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25 May 2017 update:

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Friends, I'm still catching up from my trip, but I did indeed start to plan what to write for todaze post.
I'm sure I was planning a word on how I'm really not a mean person, but I am doing everything I can to make @realdonaldtRump crack so that maybe he'll resign without our having to wait until 2018. I want him to decide he'd rather run away like the spoiled bully he is than deal with a daily barrage of "mean" tweets from the likes of me. Since he's criticized others for being fat, stupid, inept, incompetent, and hypocritical, I figure it's fair game to call him out on all of those. If you're not convinced that I save my wrath for him and the rest of the evil Republicans who truly want to murder my dad, my bestie, and the rest of my loved ones, just follow me on Twitter and watch how I respond to the average folk--my ordinary American counterparts on the other side of the aisle. "Honest but caring and kind" is what I'm shooting for. I feel sorry for these benighted folks, but they are not my target. Not only would I not be able to change their minds, but they are only the unwitting dupes of the Republicans, who have fooled them into thinking that they're at the table when they're really on the menu. And, as I tweeted to one such deluded girl, I truly wish they weren't. If it were up to me, we wouldn't have Big Money in politics; we'd have free, fair, and fact-checked news; we'd have publicly funded elections with election day holidays and all eligible voters registered and enabled to vote; and we'd live in a society where profit was prohibited from institutions like education, news media, insurance, corrections, pharmaceuticals, and health care. And we'd take care of each other and the planet we live on because duh.
But, hey, that's just me.
And then Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte strangled, body-slammed, and repeatedly punched Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, smashing his glasses and injuring his elbow badly enough to require medical attention.
Mr. Jacobs's "offense"?
Asking Gianforte for his reaction to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score for tRumpcare version ?.? (I lost count, so sue me). Oh, and being a reporter in tRump's America, where comrade tRumPEWtin has branded the media as the enemy of the people and chronically incited/incites violence against members of the media along with anyone else who disagrees with him or who tries to hold him accountable for his malfeasance.
Damn, son--tRumpcare v?.? must be one super-callous-suckilicious bill if Republicans would rather beat up reporters than answer questions about its CBO score. I guess Republicans' tiny little minds are getting short-circuited by all the cognitive dissonance that comes with being "Christians" who get concrete-hard stiffies from a bill that will murder millions of innocent Americans if it passes...
On a happier note, Twitter asked Warby Parker to supply Mr. Jacobs with a new pair of glasses to replace the pair Gianforte broke during the attack--and @WarbyParker promptly agreed. That made a lot of Tweeps' day.
But, before Gianforte's attack on Mr. Jacobs, I was part of a Twitter campaign to #FireHannity for torturing the family of Seth Rich by continuing to spread debunked conspiracy theories to distract from tRump-Russia. Scott Dworkin (@funder) takes this issue personally because he had worked with Seth early on, and Seth's family and his memory deserve better than to be sullied by Hannity's self-serving lies. In a shockingly short period of time, the campaign resulted in four major advertisers dumping Hannity's lying ass before I hit the hay last night. Even more advertisers abandoned the constipated RWNJ today, resulting in Hannity being voluntold to take a very sudden vacation.

As the teaser for the article says, not as many have dumped Hannity yet as dumped his fellow perv O'Really?--but it's quite a respectable start, and I'm proud to have been part of restoring a modicum of peace to the Rich family. I hope the respite will be permanent and that Hannity will catch the clue and leave them to grieve and get on with their lives.
As one fellow Tweep said, Hannity thinks it's freedom to torture an innocent, grieving family with debunked conspiracy theories, but it's fascism for the free market represented by #LaResistance to impart swift, robust, and meaningful consequences..
I sent Hannity the following link to give him a much-needed clue re what fascism actually is...and it-snot, "Waah waah waah--mean people disagree with me."
He's welcome.
Read the link, friends--by definition, fascism is NOT liberal. Fascism is a strictly right-wing phenomenon that RWNJs like Hannity want to subject us all to. His whinging only goes to show that it's a good time to remind ourselves what fascism really is so that we don't get caught up in his web of st00pit...I mean, conspiracies...I mean, lies.

