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Three Questions for Dickless Donald--inquiring minds want to know!


trump voters stayed angry for eight years,
which is why we are having this conversation.

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Today, I just have a few questions for y'all to ponder...

1. If Donald john trump is so crazy-determined to bring outsourced jobs back home, then why didn't he start with his own and ivanka's products, which are made in Mexico, China, and all over Asia? What the phuque is he waiting for--is he going to impose a 35% tariff on their stuff, or is he going to give himself and ivanka millions of dollars in taxpayer money as bribes before he moves any of those jobs he outsourced back home?

2. The Bible clearly says that women are worth less than men and that they are the property of their fathers if they are not married or of their husbands if they are married (see Dot Calm's shadow's biblical literalism quiz for chapter and verse). So why do trump and penis pence insist on stripping red-blooded, law-abiding, God-fearing American men of their rightful property by making their women the property of the state by giving the government the authority over what happens to women's bodies? Why do trump and pence think they know more than God, who, according to the Bible, knows everything? Are they so afraid that American women's male owners might be such sissy girly-men that they'd allow their annoying talking livestock--aka incubators--to get...gasp!...birth control and...double gasp!!...abortions? Don't trump and pence know that God Himself says that fetuses and babies less than a month old aren't priceless but worthless? (Again, see the quiz for chapter and verse--we already knew that Republicans consider babies to be worthless, but the Bible shows Republicans for the hypocrites they are by proving that fetuses are worthless, too.) Don't trump and pence know that God Himself says that the life of a woman is worth more than that of "her fruit," even if she is only worth half to two-thirds what a male human is worth (see quiz)? Don't they know that, by giving fetuses more worth and more rights than women, they are NOT upholding the law of God? And don't they know that, if they don't uphold EVERY law of God, Jesus will bar them from heaven, saying that He doesn't know them (Matthew 7:21-23)?

3. Question 2 makes me wonder: are trump and pence just so eager to oppress women that they don't give a flying fuck what God wants, or do they just NOT believe in Him at all? I'm sure Donald trump doesn't believe in God (except that he, like my Tea Party Christian friend, thinks he IS God), but I'd be a little surprised if Bible-humping penis pence doesn't believe in God. Oh wait--maybe that's the answer right there...if pence is so obnoxious and loud in claiming he does believe in God, it's a sure sign that he DOESN'T. Just like his rabid homophobia proves that mike pence is gay.

So I guess I only have one question after all! Guess I'll hafta go to the transition website and ask chump to answer it for me, yo. Heh heh.

Then again, I'd also like to see the proof requested in the Vox article linked below: Trump says he's sold his stock to avoid conflicts. He should prove it. Do ya think that, if I ask real nice, chump will fork it over along with his taxes?

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Choo-choo Time Headlines from Vox
Study: negative media coverage of Clinton soared in the last two weeks of the campaign
...But you'll never convince my Tea Party Christian friend of that--he thinks that the media gave Hillary a pass while grilling Douchebag Dickless Donald. Easier to fool people like him than to convince them they've been fooled, duh.
Trump says he's sold his stock to avoid conflicts. He should prove it.
Ohio passed a "heartbeat bill" to ban most abortions. It won't hold up in court.
The Weeds: the Trump ideological realignment that wasn't
Obama's final speech to US troops slammed Trump without ever mentioning his name
I visited one of America's sickest counties. I'm afraid it's about to get worse
Surveillance of Muslims traumatized my family. With Trump I'm afraid it'll get worse.
...I'm an atheist. Even though there's no evidence to indicate to me that religion is anything other than bullshit, I'll fight to the death to defend people's right to believe in the bullshit of their choice, even if it does mean that they make themselves gullible and believe all manner of other bullshit. Hey, if I don't fight for your right to believe whatever you wish, then who's gonna fight for my right not to believe in any of it?
Fuel is cheap. Why are we still paying to check bags?
...Um, because of corporate greed? Do we really need an article to tell us that?
The 3 different things we talk about when we talk about "Trump voters"
...Know the enemy. Then fight like hell!!!!!
How journalists are shaping the way Americans understand contemporary white nationalism
Automation is inevitable. Here's how to make sure we create jobs, not just destroy them.
...My Tea Party Christian friend believes that reducing or eliminating the minimum wage will prevent corporations from automating. I disagree! I believe that, even if humans worked for free until they drop dead from starvation--the wet dream of every money-humping employer in the top 1%--corporations would still automate. Why? Because humans make mistakes, which cost corporations time and money; robots never make mistakes. So, over time, even if corporations considered human workers to be single-use disposables, robots would still pay for themselves over time.
Trump's EPA pick is an ardent foe of virtually everything Obama's EPA has done
...Global Armageddon, anyone? How about a little asthma and mercury poisoning as an appetizer?
The trial of Dylann Roof for the Charleston church shooting, explained
...The particular target Roof chose is interesting for its history alone--especially in the fight for civil rights for the last 200 years.
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on her meeting with President-elect Donald Trump
...Gawd. I feel sorry for anyone with a real brain or a soul who has to sit in the same room with Dickless Douchenozzle Donald. Let alone have a meeting with him where you hafta, y'know, tawk....
Life expectancy in the US has dropped for the first time in decades
...You kidding me, Vox? Our life expectancy nearly dropped to nil now that we've elected Dumbass Dickless Douchenozzle Donald john trump!
A husband and wife each published an article. It became a case study in online harassment.
...Whoa. Interesting read!
A former Tea Party congressman is already ticked off at Trump: "I'm disappointed"
...Aww, poor ickle piece of shit Joe "grab 'em by the musket" Walsh haz a sad that Dickless Donald has plugged the drain with plastic hair from his ugly orange toupee and restocked the swamp rather than draining it. Awwww. It is kinda fun (in a sick masochistic way...urk!) to read as he tries to dodge and deny the systemic RACISM that propelled chump into office.
Facebook should crush fake news the way Google crushed spammy content farms
Trump's labor secretary pick: "I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis"
...Objectify women much? Personnel is policy.
The New York Times's false equivalency problem, in one paragraph
...A-a-a-a-and thanks for giving us president-elect Donald john trump there, NY Times! FUCK YOU!!!!!
Astronaut John Glenn loved watching sunsets in space
...He passed away today. He was 95.

