Tuesday, March 21, 2017

tRump SCANDAL OVERLOAD...VREEP VREEP VREEP! SHUT IT ALL DOWN--interim government NOW 'til we can figure out what the hell is going on!!!


Shut the government down COMPLETELY until we can figure out what the hell is going on!








trump voters stayed angry for eight years,
which is why we are having this conversation.

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23 March 2017 update:

Hello again, dear ones -

There isn't a lot to add since Tuesday's post except for one ugly piece of news: Teathuglikkkants intent on fucking over the poor tried to revive their DOA health "care" bill by massively reworking it and forcing it down the House's throat--with tRump's bullying to back them up.

So, the zombie that should have died before it was even born lives. Although it sounds like the bill has been pulled and will not be put forward for a vote this week, you just know that the zombie may revive any day now...

If you didn't catch the update Randi Rhodes video I linked to yesterday in Tuesday's post and which has since been taken down (bummer!), please consider going to Randi's website and buying the stinkin' podcast--she gives the whole dreadful history of Neil Gorsuch...how he TWISTS and MANGLES the law to fit his pro-rich-and-powerful agenda...like how, during his SCOTUS "confirmation" hearings, the actual SCOTUS unanimously overturned Gorsuch's ruling on the IDEA case with the autistic boy, in which Gorsuch ruled to deny the boy an appropriate education that could benefit him for life, and the actual SCOTUS made it clear that Gorsuch has NO understanding of the law under IDEA...how Gorsuch clearly values property over human life by ruling against the "frozen trucker" when every other judge on the case ruled in his favor that he should never have been fired for saving his own life and protecting others from injury or death...and how, during baby Bush's pursuit of torture, Gorsuch decided that Bush, not us, was his client and accepted without question and without evidence the Bush administration's claim that torture prevents terrorism (IT DOESN'T)...and how Gorsuch even advised Bush that he could sign the torture ban with a signing statement proclaiming that the ban didn't apply to him.

So, it's abundantly clear that Gorsuch has ZERO understanding of the law OR his role as a public servant.

And, again, tRump has no right to nominate or have hearings on ANYONE, given that (1) he's under FBI investigation (for treason), (2) it's the last year of his tenure in the White House, and (3) they SHOULD be having hearings for Merrick Garland, anyway!

And then there's Rep. Devin Nunes, running straight to tRump--the perpetrator--with his "investigation's" findings, thus obliterating his own credibility as a public servant and any chance that the House investigation of tRump's Russian ties is even remotely fair, thorough, and untainted by partisanship. Can you say "cover-up"? I knew you could!

And then there's Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas), who, when asked about repealing Obamacare, quipped that he wouldn't want to lose his mammogram coverage. A woman replied, yeah, she wouldn't want to lose her prostate cancer screening coverage, either. Srsly, though, folks--if you ever doubted that Republicans are all for themselves, dog eat dog, and fuck everyone else, Pat Roberts exemplifies it. Just like Paul Ryan, who's been dreaming since his kegger days of murdering poor people by denying them their benefits so that he can give OUR hard-earned tax money to the rich who already don't pay their fair share and who already have w-a-y more money than they need to live on. These are the same people who, because they're men, don't want women covered by health insurance. Especially for pregnancy. Can you imagine being married to one of these pieces of filth and having to sleep with them? You know they've got all the Viagra in the world covered by their health insurance....

With those charming little heartburn-inducing thoughts, allow me to slawg on with the blawg.

- Dot Calm's shadow

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DKos, ANet, and DN! Headlines

Daily Kos Special Coverage
Republicans are punting a planned vote on Trumpcare until tomorrow, or maybe next week, as they desperately try to save the bill. Here's the latest on the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare:

Daily Kos Recommended

This might just be the worst week yet for Donald Trump's presidency. (And that's saying something.) Just look at the news from Washington:
  • Trump's approval rating is a pathetic (or, should I say, "SAD!") 37 percent in the latest Gallup poll
  • Paul Ryan is desperately pandering to extremist Republicans to try and save Trumpcare
  • And, worst of all: The FBI has confirmed it is investigating Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election and links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign
Trump and Republicans are sinking. It's time we throw them an anvil. That's why Daily Kos is endorsing Rob Quist, a people-powered Democrat running to replace Republican Ryan Zinke, who resigned his seat in Congress to become Trump's secretary of the Interior.

Flipping this seat from red to blue would be a huge shock for Republicans, and could stop Donald Trump's extreme agenda dead in its tracks.