Other than those late-breaking n00z items from yesterday, the n00z speaks for itself--including stories and fallout from tRump's disastrous and weird trip to the Middle East and Europe and plenty of late-breaking n00z items from today, which you'll see as you scroll down through the headlines toward the peas.

Hopefully, I'll be even more caught up next time and back to my usual creative, (hopefully) funny self.

Cheers--be good to you; remember to follow me on Twitter; and never forget that I lurves ya madleh!

- Dot Calm's shadow
Hey, #BenedictDonald--
go back to Czar a Lago!
Choo choo time headlines and a few other thAngs...

Friends, if you read nothing else today, READ THIS:

WaPo: How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI's handling of the Clinton probe
...In short, the FBI believed the fake document because they WANTED to believe it. And Comey was only "mildly" nauseous?!?? This whole thing makes me want to puke. THANKS A LOT, COMEY, YOU SICK, ST00PIT FUCK!!!!! Friends, this is just the beginning...of the end of our democracy. We have been pwned. 

And now for the rest of the n00z:
Fight tRump's savage budget: https://handsoff.org/
In short, Louise Mensch is a liar. Aka #ThenextMilo, she is a total RWNJ...she was orgasmic for Brexit, is paid by Rupert Murdoch, and hates/loves everything Milo hates/loves--they're bestest buds. She is NOT a friend of The Resistance--she wants to feed us what she thinks we want to hear along with a crap-ton of fake news and Breitbart-worthy conspiracy theory. Friends, we are better than this--we form our opinions based on evidence, not emotion. Follow @MalcolmNance instead. He loves this country and will not steer you wrong! Before I forget--don't even visit #ThenextMilo's blog, patribotics--my Norton gives it a big, fat, gray "Do NOT click through!" question mark. You have been warned!
FRONTLINE at PBS.org: Bannon's War
..."The inside story of Trump adviser Stephen Bannon's war — with radical Islam, Washington and White House rivals."
...Republicans are such pieces of shit, ain't they?!??
MoJo: House Dems Investigating Trump Loans for Russian Connestions
...And those connections seem to run through Deutsche Bank, which is notorious for laundering Russian money.

Esquire: Wisconsin Email Leak Shows Republicans Use 'Voter Fraud" To Suppress The Vote

MoJo: Paul Ryan Says the GOP Health Bill Will Lower Health Care Premiums
...Yes, of course they will--once you die, your premiums drop to $0. And Ayn Rand Paul Ryan wants to make sure that you die very, very quickly.

WaPo: How the CBO thinks the Republican health-care bill will affect your pocketbook
...Friends, if all you have is your Social Security and Medicare, like my dad, your premiums could cost you more than you make! This vicious, savage bill must be STOPPED!!!!!

Speaking of which, here's one place you can go to fight tRumpcare:

Nature: Tropospheric Warming Over The Past Two Decades
...Friends, this is not good news. It's existentially alarming.

The Atlantic: Trump Organization Won't Track All Foreign Government Payments 
...tRump's solution to emoluments was to track payments from foreign governments to his hotels and other businesses and to donate that money back into the treasury. But awwr...it's just too hard. Too hard for him NOT to grift.

WaPo: The Health 202: Here's why the CBO report is bad news for Republicans

The Hill: People will die without access to healthcare
...Despite what Republicans say! Just like people die without access to food, and they die without access to water, and they die without access to air.... St00pit, greedy Republicans.

RawStory: 'Close to a disaster': Foreign policy scholar explains massive damage done by Trump's NATO speech
...Friends, it isn't pretty...unless you're Vladimir Putin.

NBC News: Jared Kushner Under Scrutiny in Russia Probe, Say Multiple Sources
...It was just a matter of time. I wish they'd put all these con artists out of our misery for good SOON!

Get involved--tell Congress to revoke Jared's clearance NOW:

Wired: Russian Hackers Are Using 'Tainted' Leaks to Sow Disinformation
Uncle Ben "I gave myself a lobotomy" Carson's
s00per simpul solution to being poor:
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Daily Kos, AlterNet, and Democracy Now! headlines

Daily Kos Recommended

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The Daily Kos Liberation League features highly recommended posts about racial justice, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights.