Just one little itsy bitsy teensy weensy ickle petition--SIGN IT or else! The ass you save may be your own!

There is still one way we can get Merrick Garland appointed to the Supreme Court before the nightmare of President Trump and Senate Republicans wreak havoc on our country.

Sign the petition to Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats: Confirm Garland on January 3.

At 12:00 noon on January 3, 2017 (according to the Constitution), the terms of 34 U.S. Senators will expire. At that point, the Senate will briefly consist of 66 sitting senators—until Vice President Joe Biden, in his capacity as Senate president, begins swearing in the senators-elect.

Before Biden begins the proceedings, he has a chance to preside over a Senate that consists of 34 Democrats, 2 independents who caucus with Democrats and 30 Republicans—as the remaining Senators are in limbo of being newly sworn in. At this point, Democrats could ask to finish Senate business as it pertains to President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland.

Senate Republicans committed the historically unprecedented—and deeply disrespectful—act of refusing to give President Obama’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia even the courtesy of a hearing. Before Republicans take complete control of our government, Democrats must take this important step.

For the past year, Republicans have claimed that the "American people" should decide the fate of that Supreme Court seat. Hillary Clinton got 2.7 million more votes than Donald Trump, and more Americans voted Democratic in the U.S. Senate races. Democrats are entirely justified to make this move, and it's the only way to guarantee that Garland will be confirmed.

Now is the time. Sign the petition to Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats: Confirm Judge Merrick Garland on January 3.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

Well...maybe just one more!

Trump can't reverse this. 

Pres. Obama can free way more people

Before Trump takes office, Pres. Obama can free hundreds of wrongly imprisoned people.

Headlines from Democracy Now!, Daily Kos, and AlterNet


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  • Signature needed: Tell the Senate to block Trump’s cabinet nominees

  • Today Show interview with Trump proves we elected the single most fragile ego in American history

  • North Carolina a model for resisting; 6 million part-time workers don't want to be

  • Trump is teaming up with 'Apprentice' producer to create a 'really big show' of inauguration

  • Amazon's 'The Man in the High Castle,' a cautionary tale of normalization

  • John McCain is angry that you keep asking him about Donald Trump—f*ck you, Senator

  • Corey Lewandowski actually says Trump presidency means 'you can say Merry Christmas again'

  • Republicans back off threat to shut down government to undermine civilian control of the military

  • Ohio state senator behind the extreme abortion ban was investigated for domestic violence in 2011

  • Trump's Air Force One tweet appears to be retaliation against Boeing for hurting his fee-fees

  • President of Carrier employees union about Trump: He 'lied his ass off'

  • Paul Ryan suddenly not so gung-ho on immediately privatizing Medicare

  • Sign the petition: Tell U.S. agencies to publish all their data before Trump takes over

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  • Adult Swim cancels alt-right sketch show 'Million Dollar Extreme'

  • Muslim doctors? Check. Delta flight? Check. And you'll never guess what happened next...

