general--actually DID have a line to cross.

    Even Breitbart had to dump the guy!

    I've seen headlines that the alt-right thinks that the left is gloating over CPAC shutting Milo down--as if the left feels vindicated in their denial of Milo's "free speech." If that's true, then what are they really trying to say? That even pedophilia is ok if it's being done by or condoned by Republicans? Aren't these the same people who got their panties in a bunch over "Pizzagate"?

    Things that make you go, "Hm...."

    As xkcd's Randall Munroe so eloquently drew (https://xkcd.com/1357/ -- be sure to click the link and read the mouse-over text, and don't forget to look for the alternative text),

    Free Speech
    After all, free speech doesn't refer to what the public will or will not allow--it's what the Constitution demands that the government allow.
    SCROTUS and TURDleman agree:

    Mucho m00bies hoy

    Maybe our allies can shame the Republicans out of putting party and power ahead of our national welfare.... Never thought I'd ever hear myself say THAT!


    Hee hee!

    Kyle nails it--Republicans can't STAND the fact that more Christians than Muslims commit acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. And the media collude with them to underreport Christian terrorism.

    Friends, I know I posted this one last time, but I'm posting it again because it is JUST that important. If you haven't seen it, please watch it now. Dean Obeidallah expounds on the same points about Christian-vs-Muslim terrorism that Kyle makes above, and Joy Reid explains why chump keeps hammering propaganda onto his base and why he attacks the judiciary. As it turns out, orange twAtler wants to build his base into an impenetrable segment of society, unreachable by facts and reason--and we can all see that it's going swimmingly--and he's attacking the judiciary because it's the only co-equal branch of government that's actually acting like one and trying to hold him accountable. Here's the link to Randi's homework list for this segment: http://randirhodes.com/blog/homework-02-07-17-trumps-latest-media-attack-dangerous-terrorist-attacks-media-didnt-cover-white-men-planning-attacks-muslims/

    I love me some DN!

    Here's the Redacted Tonight vid I promised above--we spend TRILLIONS to make sure we all die soon (seriously)!

    Ha! I LOVE it! LET'S primary her! And Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin and Tillerson bro Mark Warner! And the rest of the corporate-sellout DINOS!

    orange twAtler just attacked the Constitution...again! Do Republicans give a shit? I wouldn't bet money on it!

    Drip, drip, drip!
    OF COURSE chump's white house
    is leaking...
    It's the ONLY way
    they can get information TO him!


    Moar choo choo-time headlines

    The Guardian:

    ...They've retitled the post from "Banning poor people from jobs and other talks from the CPac conference," but the topic is still in there as one of the talks (!)....
    The Guardian: Boyfriend of reporter killed on live TV aims to unseat NRA-endorsed lawmaker
    The Guardian: I'm undocumented. People like me need your help
    ...Dot Calm had a cleaning lady who she didn't realize was undocumented until the poor lady got deported, splitting up the family. The kids, who were high school-age minors, were left here, but their mom was deported to one country, and their dad was deported to another--their birth nations. And this was under Obama. Dot Calm was devastated for the family
    --can you imagine being left as a teenager with your teenage sibling, with no means of support, in one country when your parents are taken away from you and sent to two different countries...and you don't even have airfare to follow them? Another sad part of this gawd-awful story? The cleaning lady who replaced this upstanding, hardworking, thorough woman was a piece of toothless white trailer trash who didn't clean worth crap and who took her pay plus whatever else she could get her grubby paws on. Including Dot Calm's pain medications. Srsly, just how fucked-up of a waste of oxygen do you hafta be to steal pain meds from a crippled old woman?!??
    VICE: How the Alt-Right Reacted to Milo's Downfall
    ...Basically, with all manner of apologetics for their boi
    --as in, pedophilia is fine as long as you're neither a Democrat nor part of the deep state because, then, it isn't pedophilia anyway. Oh, and the alt-right is convinced--brace yourself, because this is really hilarious--that everyone in the deep state IS a child molester! Srsly! These idjit cockwombles have convinced themselves that, when you apply to become a member of the deep state, they make you molest a child (1) for blackmail dirt on you if they should ever need it and (2) because you'd only molest a child if you're, like, rilly rilly committed to serving the deep state no matter whut. IT'S A CONSPIRACY, FELLOW PATRIOTS--AND THE MEDIA COVER IT UP!!! ...Oh, crap, friends--my sides are splitting...that is TOO FUNNY!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!one
    VICE: 3,000 Scientists Have Asked for Help Running for Office to Oppose Trump
    ...Please, friends--let's do everything in our power to Make America Both Fact-and-Reality-Based and Smart Again!
    Vox: Woman with dying husband confronts Tom Cotton: "What kind of insurance do you have?"
    ...Better than hers, I'd bet--and at no cost to him.