Daily Kos Breaking News

Daily Kos Recommended

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"The wealthiest family in America gets a $52 billion tax break [while] you cut Medicaid and you cut programs for kids.”  READ MORE»

By Ben Norton, AlterNet
A human rights group exposes the bloodbath.  READ MORE»

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
Now we learn Trump dished about possible nuclear war with the unstable Philippine president. What will be next? READ MORE»

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
White House officials are starting to realize the Russia probe, and fallout over the administration’s attempts to push back against the investigation, isn’t going away. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
The Trump administration's 2018 budget is horrifyingly flawed.  READ MORE»

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
White House officials are starting to realize the Russia probe, and fallout over the administration’s attempts to push back against the investigation, isn’t going away. READ MORE»

By Karl Mathiesen, Climate Home
Laudato Si' beseeches humanity to care for the environment. READ MORE»

By Keith Knight, AlterNet
When drunk passengers strike. READ MORE»
By Ken Levy, AlterNet
Trump supporters haven't been swayed by empathy or appeals to logic. READ MORE»

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
For sale: oil reserves, mineral rights, power lines. READ MORE»

By Taylor Link, Salon
Besieged by "liberal fascism," Hannity has been on a tear since Rich's family asked him to drop the conspiracy. READ MORE»

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet
These peer-reviewed studies lay waste to years of pot propaganda. READ MORE»

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
And Trump's cozying up to Saudi Arabia is only making it worse. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
The strongman has boasted about killing in cold blood and even likened himself to Hitler. READ MORE»

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet
The policy analyst argues school reform has brought public education to the brink of destruction. READ MORE»

By Eric Boehlert, Media Matters
Network slips behind MSNBC, CNN in key demo during prime time. READ MORE»

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon
Iowa follows Texas in barring Medicaid patients from Planned Parenthood—and the effects are devastating. READ MORE»

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
Two audience members left after his warning. READ MORE»

By Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez, AlterNet
Negative remarks about the male romper trend can harm black male identity development. READ MORE»

By Dennis Jett, The Conversation
Our “shared interests and values” do not include things that could be divisive, like respect for human rights and democracy. READ MORE»

By Kate Fried, Food and Water Watch
Millions in the U.S., particularly poor people and communities of color, have inadequate access to water. A bill in Congress is designed to fix that. READ MORE»

By Sidney Blumenthal, Just Security
He may have never traveled abroad, but Lincoln was more of an internationalist than our current administration. READ MORE»

By Olivia Solon, The Guardian
People taking mushrooms in 2016 needed medical treatment less than for MDMA, LSD and cocaine, while one of the riskiest drugs was synthetic cannabis. READ MORE»
By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
“I know this is an unpopular position these days, but I believe children should go to the doctor and eat."  READ MORE»

By Jen Hayden, DailyKos
Then read the message Barack Obama wrote after his visit to Yad Vashem in 2008. READ MORE»

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
"I speak for America when I say, we’re exhausted.” READ MORE»

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet
Republican Governor Phil Scott says there's a "path forward" for the bill's passage later this year. READ MORE»

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
The former campaign manager may be back to manage the president's crisis team. He won't help. READ MORE»

By Bob Brigham, Raw Story
The Minnesota senator calls him "singularly dishonest" and "exceptionally smarmy." READ MORE»

By Jack Healey, The Huffington Post
St. Francis of Assisi is the Pope’s symbol. Yours is President Jackson.  READ MORE»

By University of Michigan, Futurity
Research reveals just 30 pain pills after surgery can turn into a habit. READ MORE»

By Matt Bors, AlterNet
For posting on 4chan, exemplary plagiarism, and being an honorary white nationalist.  READ MORE»
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s remarks show they aren’t operating in the real world. Not even close. READ MORE»

By John Pilger, AlterNet
Washington’s bid to get Assange is “unprecedented in scale and nature." READ MORE»

By Taylor Link, Salon
A new report depicts Jared Kushner as a ruthless landlord who sues his low-income tenants until their deaths. READ MORE»

By Robert Reich, RobertReich.org
We are a better nation than this. READ MORE»

By Mattea Kramer, TomDispatch
Activists aim to "make hate unprofitable." READ MORE»