  • With Biden in the chair on Jan. 3, the Senate can confirm a renominated Merrick Garland. Here's how.

  • Trump's National Security Advisor sent 16 fake news (propaganda) stories on social media

  • Remember how Wells Fargo was 'going to make things right' with customers defrauded? About that ...

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  • Watch Mike Pence evade 6 TIMES when confronted about security clearance for Trump's conspiracy team

  • Michigan drug tested welfare recipients in yearlong pilot program, zero recipients tested positive

  • More on election results and what voters really wanted

  • In a democratic country, she would be president: Hillary Clinton's lead reaches 2.0%

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    So...chump got his ickle fee-fees hurted by big bad Boeing. "No Air Force One contract for you!" tweeted trump the contract Nazi. Then there's a couple fake news proponents: General Mike Flynn and son. Wait, didn't I read General Mike Flynn's name somewhere? Like as an appointee in chump's cabinet? Tell me again why there are no repercussions when these assholes in positions of power pull this crap. The NC moron with gun and no IQ could have killed someone, and these monsters would have been responsible.

    chump lied his ass off--of course Carrier will automate. Oh, and chump only "saved" something like 700 jobs because Carrier is moving 1300 to Mexico despite chump bribing them with $7 million in taxpayer money.

    Thom Hartmann speaks to David Stockman, Reagan's budget director--the crash is coming, and it's gonna be yuge.... chump lacks the understanding, the desire, and the tools to stop it. But why would he even try? Crashes are when the rich make their money. They live for boom-bust cycles so they can fleece us--you know, us poor rubes who voted for them. Filthy disgusting bastards.

    Standing Rock, consequences of fake news, the richest cabinet in history (!), the piece of human filth that is Wilbur Ross, and moar...

    Did ivanka destroy her pappy's preznitcy before it even started?

    chump may have just flushed the economy down the terlit, says Keith Olbermann. Oh, don't worry, Keith--if chump hasn't destroyed the economy yet, he will soon! It's in the top 10 of his list for the first 100 days of Armageddon his benighted preznitcy. Keith is right: Donald john trump is a SHITTY BUSINESSMAN. The pantywaist's gormless fecklessness...or is that his feckless exceeded only by the brittleness of his dainty eggshell of an ego.

    Impoverishing everyone that's not him isn't enough for Donald john trump. Oh no! His ambitions span the globe. He won't rest until he's destroyed our international relationships and standing, too. At this rate, I'm looking forward to being fried, dwownded, or tornado-or-hurricane-blown off the planet by global warming. It's gotta be less painful than watching Dickless Donald destroy my country. Not that his dicklessness is going to stop me from calling Dickless LOSER Donald "prick" just the same....

    In case you missed it last time. Chilling as hell but oh so important.

    Sam Bee on chump's endless lies. I'd like to install a new presidential check and balance, please--an underhand trebuchet with a spiked steel-toed boot that automatically kicks Donald trump in the nuts (if it can find them) every time he lies.

    'Til next time, check out these great channels:
    ...or, if you just want something mindless and fun, try Tested
    Memes & Funnies
     the poop coming out of the dog
    and going into Donald trump's mouth,
    or is the poop coming out of
    Donald trump's mouth
    and going into the dog?

    (Save Our Planet--Resist Orange Ugly donald: To-Do List)
    Until further notice, the purpose of this blog is to provide tools to help protect and preserve our rights, our liberties, and our country from the wrinkled fat orange clusterfuck that is Donald "dickless LOSER" trump. As I track down more information, I will continue to refine these tools.

    I've moved the full to-do list, including all the vendors to boycott, to the bottom of the post for your comfort and convenience.

    If you value my work, please support me on Patreon: just point your browser to and type "Dot Calm's shadow" into the search box at the top--thank you! Even a dollar a month from 20 people would really help right now--it would cover part of my Internet. Show me that there's more out there than just a lonely chorus of crickets!
    Action List

    PROTECT yourself financially and reproductively.

    1. If you need a loan, get it NOW--rates have already gone up; they went up at least three times the first week or two after the election. MOVE your retirement out of the stock market and into a stable fund that is guaranteed NOT to lose your principal--if you're not risk averse, keep your money in stocks until after the inauguration...but move it out ASAP afterward because, once chump and the Rethuglikkkants deregulate Wall Street, we are in for a bust that makes chimp's Great Recession look like O'Bama's recovery. Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and their guest speakers agree that the Rethugs and chump will crash the economy by deregulating the stock market so quickly our haids will spin. The boom-bust cycle repeats every 80 years or so--as long as it takes for the last people who remember what a depression was like and fight the greedsters to die off. We're phuqued.