    ...An honest look from an insider who's no cheerleader for PEWtin.
    Eben moar m00bies!

    This is just yummy

    Hum! Where's all this information coming from in all these Chinese water torture-style dribs and drabs?

    Ruh roh, Reorge...

    Well, Keith's not cheering...he's explaining, he's warning, but he-snot cheering...
    ...What I'd like to know is where the bastards get off pre-defeating Hillary (cough-James Comey-cough) in Chinese water torture-style dribs and drabs, and now the IC is chipping away at chump in Chinese water torture-style dribs and drabs...?!?? Why the phuque didn't they just help out Bernie if they hated both Hillary and chump, and who do they have in mind to replace chump once he implodes? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Are your eyebawlz bouncing off each other yet? Mine are! Try this for a giggle--be sure to turn your sound all the way to 11!

    Have you ever noticed
    that chump and his cabinet
    all look like Harry Potter villains?
    Betsy deVos is Petunia Dursley...
    Puzder was Voldemort...
    Kellyanne Conjob can be 
    an ugly, weather-beaten, bleached-blonde
    Bellatrix Lestrange...
    Ban'em must be Nagini...
    chump, the prima donna,
    is Dolores Umbridge!

    Don't forget to read Dot Calm's shadow's favorite independent sources of news and information:

    Michael Moore's FB page -- go here first and do whatever activism he suggests
    Daily Kos
    Democracy Now!
    Democratic Underground
    Boing Boing
    Conservatives are Destroying our Future
    Conservative Clown Car
    God, the Good Lord Above
    ...skip the media outlets in the boycott list unless you want trump propaganda. And TELL their advertisers WHY you are boycotting those media outlets!
    And check out these great channels:
    ...or, if you just want something mindless and fun, try Tested

    Peas, friends. Take care of yourselves for me. Trust me--you're worth it! And go have a Fireball and some chocolate while you still can, will ya? Time is short now that the mouth of trump hell has opened...
    - Dot Calm's shadow

    Consider the preemptive Blogger phuqued-up phormatting disclaimer to be in effect. Grrr.
    -- Dot Calm's shadow

    Image may contain: text

    (Save Our Planet--Resist Orange Ugly donald: To-Do List)
    Until further notice, the purpose of this blog is to provide tools to help protect and preserve our rights, our liberties, and our country from the wrinkled fat orange clusterfuck that is Donald "dickless LOSER" trump. As I track down more information, I will continue to refine these tools.

    If you value my work, please support me on Patreon: just point your browser to https://www.patreon.com/ and type "Dot Calm's shadow" into the search box at the top--thank you! Even a dollar a month from 20 people would really help right now--it would cover part of my Internet. Show me that there's more out there than just a lonely chorus of crickets!
    Action List

    PROTECT yourself financially, reproductively, and medically.

    1. If you need a loan, get it NOW--rates have already gone up; they went up at least three times the first week or two after the election. MOVE your retirement out of the stock market and into a stable fund that is guaranteed NOT to lose your principal--if you're not risk averse, keep your money in stocks until after the inauguration...but move it out ASAP afterward because, once chump and the teathuglikkkants deregulate Wall Street, we are in for a bust that makes chimp's Great Recession look like O'Bama's recovery. Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and their guest speakers agree that the Rethugs and chump will crash the economy by deregulating the stock market so quickly our haids will spin. The boom-bust cycle repeats every 80 years or so--as long as it takes for the last people who remember what a depression was like and fight the greedsters to die off. We're phuqued.