Can you chip in $5 to Democrat Rob Quist to help flip this seat from red to blue?

The contrast here is as clear as they come: Rob Quist is a progressive populist born and raised in Montana. And Republican Greg Gianforte is an ultra-wealthy businessman who ran a failed campaign for governor last year, and once sued the state to block public access to a river along which he owned property—this in a state where reverence for hunting and fishing is paramount.

This will be a very tough race, but it's the perfect match-up of populist outsider vs. out-of-touch one percenter. Trump won here by 20 points last year, but Democrats have had success winning statewide in Montana—including beating this very Republican in November.

Chip in $5 to Democrat Rob Quist now.

Keep fighting,
Michael Langenmayr, Daily Kos

Daily Kos Liberation League

The Daily Kos Liberation League features highly recommended posts about racial justice, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights.

Daily Kos Recommended

Sign the petition: Block all taxpayer dollars from lining Donald Trump's pockets.
During Trump's short time in office, his family has cost Americans extraordinary amounts of money while Trump lines his own pocket.

He refuses to divest from his businesses, which have gotten a boost since he's taken office. This means Trump is literally pocketing profits made from taxpayer dollars.

To fix this problem, Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D)
introduced the No Taxpayer Revenue Used to Monetize the Presidency Act—aka the No TRUMP Act.

The bill would block the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for events, overnight stays, food or other expenses at hotels owned or operated by a president or his relatives.

Sign if you support this legislation blocking Trump—and all future presidents—from using the office for personal monetary gain.

Keep fighting,
Wagatwe Wanjuki, Daily Kos

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"One of the most staggering things I've seen." READ MORE»

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon
Paul Ryan has dreamed of slashing Medicaid since his keg-party days—and that blithe hostility is widespread. READ MORE»

By Brad Reed, Raw Story
"I'm president, you're not." READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
The "Full Frontal" host reveals just how dangerous the president's proposed budget really is. READ MORE»

By Joanna Walters, The Guardian
The Supreme Court nominee was the lone judge to side with a trucking company over its driver. READ MORE»

By Ariel Leve, The Guardian
A guide to resisting the psychological abuse of gaslighting. READ MORE»

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network
Even a modest increase in plant-based foods could lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. READ MORE»

By Tom Tomorrow, AlterNet
What if everything is important and nothing is a diversion? READ MORE»

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
The clock is ticking for the Republican Party. READ MORE»

By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
The workers vow to withhold labor on May 1 to protest the Trump administration's "relentless attacks." READ MORE»

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon
What separation of church and state? Birmingham megachurch wants to hire its own cops, claims innocent motives. READ MORE»

By Alan Jenkins, OurFuture.org
How to engage, inform, and fight back against falsehoods.  READ MORE»

By Andrew Bacevich, TomDispatch
Behind the curtain of the Pentagon's Central Command. READ MORE»

By Laurel Sutherlin, AlterNet
A new investigation links major food corporations to a rogue palm oil company that is ravaging the rainforest. READ MORE»

By Michael Winship, Bill Moyers, BillMoyers.com
This Republican health care bill would actually kill people who need help most. READ MORE»

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet
The president's upcoming decision on thousands of still-secret JFK records will be revealing. READ MORE»

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet
CBD-only preparations lack the synergies available when marijuana's other cannabinoids and its terpenes are kept in the game. READ MORE»

By Elizabeth Catte, Salon
Hit pieces like "No More Sympathy for Hillbillies" follow a predictable and glib pattern of othering and blame. READ MORE»

By David Edwards, Raw Story
He warned that Republicans would lose elections if they didn't vote for Trumpcare; they weren't moved. READ MORE»

By Rachel White, The Frisky
"They say own your desire, and I think we also gotta own our lack of desire." READ MORE»
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
One-fifth of Medicare recipients are covered through Medicaid, including nursing homes and long-term care. READ MORE»

By Robert Reich, RobertReich.org
Trump's inner circle: his daughter, his son-in-law, and an oddball who once ran a white supremacist fake-news outlet. READ MORE»

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story
"I believed everything he said." READ MORE»

By Don Hazen, AlterNet
We need your help in this incredibly important fight. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
“Even if there’s a vast government conspiracy out to get you, they’re never going to bug two phones."  READ MORE»

By Tom McCarthy, The Guardian
Only two presidents in history have been impeached, but murmurs continue to surround Trump READ MORE»

By Lynne Lyman, AlterNet
Time to end laws that cause mass incarceration and criminalization of low-income people of color, and fail to protect public health.  READ MORE»