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
Pope Francis called climate change "a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation." READ MORE»

By Jack Wilson, The Guardian
Experts say the "alt-right" has stormed mainstream consciousness by using "humor" and ambiguity as tactics to wrong-foot their opponents. READ MORE»

By Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, AlterNet
The shocking regime change scandal mainstream media refuses to touch. READ MORE»

By David Klion, AlterNet
History tells us a disastrous presidency can make a strongman seem like a reasonable alternative. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
Bannon's waning influence on President Trump's foreign policy has not gone unnoticed. READ MORE»

By Douglas A. Blackmon, BillMoyers.com
The Trump-Russia scandal has metastasized quickly and destructively. READ MORE»

By James S. Gordon, AlterNet
The view from Pine Ridge. READ MORE»

By Nina Martin, Renee Montagne, ProPublica
The death of Lauren Bloomstein, a neonatal nurse, in the hospital where she worked illustrates a profound disparity: The health care system focuses on babies but often ignores their mothers.  READ MORE»

By Kamil Ahsan, The American Prospect
For Chicago's poor, who can't afford attorneys, bail hearings often don't last longer than a few seconds—and may keep them in jail for want of a few hundred dollars. READ MORE»

By Jennifer Kaplan, Salon
Growing up in a sex therapist's house didn't make me a goddess in bed, and neither did the internet. READ MORE»


In Britain, police are expanding their investigation into Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 and left dozens injured. Many of those killed were young ... Read More →

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has suggested he might impose martial law across the country, after declaring it this week in his native island ... Read More →

Swedish prosecutors recently dropped the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has always denied ... Read More →

Last month here in Toronto, journalist Desmond Cole was told by his editor at the Toronto Star that he had violated the newspaper’s rules on journalism and ... Read More →

Headlines →



In Britain, nearly 4,000 soldiers have been deployed to support local police departments in the wake of a suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured ... Read More →

The Trump administration unveiled its $4.1 trillion budget Tuesday. The plan includes massive cuts to social programs, while calling for historic increases in ... Read More →

As controversy continues to swirl around the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials ahead of the 2016 ... Read More →

Last week, Texas Democratic Congressmember Al Green became the first congressmember to call for President Trump's impeachment from the floor of the ... Read More →

On Tuesday, former CIA Director John Brennan testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he had growing concerns last year that Trump's campaign may ... Read More →

Headlines →

tRump was so thrilled
with how fawningly the Saudis treated him
that we half expected to see this announcement
before he left Arabia for Israel...
 Funny how the teathuglikkkants
who SCREAMED at Obama's
dignified, statesmanlike bow
never made a peep
at tRump's CURTSY
Moar m00bies!




But wait--there's more that comrade tRumPEWtin blabbed to Duterte...

Image may contain: text
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
23 May 2017 post:
Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Friends, I've been out of town since we last tawked, so I haven't had a minute to write anything for todaze post.

Unfortunately, the n00z speaks for itself.

Hopefully, I'll be a little more caught up next time.

Cheers--be good to you; remember to follow me on Twitter; and never forget that I lurves ya madleh!

- Dot Calm's shadow
WHY are tRump and the GOP 
so eager to preserve
Russia's right
to meddle in our elections?
GOP = Government of PEWtin

Choo choo time headlines

Daily Beast: Trump Officials: 'He Looks More and More Like a Complete Moron

Daily Beast: Donald Trump Knows Just How Bad the Russia Investigation Can Get

Vox: Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia
...Friends, don't listen to #thenextMilo Louise Mensch (patribotics blog). She is NOT our friend. She is one of the right-wing nut-job conspiracy theorists feeding us what she thinks we want to hear rather than the truth. Listen to Malcolm Nance instead--he loves this country and will not steer us wrong! New Republic has this to say to #thenextMilo: Stop promoting liberal conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Scott Dworkin: Democratic Coalition Against Trump
...You can download #TrumpLeaks from here--all legally collected documents show that the entire GOP down through the entire chain to Orrin Hatch are guilty of taking Russian money and other nefarious, un-American activity. Disgusting!! Oh--be sure to contribute to DCAT!!