    2. If you're a woman of reproductive age or a man who knows and loves women of reproductive age, stock up on as much "Plan B" (the "morning after" pill) as you can afford NOW. Plan to take one pill either immediately after unprotected sex or the morning after unprotected sex, and plan to take another pill 24 hours later. No matter what else you do, STOCK UP NOW on Plan B because even the best contraceptives fail, and you won't be able to get an abortion once chump and the teathuglikkkants take over. Men, get yourself snipped while you still can, too.

    3. If you're a woman of reproductive age and don't already have an IUD or contraceptive implant, get yours NOW. Mirena has progestin, not estrogen, and can reduce your period; the copper ones without hormones (like Paragard) can cause cramping and heavy bleeding that doesn't go away until the device is removed (think having the second day of your period for a year at a clip). Of these two IUDs, women seem to prefer Mirena, but the device can still fall out. Cosmopolitan has a great discussion on these and other IUDs, what's involved with getting one (not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week afterward), what's involved with having one removed (also not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week after). "Managing Contraception" has an article on Mirena (not scary). If I were you, I'd skip the Skyla--it only lasts 3 years, so you wouldn't even be done with the orange fuckwad's first term if you get one. Planned Parenthood has a video about contraceptive implants and great information about all forms of contraception. And if you think you might need a do-it-yourself abortion some time in the future, go talk to Planned Parenthood NOW and see if you can stock up on mifepristone now--the options for DIY abortions at home using substances like vitamin C seem promising to desperate women but don't have any scientific backing. You can also try womenonwaves.org and womenonweb.org.

    4. Don't take any new drugs approved after 2016 without doing your own research into whether they're safe and effective. Republicans are weakening the FDA to the point that it will no longer be able to verify that new drugs will work and not harm us.

    Now, do your daily actions, make your daily calls, and do the rest...


    Go to Michael Moore's FaceBook page and do whatever is on his to-do list:

    Here's a list of short-term actions you can take right now!

    1. If you can, sign up for the 29 April 2017 People's Climate March. I called into the telecon Monday evening and found it very useful. Two things stuck out: People's Climate Movement is rather new, so it's small and not yet well funded. However, they're working with the other climate organizations to build the movement and fight trump's disastrous Big Oil, Big Destruction, Big Money, Big Death agenda.

    2. If you can't make the climate march but can come out a week earlier--Earch Day, 22 April 2017--then please sign up for the March for Science. The climate telecon had nearly a thousand callers-in, some of whom lamented that it would be really difficult to attend both marches. I know it took me a week to recover from the Women's March, and I'm local. PCM suggested combining with the science march, but the science march wasn't interested, seeing the protection of science as a separate issue. I disagree in the sense that we have trump's disastrous Big Oil, Big Destruction, Big Money, Big Death agenda BECAUSE of all the climate SCIENCE DENIAL. So, I'll be one of the many PCM callers-in contacting the science march people to try to get them to combine with the climate march.

    3. Go help NASA archive their data--wiki wiki! (Read about it here and click through to the links if you're too lazy to check the archive of this blawg for a direct link.)

    4. Go call trump's businesses and make them pass along your comments to him! Here's the link: https://whitehouseinc.org/...have fun, kidz!

    5. Contact Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus and THANK them for dumping trump! Amazon may be caving, too, to pressure to ditch Breitbart, so keep bugging Amazon and the rest of 'em to do what's in EVERYONE's best interests--not just in the best interests of white supremacists, haters, bigots, and racists--by signing this petition and boycotting the offending advertisers:  https://actions.sumofus.org/a/amazon-stop-investing-in-hate/?source=taf

    6. If you haven't already, go check out the Indivisible guide: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/. As always, the very best thing you can do is GO IN PERSON to your elected officials' offices and TALK to them. Failing that, PHONE them. If you can do neither, then FAX them--better, if it-snot urgent, then WRITE them a personal, signed letter. Failing all of those, then e-mail them. The guide has moar ways to get involved and stop trump the chump!