    2. If you're a woman of reproductive age or a man who knows and loves women of reproductive age, stock up on as much "Plan B" (the "morning after" pill) as you can afford NOW. Plan to take one pill either immediately after unprotected sex or the morning after unprotected sex, and plan to take another pill 24 hours later. No matter what else you do, STOCK UP NOW on Plan B because even the best contraceptives fail, and you won't be able to get an abortion once chump and the Rethuglikkkants take over.

    3. If you're a woman of reproductive age and don't already have an IUD or contraceptive implant, get yours NOW. Mirena has progestin, not estrogen, and can reduce your period; the copper ones without hormones (like Paragard) can cause cramping and heavy bleeding that doesn't go away until the device is removed (think having the second day of your period for a year at a clip). Of these two IUDs, women seem to prefer Mirena, but the device can still fall out. Cosmopolitan has a great discussion on these and other IUDs, what's involved with getting one (not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week afterward), what's involved with having one removed (also not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week after). "Managing Contraception" has an article on Mirena (not scary). If I were you, I'd skip the Skyla--it only lasts 3 years, so you wouldn't even be done with the orange fuckwad's first term if you get one. Planned Parenthood has a video about contraceptive implants and great information about all forms of contraception. And if you think you might need a do-it-yourself abortion some time in the future, go talk to Planned Parenthood NOW and see if you can stock up on mifepristone now--the options for DIY abortions at home using substances like vitamin C seem promising to desperate women but don't have any scientific backing. You can also try and

    Now, make your daily calls and do the rest...


    CALL your U.S. Senators and Representatives DAILY at their LOCAL offices. SHOW UP in person if you can. Call each day with ONE issue--and KEEP CALLING. The staffers track your calls by issue, so don't give in to the temptation of giving them the whole laundry list all at once. Here is our list of demands:

    0. Call your members of Congress now to ask them to denounce Stephen Bannon. And Jeff Sessions, and Mike Flynn, and Mike Pompeo, and MORON Ebell, and the rest of them. Just call and tell your elected representatives to denounce and block ALL of trump's appointments because they're all reality-denying bigots who hate so many actual Americans that they are unfit to serve all Americans.

    1. DEMAND they support Barbara Boxer's bill to ABOLISH the Electoral College--popular vote only. DEMAND paper ballots only, and DEMAND audit trails be published in local papers. DEMAND they LET ALL Americans vote (undo voter roll purges and other Black voter suppression) and MAKE Election Day a national holiday for all. And STOP gerrymandering.

    2. FIGHT trump's personnel appointments and FILIBUSTER ALL trump's SCOTUS appointments. Supporting Citizens United or opposing the rights of women, immigrants, non-whites, non-Christians, LGBTQ+, and the poor are UNACCEPTABLE. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    3. DEMAND trump's impeachment--DEMAND he be investigated NOW for corruption and conflict of interest. DEMAND to see his taxes. trump has already committed impeachable offenses, so DEMAND that he be held accountable NOW.

    4. REMIND them THEY'RE FIRED if they don't obstruct, obstruct, obstruct trump and the Republicans from Day 1. If they resist, REMIND them that Hillary WON the popular vote by over 2.25 million and climbing.

    5. DEMAND restoration of the Fairness Doctrine--DEMAND fair, fact-based, accurate media free from the false equivalencies and unchecked free coverage that foisted trump on us.

    CALL President Obama every day:
    1. DEMAND a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate FBI director James Comey and Donald trump for interfering with the election.
    2. DEMAND the Army Corps of Engineers go to Flint to dig up and replace all the poisoned pipes.
    3. PARDON Edward Snowden and consider pardoning Hillary Clinton--even though she's innocent--to stop the Republican witch hunts, especially since one of trump's campaign promises was to jail her: Republicans hate her so much that, if she'd as so much as farted, Republicans would have had her in jail faster than Martha Stewart. The fact that Hillary isn't in jail is proof positive that she's innocent, which is proof positive that the Republicans will keep coming at her.
    4. STOP DAPL. DOJ MUST investigate the atrocities being committed against peaceful, non-violent water protectors who just want clean water and tribal sovereignty over their own lands. MAKE Standing Rock a national monument. The US Army Corps of Engineers MUST revoke all permits to build DAPL. STOP the construction NOW, PERMANENTLY.

    5. DEMAND that NSEERS be dismantled to make it harder for chump to set up his Muslim registry.
    6. DEMAND that the government release ALL of its data before trump gets into office and lets the Republicans hide it all and make shit up.
    7. DEMAND the immediate release of every wrongly-held prisoner and anyone else who will suffer unfairly if not pardoned.