HuffPo: The $110 Billion Arms Deal Trump Just Signed With Saudi Arabia May Be Illegal

Bradford DeLong, bradford-delong.com: Grasping Reality with Both Hands

WATCH: Trump Admits Doing Business With Notorious Saudi Arms Dealer & Sultan of Brunei

CNN: Tillerson holds briefing in Saudi Arabia without US press - May. 21, 2017
...Only FOREIGN media were allowed in! Hit up Resistbot and give your congress-critters a piece of your mind like I did!

NY Times: White House Plans to Have Trump Ally Review Intelligence Agencies

NY Magazine: Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error [Updated]
...And I guarantee that the voodoo math in tRump's budget will seem perfectly reasonable to the magical thinkers supporting tRump and drinking his poison Kool-Aid.

New Republic: “It's Time For West Virginia To Rise Up”: A Q&A with Paula Swearengin
...Here's a woman of and for the people of West Virginia--no fat-cat mor00n like tRump, she grew up with the coal mining culture with all its privations and ill health. She understands what miners are up against and how to help them. If West Virginians can somehow be coaxed into voting for rather than against their own best interests, they'll vote this lady in so fast that blue-dog Manchin's head will spin.

Politicus USA: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Reported To FBI For Using Potential Illegal Private E-mail Server
...It's an oldie but goodie from November 2016 and a good reminder why none of us should  EVER trust a Republican!

The Guardian: Manchester is suffering now – but its spirit will overcome this atrocity 
...This is such a heart-break. My Twitter feed was choked this morning with people searching frantically for friends and family members who'd gone to the concert but had not been heard of since. Wrenching. And it's all the fault of cowardly, hateful, superstitious, allah-bothering believers in woo who can't tolerate anyone enjoying life. So they decided to snuff out the lives of children during the Ariana Grande concert that should have been a wonderful highlight of their young lives. Sick fucking bastards. They make me wish there were a hell so they could fry in it. But it's all good--tRump worked very hard to get an Israeli anti-ISIS operative murdered by Russia and Iran so that even moar innocent people can die in ISIS attacks--yay! Won't that make you sleep better? Yeah, I didn't think so--me neither. On a more positive note, the local Manchester Muslim community wasted no time condemning the attack--unlike American Christians whenever one of their own commits an act of domestic terrorism.

Hey, benedict donald--
go back to Czar a Lago!

Daily Kos, AlterNet, and Democracy Now! headlines

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
Can Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross really be this clueless? READ MORE»

By Bob Brigham, Raw Story
“There are no standards, there are no morals...there are only Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts." READ MORE»

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
Past financial crimes, rather than collusion, may be the president’s biggest problem right now.  READ MORE»

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
"He incriminates himself every day." READ MORE»

By Jen Hayden, DailyKos
The abusive passenger allegedly laid claim to seats that weren't his. READ MORE»

By Sharon Begley, STAT
The president wasn't always this incoherent. Research suggests it may be a result of cognitive decline. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
The proposed budget "would ruin lives," says the Massachusetts senator.  READ MORE»

By Jen Sorensen, AlterNet
We're in the midst of a constitutional crisis, and pundits are treating it like a horse race. READ MORE»

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
A rare pro-democracy ruling from the court before Neil Gorsuch was seated. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
April showed a huge increase in nonviolent protest activity across the U.S. READ MORE»

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
While the president embarrasses himself abroad, his staff reveals the most cruel and senseless proposed budget in memory. READ MORE»

By Haettinger, The Establishment
I was raised to be a helpmeet in a world like the one from Margaret Atwood’s chillingly prescient book. READ MORE»

By Medea Benjamin, AlterNet
Trump's Saudi trip wasn't protest-free because people love him, but because protest is punishable by death. READ MORE»

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig
What ancient Rome can teach us about the Trump administration. READ MORE»

By Jim Sleeper, AlterNet
Getting rid of him is imperative. But doing so won't prove we're no longer the country that elected a predator. READ MORE»

By Sidney Blumenthal, Newsweek
For Lincoln, the revolutionary promise of the American nation, its inalienable rights, made slavery an insufferable wrong. READ MORE»