    CALL your U.S. Senators and Representatives DAILY at their LOCAL offices. SHOW UP in person if you can. Call each day with ONE issue--and KEEP CALLING. The staffers track your calls by issue, so don't give in to the temptation of giving them the whole laundry list all at once. Here is our list of demands:

    0. Call your members of Congress now and demand they block trump's cabinet of swamp monsters in its entirety (from The New York Times):

    Senior Adviser to the President

    A senior member of the White House staff who serves as a confidant in the president’s inner circle.
    Jared Kushner Mr. Trump has named his son-in-law to a senior White House role. The appointment of Mr. Kushner, a major real estate developer in New York who is married to Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka, could test anti-nepotism laws. He's being/been pushed out by Alcoholic Steve Ban'em, and we hear he's pretty pissed about being denied the reins of power....       

    Director of National Intelligence

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The person who holds this post is the president’s principal adviser on intelligence and oversees the entire military and civilian intelligence apparatus. The coordination between the intelligence agencies of the military and civilian wings will be vital for the war on the Islamic State.
    Dan Coats Mr. Trump has picked the former Indiana senator. Mr. Coats, who served on the Senate intelligence and armed services committees, would be stepping into a position that some in Mr. Trump’s orbit believe is superfluous.

    U.S. Trade Representative

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The president’s chief trade negotiator will have the odd role of opposing new trade deals, trying to rewrite old ones and bolstering the enforcement of what Mr. Trump sees as unfair trade, especially with China.
    Robert Lighthizer Mr. Trump has chosen the international lawyer who served as a trade official under President Ronald Reagan. Mr. Lighthizer has been harshly critical of China, and in a 2010 Op-Ed article in The New York Times, he presaged some of Mr. Trump’s talk on trade.

    Homeland Security Adviser

    A position that will be equal in status to national security adviser, it will focus on homeland security and counterterrorism.
    Thomas P. Bossert Mr. Trump’s choice was a top national security aide to President George W. Bush. Mr. Bossert runs a risk management consulting firm in Washington and is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council research institution, working on its Cyber Statecraft Initiative.


    A close adviser who will help set the president’s agenda and formulate his message.
    Kellyanne Conway Mr. Trump’s choice is his former campaign manager, confidante and spokeswoman. Ms. Conway also has a pollster background and therefore may rely on this skill set to keep tabs on public sentiment.

    Director of Trade and Industrial Policy

    A new position that will oversee trade and industrial policy in the White House and direct an internal council that will run alongside the National Security Council, the National Economic Council and the Domestic Policy Council.
    Peter Navarro Mr. Trump’s choice is a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who holds a doctorate from Harvard and is the only credentialed economist in Mr. Trump’s inner circle. Mr. Navarro has been a staunch critic of current Chinese economic policies.

    Special Adviser on Regulatory Reform

    This new position will oversee the president’s promised effort to unwind as many regulations on business as he can.
    Carl Icahn Mr. Trump has appointed Mr. Icahn, a billionaire investor and famed “corporate raider” who buys large stakes in companies and then forces policy changes to benefit shareholders. Mr. Icahn, who was an economic adviser during the campaign, is a longtime friend of Mr. Trump.

    Press Secretary and Special Assistant to the President

    The press secretary is the face of the White House and representative for the president, framing messaging, responding to stories of the day and briefing the press.
    Sean Spicer Mr. Trump chose the longtime spokesman for the Republican National Committee and top aide to Reince Priebus, who is the incoming chief of staff and pressed for his selection. While Mr. Spicer will be the face of the communications team, he will work with Jason Miller, director of communications, and Hope Hicks, director of strategic communications.

    Secretary of State

    Requires Senate confirmation
    Whether Mr. Trump picks an ideologue or a seasoned foreign policy hand from past Republican administrations, his challenge will be that the State Department is the centerpiece of the post-1945 experiment of alliance-building and globalism, which Mr. Trump said he would dismantle.
    Rex W. Tillerson Mr. Trump’s choice is the president and chief executive of Exxon Mobil, whose ties with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin may draw scrutiny during the confirmation process.