    SIGN UP for daily headlines from Daily Kos, AlterNet, and "Democracy Now!" SIGN petitions. ATTEND town halls and protests. Jeremy Scahill's publication "The Intercept" is another high-quality resource of investigative reporting you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. GET INFORMED and GET INVOLVED!

    If or when trump really does set up his Muslim registry, SIGN UP! Trevor Noah suggested this to be funny, but it's gone viral because the racist bigoted assholes can't deport us all, now can they? If I can do it as a proud anti-theist atheist, then so can you as whatever religion or lack thereof that you are. Keystone Progress has a page where you can pledge to sign up: Pledge to register as a Muslim if Trump creates a registry.

    VOLUNTEER for and DONATE to all the organizations that D. LOSER trump is targeting. Get on their mailing lists and donate as much time and money as you can to Planned Parenthood, NRDC, American Civil Liberties Union, and causes that matter to you. Change your cell phone carrier to CREDO, which is a Sprint re-seller that supports blue causes. Planned Parenthood is especially important to support right now--women will die if we don't. You can also donate to WomenOnWeb, who help women get safe abortions online.

    ORGANIZE to TAKE OVER the Democratic Party: FIGHT trump and the Republicans, CLEAN UP Democratic Party failures, WIN the midterms, and apologize to Bernie and America for failing.

    PROTEST all media that inflicted trump on us--BOYCOTT their advertisers and TELL them why. This includes FUX Noise.

    GRAB the pussy-in-thief by the wallet: BOYCOTT businesses that sell trump products and TELL them why.
    JOIN SOPROUD by joining organizations working to protect our future! SIGN UP at and find an emergency meeting near you!

    And don't forget to SUPPORT those in The Resistance who support YOU! If we all chip in a buck o' five, WE CAN DO THIS THING!!!!!


    Boycott List

    Here's a twofer: let's save our money for when dump tanks the economy and grab the trumpussy grabber-in-thief where it hurts most--by his wallet!

    Want to boycott trump? There's an app for that!

    And here's a list of trump companies.

    There's also a spreadsheet of trump supporters and vendors that carry trump merch that includes the vendors below.
    Don't forget New Balance, who praised and supported trump: 1 (800) 595-9138.

    Here's the list from Mindy Fischer, featuring 28 vendors that sell trump merchandise. BOYCOTT them all and TELL them why!

    Contact info: (888) 676-2660, HQ- (702) 943-7777

    Contact info: (888) 280-4331 HQ- (206) 266-1000

    Contact info: (866) 235-5443 HQ- (704) 357-1000

    Contact info: (800) 777-0000 HQ- (212) 705-2000

    Contact info: (877) 258-3359 HQ- (212) 944-8000

    The Bon-Ton
    Contact info: (800) 233-7626 HQ- (800) 937-5449

    Bed Bath and Beyond
    Contact info: (800) 462-3966 HQ- (908) 688-0888…

    Burlington Coat Factory
    Contact info: (855) 355-2875 HQ- (609) 387-7800

    Contact info: (800) 945-4438 HQ- (317) 971-6200

    Century 21 department store
    Contact info: (877) 350-2121 HQ- (888) 221-2551

    Contact info: (800) 345-5273 HQ- (501) 376-5200

    DSW Shoes
    Contact info: (866) 379-7463 HQ- (614) 237-7100

    Hudson’s Bay
    Contact info: (800) 521-2364 HQ- (800) 521-2364…

    Contact info: (800) 284-3900 HQ- (727) 872-1000

    Contact Info: (855) 538-4323 HQ- (844) 538-2255

    Lord & Taylor
    Contact info: (800) 223-7440 HQ- (212) 391-3344…

    Contact info: (800) 289-6229 HQ- (513) 579-7000

    Marshalls and TJ Maxx
    Contact info: (888) 627-7425 HQ- (508) 390-1000

    Neiman Marcus
    Contact info: (888) 888-4757 HQ- (562) 463-9333

    Contact info: (888) 282-6060 HQ- (206) 628-2111$sent_queueid/12
    Contact info: (800) 843-2446 HQ- (801) 947-3100

    Contact info: (866) 557-2368 HQ- (800) 228-3489

    Saks Off Fifth
    Contact info: (877) 551-7257 HQ- (212) 320-4700

    Stein Mart
    Contact info: (888) 783-4662 HQ- (904) 346-1500

    Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

    Contact info: (514) 788 4949 HQ- (905) 405-8000

    Contact info: (800) 927-7671 HQ- (702) 943-7777

    Contact info: (877) 779-5615 HQ- (206) 724-0500

    OK, friends--let's get busy!