By Yavuz Baydar, The Arab Weekly
He will return from his U.S. trip, blemished by his security team's savage attack, more or less empty-handed. READ MORE»

By Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project
The war on cops is a myth. The increases were from car accidents and heart attacks. READ MORE»

By April M. Short, AlterNet
The potential for psychedelics to aid humanity's future was a major theme at Psychedelic Science 2017. READ MORE»

By Jennifer O'Connor, AlterNet
Dogs should not be treated like snowmobiles with fur. READ MORE»

By M-J Milloy, M. Eugenia Socias, The Conversation
Research done in Vancouver shows that using cannabis may enable people to consume less crack. That would be a good thing. READ MORE»
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
The Republican Party platform lays out an agenda that could sail through Congress. READ MORE»

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon
Former counterespionage agent Naveed Jamali says Trump's not a "Manchurian candidate"—but could be a stooge. READ MORE»

By Robin Scher, AlterNet
There's no telling what might pop up in your lunch. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"The apocalypse has already begun."  READ MORE»

By David Lynch, TarcherPerigee
The cult favorite TV series returns Sunday. READ MORE»

By Michael Hayne, AlterNet
Facts are not the way to Make America Great Again. READ MORE»

By Sophia A. McClennen, Salon
It may be fun to shame Trump's education secretary, but we're all to blame for the state of our public universities. READ MORE»

By Kenneth Anderson, April Smith, The Fix
While other countries are succeeding in reducing the number of opioid overdose deaths, U.S. rates are rising.  READ MORE»

By Hope Forpeace, AlterNet
In a 2013 interview, Tillerson made the false claim that there had "never been a verifiable case of fracking polluting drinking water." READ MORE»

By Eliza Newlin Carney, The American Prospect
Everybody loves to hate government workers, but Republicans have set out to dismantle merit-based civil service rules that protect against patronage and graft. READ MORE»

By Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian
The network exec helped kindle the fire of xenophobia and misogyny that has engulfed the country. READ MORE»



New Orleans has removed the last of four Confederate statues in recent weeks. Workers wore bulletproof vests and face coverings to conceal their identities as they ... Read More →

President Trump arrived in Bethlehem Tuesday during a two-day visit to Israel as part of his first trip abroad as president and vowed to do whatever necessary to ... Read More →

In Manchester, England, at least 22 people were killed in a bombing at a concert arena at the end of a performance by American pop star Ariana Grande. ... Read More →

In a partial victory for the Haitian-American community, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday it has extended Haitians' temporary protected ... Read More →

Upon the release of longtime political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, New York City's Puerto Rican Day Parade organizers have chosen to honor Rivera as the parade's ... Read More →

Headlines →



In his first foreign trip abroad as president, Donald Trump traveled this weekend to Saudi Arabia, where he signed a series of arms deals totaling $110 billion. This ... Read More →

Last week Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security detail assaulted a group of peaceful protesters outside the Turkish ambassador's residence. Video ... Read More →

President Trump vowed to isolate Iran during his major address to Gulf leaders in Saudi Arabia. He accused Iran of funding, arming and training militias and other ... Read More →

Headlines →



Swedish prosecutors have dropped an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has denied the allegations, ... Read More →

We are joined by two leading voices in the fight against mass incarceration: Michelle Alexander, author of the best-selling book The New Jim Crow: Mass ... Read More →

Civil rights advocate and best-selling author Michelle Alexander responds to the new push by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to escalate the war on drugs by ... Read More →

Headlines →



Scott Dworkin is a good guy to follow, especially on Twitter.

If you watch only one thing for news, make it Randi Rhodes!

John Oliver: "Stupid Watergate." Friends, this is brilliant--don't miss it!

Ooh ooh! Randi has Malcolm Nance on! Be sure to listen to this segment from the show and go to the website 'n' buy a stinkin' podcast!

The swat heard round the world

tRump not only bowed to the Saudis--he CURTSIED!!!!! Like a pretty, pretty princess! So much more humiliating than Obama's statesmanlike, dignified bow. How ya like your so-called president now, #MAGA mor00ns?!??

tRump is addicted to doing everything he ever bashed Obama (and Hillary) for...hurrrp!

tRump's weird trip to Saudi...