    Interior Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The Interior Department manages the nation’s public lands and waters. The next secretary will decide the fate of Obama-era rules that stop public land development; curb the exploration of oil, coal and gas; and promote wind and solar power on public lands.
    Ryan Zinke Mr. Trump has selected Montana’s freshman representative, a former Navy SEAL commander who was an early supporter of the president-elect and ran for office largely on a national security platform.

    Energy Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    Despite its name, the primary purview of the Energy Department is to protect and manage the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.
    Rick Perry Mr. Trump has selected the former Texas governor, who in 2011 proposed scrapping the Energy Department while he was seeking the Republican nomination for president.

    Labor Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The Labor Department enforces rules that protect the nation’s workers, distributes benefits to the unemployed and publishes economic data like the monthly jobs report. The new secretary will be in charge of keeping Mr. Trump’s promise to dismantle many Obama-era rules covering the vast work force of federal contractors.
    Andrew F. Puzder Mr. Trump’s expected choice is the chief executive of CKE Restaurants — and a donor to his campaign — who has criticized the Obama administration’s labor policies. HAHA, PUZDER YOU LOSER! We won, you lost! You DON'T get to fuck with American workers and give OUR hard-earned money to your richie-rich asshole buds, Puzder you gutter slime! Too bad you're such a hateful abuser. I'm glad for your ex-wife that she kicked your sorry ass to the curb, asshole. I'm only sorry you felt the need to be such an abusive bully about it, you stinking asswipe shitstain. Good riddance!!!       

    Small Business Administration

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The agency guarantees loans for small businesses, helps them get government contracts and supports their interests on Capitol Hill.
    Linda McMahon Mr. Trump has selected the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment to lead the agency. Ms. McMahon, a failed Senate candidate from Connecticut, was with her husband, Vince, one of Mr. Trump’s biggest donors.

    E.P.A. Administrator

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The Environmental Protection Agency, which issues and oversees environmental regulations, is under threat from the president-elect, who has vowed to dismantle the agency “in almost every form.”
    Scott Pruitt Mr. Trump has selected the Oklahoma attorney general, who is a close ally of the fossil fuel industry.

    Homeland Security Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The hodgepodge agency, formed after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has one key role in the Trump administration: guarding the United States’ borders. If Mr. Trump makes good on his promises of widespread deportations and building a wall, this secretary will have to carry them out.
    John F. Kelly Mr. Trump has named the retired four-star Marine general, whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan.

    Defense Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The incoming secretary will shape the fight against the Islamic State while overseeing a military that is struggling to put in place two Obama-era initiatives: integrating women into combat roles and allowing transgender people to serve openly. Both could be rolled back.
    James N. Mattis Mr. Trump announced at a rally that he had selected General Mattis, who led a Marine division to Baghdad during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and led the United States Central Command from 2010-13. General Mattis, now retired, has been a critic of the Obama administration. He would need a waiver from Congress to lead the Pentagon because he has been out of uniform for less than seven years.

    Treasury Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The secretary will be responsible for government borrowing in financial markets, assisting in any rewrite of the tax code and overseeing the Internal Revenue Service. The Treasury Department also carries out or lifts financial sanctions against foreign enemies — which are crucial to President Obama’s Iran deal and rapprochement with Cuba.
    Steven Mnuchin Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Mnuchin, who served as his campaign finance chairman. Mr. Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has deep roots in Hollywood but no government experience.

    Transportation Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The next transportation secretary will oversee Mr. Trump’s campaign pledge to increase infrastructure funding to rebuild America's roads, bridges, airports and transit systems.
    Elaine L. Chao Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Chao, the labor secretary under President George W. Bush. Ms. Chao, who is married to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has been a fixture of the Republican establishment in Washington.

    Health and Human Services Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The secretary will help Mr. Trump achieve one of his central campaign promises: to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The department approves new drugs, regulates the food supply, operates biomedical research, and runs Medicare and Medicaid, which insure more than 100 million people.
    Tom Price Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Price, a six-term Republican congressman from Georgia and orthopedic surgeon who has led opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Price has said the law interferes with the ability of patients and doctors to make medical decisions.

    White House Counsel

    As the president’s adviser on legal matters, the White House counsel may have an unusually daunting job in the Trump administration, given Mr. Trump’s far-reaching business empire and potential conflicts of interest.
    Donald F. McGahn II Mr. Trump has chosen Mr. McGahn, who served as general counsel for the Trump campaign. Mr. McGahn, a Washington lawyer who pushed to deregulate campaign finance and election laws, served on the Federal Election Commission for five years.

    Commerce Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The Commerce Department has been a perennial target for budget cuts, but the secretary oversees a diverse portfolio, including the census, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
    Wilbur Ross Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Ross, an investor whose fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $2.9 billion. Mr. Ross has said the United States must free itself from the “bondage” of “bad trade agreements,” and has advocated threats to impose steep tariffs on China.

    Education Secretary

    Requires Senate confirmation
    Mr. Trump has said he wants to drastically shrink the Education Department and shift responsibilities for curriculum research, development and educational aid to state and local governments.
    Betsy DeVos Mr. Trump has selected Ms. DeVos, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and an education activist who is a passionate believer in school choice, as his nominee.

    U.N. Ambassador

    Requires Senate confirmation
    Second to the secretary of state, the United States ambassador to the United Nations will be the primary face of America to the world, representing the country’s interests at the Security Council on a host of issues, from Middle East peace to nuclear proliferation.
    Nikki R. Haley Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Haley, the governor of South Carolina, as his nominee. The daughter of immigrants from India, she was a prominent and frequent critic of Mr. Trump early in his run.

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The secretary oversees fair-housing laws, the development of affordable housing and access to mortgage insurance. As a real estate developer, Mr. Trump is attuned to the tax breaks for housing development.
    Ben Carson Mr. Trump has selected the former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate to be his nominee to lead HUD. Mr. Carson had previously said he did not want to work in government.

    C.I.A. Director

    Requires Senate confirmation
    Mr. Trump takes over at a time of diverse and complex threats to American security. The new C.I.A. director will have to decide whether to undo a C.I.A. “modernization” plan put in place this year by Director John O. Brennan, and how to proceed if the president-elect orders a resumption of harsh interrogation tactics — critics have described the tactics as torture — for terrorism suspects.
    Mike Pompeo Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Pompeo, representative of Kansas and a former Army officer, as his nominee. Mr. Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence Committee and was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton during the congressional investigation into the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

    Attorney General

    Requires Senate confirmation
    The nation's top law enforcement official will have the authority for carrying out Mr. Trump's “law and order” platform. The nominee can change how civil rights laws are enforced.
    Jeff Sessions Mr. Trump has selected Senator Sessions, of Alabama, as his nominee. Mr. Sessions is a strong proponent of strict immigration enforcement, reduced spending and tough-on-crime measures. His nomination for a federal judgeship in 1986 was rejected because of racially charged comments and actions, which are very likely to become an issue as he faces another set of Senate confirmation hearings.

    National Security Adviser

    The national security adviser, although not a member of the cabinet, is a critical gatekeeper for policy proposals from the State Department, the Pentagon and other agencies, a function that takes on more importance given Mr. Trump's lack of experience in elective office.
    Michael T. Flynn Mr. Trump has selected the retired Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. General Flynn has been outspoken about his view of the threat posed by Islamist militancy and was an ardent supporter of Mr. Trump during the campaign. This TRAITOR, who sold America out to PEWtin, was fired/resigned IN SCANDAL and DISGRACE, February 2017!!!       

    White House Chief of Staff

    The chief of staff manages the work and personnel of the West Wing, steering the president's agenda and tending to important relationships. The role will take on outsize importance in a White House run by Mr. Trump, who has no experience in policy making and little in the way of connections to critical players in Washington.
    Reince Priebus Mr. Trump announced on Nov. 13 that he had chosen Mr. Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    Chief Strategist

    Stephen K. Bannon was also considered for chief of staff, but Mr. Trump instead named him chief strategist and senior counselor in the White House, saying that he and Mr. Priebus would be “working as equal partners” in the administration.
    Stephen K. Bannon Also on Nov. 13, Mr. Trump announced the appointment of Mr. Bannon, a right-wing media executive and the chairman of the president-elect’s campaign. Many have denounced the move, warning that Mr. Bannon represents racist views.