Go to RandiRhodes.com
and buy a stinkin' podcast!

Well, friends, that's it for today. Until we meet again, don't forget to RESIST with Resistbot:

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Peas, friends. Take care of yourselves for me. Trust me--you're worth it! And go have a Fireball and some chocolate while you still can, will ya? Time is short now that the mouth of trump hell has opened...
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  • Axios
  • Bloomberg
  • Breitbart because duh--according to AlterNet, Howard Dean Lends Voice to Consumer Activist Group Hitting Breitbart in the Wallet—And It's Working
  • CNN
  • FOX because of course
  • MSNBC (includes Joe Scarborough, but Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes may still be OK as long as their corporate overlords allow it)
  • NBC (they also have the reality TV show conflict of interest--and they just hired a couple of FUX Noise escapees, so beware a hard swing to the far, far right)
  • POLITICO--their top editor(s) went and paid to party with trump, so now more and more trump propaganda has been showing up there, to my infinite disgust
Don't forget to contact these media outlets and their ADVERTISERS and TELL them all why you're boycotting them! So what if we spend a little less money overall? The money we save now may give us enough breathing room to jump ship before trump crashes the economy.

Boycott vendors that support trump, sell trump shit, and otherwise pander to hate!

Boycott Victoria's Secret--they kick out shoppers who are guilty of shopping while Black!
Here's a twofer: let's save our money for when dump tanks the economy and grab the trumpussy grabber-in-thief where it hurts most--by his wallet!

Want to boycott trump? There's an app for that!

And here's a list of trump companies.

There's also a spreadsheet of trump supporters and vendors that carry trump merch that includes the vendors below.
Don't forget New Balance, who praised and supported trump: 1 (800) 595-9138.

Here's the list from Mindy Fischer, featuring 28 vendors that sell trump merchandise. BOYCOTT them all and TELL them why!

Contact info: (888) 676-2660, HQ- (702) 943-7777

Amazon--pressure them to DUMP BREITBART, while you're at it!
Contact info: (888) 280-4331 HQ- (206) 266-1000

Contact info: (866) 235-5443 HQ- (704) 357-1000

Contact info: (800) 777-0000 HQ- (212) 705-2000

Contact info: (877) 258-3359 HQ- (212) 944-8000

The Bon-Ton
Contact info: (800) 233-7626 HQ- (800) 937-5449

Bed Bath and Beyond
Contact info: (800) 462-3966 HQ- (908) 688-0888

Burlington Coat Factory
Contact info: (855) 355-2875 HQ- (609) 387-7800

Contact info: (800) 945-4438 HQ- (317) 971-6200

Century 21 department store
Contact info: (877) 350-2121 HQ- (888) 221-2551

Contact info: (800) 345-5273 HQ- (501) 376-5200

DSW Shoes
Contact info: (866) 379-7463 HQ- (614) 237-7100

Hudson’s Bay
Contact info: (800) 521-2364 HQ- (800) 521-2364

Contact info: (800) 284-3900 HQ- (727) 872-1000

Contact Info: (855) 538-4323 HQ- (844) 538-2255

Joss & Main
Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

Lord & Taylor
Contact info: (800) 223-7440 HQ- (212) 391-3344

Contact info: (800) 289-6229 HQ- (513) 579-7000

Marshalls and TJ Maxx
Contact info: (888) 627-7425 HQ- (508) 390-1000

Neiman Marcus WE WON! Needless Mark-up DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
Contact info: (888) 888-4757 HQ- (562) 463-9333

Nordstrom WE WON! Nordstrom DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
Contact info: (888) 282-6060 HQ- (206) 628-2111

Contact info: (800) 843-2446 HQ- (801) 947-3100

Contact info: (866) 557-2368 HQ- (800) 228-3489

Saks Off Fifth
Contact info: (877) 551-7257 HQ- (212) 320-4700

Stein Mart
Contact info: (888) 783-4662 HQ- (904) 346-1500

Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

Contact info: (514) 788 4949 HQ- (905) 405-8000

Contact info: (800) 927-7671 HQ- (702) 943-7777

Contact info: (877) 779-5615 HQ- (206) 724-0500

OK, friends--let's get busy!