    1. DEMAND they support Barbara Boxer's bill to ABOLISH the Electoral College--popular vote only. DEMAND paper ballots only, and DEMAND audit trails be published in local papers. DEMAND they LET ALL Americans vote (undo voter roll purges and other Black voter suppression) and MAKE Election Day a national holiday for all. And STOP gerrymandering.

    2. Demand that your elected officials FILIBUSTER ALL trump's SCOTUS appointments. Supporting Citizens United or opposing the rights of women, immigrants, non-whites, non-Christians, LGBTQ+, and the poor are UNACCEPTABLE. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    3. DEMAND trump's impeachment--DEMAND he be investigated NOW for corruption and conflict of interest. DEMAND to see his taxes. trump has already committed impeachable offenses, so DEMAND that he be held accountable NOW.

    4. REMIND them THEY'RE FIRED if they don't obstruct, obstruct, obstruct trump and the Republicans from Day 1. If they resist, REMIND them that Hillary WON the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

    5. DEMAND restoration of the Fairness Doctrine--DEMAND fair, fact-based, accurate media free from the false equivalencies and unchecked free coverage that foisted trump on us.
    6. DEMAND that they UPHOLD AND EXPAND on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Dodd-Frank legislation. BRING BACK Glass-Steagall!
    7. DEMAND that trump undergo psychological evaluation for fitness for office. Known narcissist, Dr. Sam Vaknin, explains that trump is a narcissist--and that DISQUALIFIES him for the presidency--in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5he5hXp-rU.
    8. DEMAND a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate FBI director James Comey and Donald trump for interfering with the election.
    9. DEMAND the Army Corps of Engineers go to Flint to dig up and replace all the poisoned pipes.


    SIGN UP for daily headlines from Daily Kos, AlterNet, and "Democracy Now!" SIGN petitions. ATTEND town halls and protests. The Guardian is independent news you can use; Jeremy Scahill's publication "The Intercept" is another high-quality resource of investigative reporting you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. GET INFORMED and GET INVOLVED!

    If or when trump really does set up his Muslim registry, SIGN UP! Trevor Noah suggested this to be funny, but it's gone viral because the racist bigoted assholes can't deport us all, now can they? If I can do it as a proud anti-theist atheist, then so can you as whatever religion or lack thereof that you are. Keystone Progress has a page where you can pledge to sign up: Pledge to register as a Muslim if Trump creates a registry.

    VOLUNTEER for and DONATE to all the organizations that D. LOSER trump is targeting. Get on their mailing lists and donate as much time and money as you can to Planned Parenthood, NRDC, American Civil Liberties Union, and causes that matter to you. Change your cell phone carrier to CREDO, which is a Sprint re-seller that supports blue causes. Planned Parenthood is especially important to support right now--women will die if we don't. You can also donate to WomenOnWeb, who help women get safe abortions online.

    ORGANIZE to TAKE OVER the Democratic Party: FIGHT trump and the Republicans, CLEAN UP Democratic Party failures, WIN the midterms, and apologize to Bernie and America for failing. Today, that means signing up for the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS and volunteering and donating whatever time and money you can!

    PROTEST all media that inflicted trump on us--BOYCOTT their advertisers and TELL them why. This includes FUX Noise.

    GRAB the pussy-in-thief by the wallet: BOYCOTT businesses that sell trump products and TELL them why.
    JOIN SOPROUD by joining organizations working to protect our future! SIGN UP at http://workingfamilies.org/ and find an emergency meeting near you! DOWNLOAD and FOLLOW the Indivisible Guide for instructions how best to resist trump by interacting with your elected officials in ways that will get their attention.

    And don't forget to SUPPORT those in The Resistance who support YOU (like me)! If we all chip in a buck o' five, WE CAN DO THIS THING!!!!!
    Boycott List

    Boycott media!

    Don't bother with these media outlets any more unless you want trump propaganda--these media outlets have whored themselves out to trump for access for the low, low price of "fancy" cocktails and a "fancy" dinner, consisting of Donald's shriveled orange acorn dick, at chump's "fancy" (aka FAKE PLASTIC, just like everything else about trump and his FAKE PLASTIC family) "resort" in Florida. What an upstanding, responsible response to trump's denying press conferences since 27 July 2016...retch. So much for comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable, and speaking truth to power to keep that power reined in and in check...!
    • Axios
    • Bloomberg
    • Breitbart because duh--according to AlterNet, Howard Dean Lends Voice to Consumer Activist Group Hitting Breitbart in the Wallet—And It's Working
    • CNN
    • FOX because of course
    • MSNBC (includes Joe Scarborough, but Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes may still be OK as long as their corporate overlords allow it)
    • NBC (they also have the reality TV show conflict of interest--and they just hired a couple of FUX Noise escapees, so beware a hard swing to the far, far right)
    • POLITICO--their top editor(s) went and paid to party with trump, so now more and more trump propaganda has been showing up there, to my infinite disgust
    Don't forget to contact these media outlets and their ADVERTISERS and TELL them all why you're boycotting them! So what if we spend a little less money overall? The money we save now may give us enough breathing room to jump ship before trump crashes the economy.

    Boycott vendors that support trump, sell trump shit, and otherwise pander to hate!

    Boycott Victoria's Secret--they kick out shoppers who are guilty of shopping while Black!
    Here's a twofer: let's save our money for when dump tanks the economy and grab the trumpussy grabber-in-thief where it hurts most--by his wallet!

    Want to boycott trump? There's an app for that!

    And here's a list of trump companies.

    There's also a spreadsheet of trump supporters and vendors that carry trump merch that includes the vendors below.
    Don't forget New Balance, who praised and supported trump: 1 (800) 595-9138.

    Here's the list from Mindy Fischer, featuring 28 vendors that sell trump merchandise. BOYCOTT them all and TELL them why!

    Contact info: (888) 676-2660, HQ- (702) 943-7777

    Amazon--pressure them to DUMP BREITBART, while you're at it!
    Contact info: (888) 280-4331 HQ- (206) 266-1000

    Contact info: (866) 235-5443 HQ- (704) 357-1000

    Contact info: (800) 777-0000 HQ- (212) 705-2000

    Contact info: (877) 258-3359 HQ- (212) 944-8000

    The Bon-Ton
    Contact info: (800) 233-7626 HQ- (800) 937-5449

    Bed Bath and Beyond
    Contact info: (800) 462-3966 HQ- (908) 688-0888

    Burlington Coat Factory
    Contact info: (855) 355-2875 HQ- (609) 387-7800

    Contact info: (800) 945-4438 HQ- (317) 971-6200

    Century 21 department store
    Contact info: (877) 350-2121 HQ- (888) 221-2551

    Contact info: (800) 345-5273 HQ- (501) 376-5200

    DSW Shoes
    Contact info: (866) 379-7463 HQ- (614) 237-7100

    Hudson’s Bay
    Contact info: (800) 521-2364 HQ- (800) 521-2364

    Contact info: (800) 284-3900 HQ- (727) 872-1000

    Contact Info: (855) 538-4323 HQ- (844) 538-2255

    Joss & Main
    Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

    Lord & Taylor
    Contact info: (800) 223-7440 HQ- (212) 391-3344

    Contact info: (800) 289-6229 HQ- (513) 579-7000

    Marshalls and TJ Maxx
    Contact info: (888) 627-7425 HQ- (508) 390-1000

    Neiman Marcus WE WON! Needless Mark-up DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
    Contact info: (888) 888-4757 HQ- (562) 463-9333

    Nordstrom WE WON! Nordstrom DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
    Contact info: (888) 282-6060 HQ- (206) 628-2111

    Contact info: (800) 843-2446 HQ- (801) 947-3100

    Contact info: (866) 557-2368 HQ- (800) 228-3489

    Saks Off Fifth
    Contact info: (877) 551-7257 HQ- (212) 320-4700

    Stein Mart
    Contact info: (888) 783-4662 HQ- (904) 346-1500

    Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

    Contact info: (514) 788 4949 HQ- (905) 405-8000

    Contact info: (800) 927-7671 HQ- (702) 943-7777

    Contact info: (877) 779-5615 HQ- (206) 724-0500

    OK, friends--let's get busy!