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon
The conservative newspaper, which didn't endorse Trump or Clinton, believes the president's credibility is shot. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"Morning Joe" host predicts trouble for the GOP.  READ MORE»
By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
At "Berks Family Residential Center," kids contemplate suicide as their mothers go on hunger strike. READ MORE»

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
2016's county election results suggest yes. But other demographics suggest maybe not. READ MORE»

By Neil Baron, AlterNet
Research shows that repeating a lie, even to refute it, imprints it on our brain. READ MORE»

By Don Hazen, AlterNet
We need you in this incredibly important fight. READ MORE»

By Kathleen B. Jones, The Conversation
What Hannah Arendt's work on Nazism can tell us about the current administration. READ MORE»

By Lynn Scherr, BillMoyers.com
What J-School never taught you. READ MORE»

By Danielle Ryan, Salon
Despite Western paranoia, Russia's defense budget is about one-tenth of America's—with huge cutbacks ahead. READ MORE»

By Ilyse Hogue, Leah Greenberg, The American Prospect
Activists have mounted an unprecedented grassroots campaign to reject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. READ MORE»

By Vijay Prashad, FRONTLINE
A significant judgment from the UN has important ramifications for the international community.  READ MORE»

By Kytja Weir, The Center for Public Integrity
Financial disclosure reveals investment portfolio worth millions. READ MORE»

By David Edwards, Raw Story
She has no accountability to the American people. READ MORE»

By Ari LeVaux, AlterNet
Neanderthals didn't munch on paleo Filipino pili nuts with Himalayan sea salt. But our ancestors had a good understanding of what foods were available to them. READ MORE»

By Rob Larson, Dollars and Sense
Raising consciousness about capitalism’s predations, even in beer, could encourage a movement to socialize brewing. READ MORE»

By Eliza Newlin Carney, The American Prospect
The Trump administration’s most troubling conflicts involve the president’s closest advisers, employees the White House argues operate entirely outside the ethics laws. READ MORE»

By Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research
If sources give their readers huge numbers, without any context, how is the public supposed to understand the budget? READ MORE»

By Ashlee Miller, The Frisky
Masturbation not only feels great, but reduces stress and keeps your heart healthy.  READ MORE»



We look at Robert Mercer, the man who is said to have out-Koched the Koch brothers in the 2016 election. The secretive billionaire hedge-fund tycoon, along with his ... Read More →

One of the more mysterious parts of the Mercer family's political orbit is Cambridge Analytica. The data firm claims it has psychological profiles of over 200 million ... Read More →

Years before backing Donald Trump, the Mercers helped support the congressional campaign of Arthur Robinson, who attempted to oust Rep. Peter DeFazio. ... Read More →

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Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is heading to Capitol Hill today for his third day of confirmation hearings. On Tuesday, he was questioned for over 10 ... Read More →

A growing number of U.S. citizens are sharing accounts of having been detained at airports across the country since the start of the Trump administration. ... Read More →

During Tuesday's hearing, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch faced questions about his views on the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling and the $10 ... Read More →

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was tapped by President Trump to fill the seat left vacant by Antonin Scalia's death over a year ago. President Obama ... Read More →

Headlines →


Moar m00bies!

Cheez...Repukes sure hate teh poorz...

Manafort's going down...he's in (over his head in trouble) like Flynn!

Trevor Noah laments the firehose of scandal in our post-truth news cycles

White House staffers try to lie about the golfer-in-thief's "schedule"...why not just call the fat orange bastard what he is--a retiree!?

Another ignorant, arrogant, phony of a tRump clown...

More on moron Devin Nunes--he claims he's never heard of Carter Page or Roger Stone! WTF?!?? I'm just an ordinary citizen with a dad and a day job, and even I know who these slimy assholes are!!!!!


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

21 March 2017 post:

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Geez, friends--where do I begin?

Let's start with NO SCOTUS FOR SCROTUS...

Monday's Congressional hearing with FBI Director James Comey officially confirmed that the tragedy of errors that is tRump and his "administration" is under investigation for its ties to Russia, including the investigation of collusion in Russia's rigging of OUR election.

As Keith Olbermann says, if tRump had a quarter of a brain, he'd RESIGN now; if tRump had half a brain, he'd skip the country NOW. I'd add that, if tRump had three-quarters of a brain, he'd go somewhere that doesn't have extradition treaties with the United States. Like Paraguay. Or, in tRump's case, he and his whole benighted "administration" should all go back to the open arms of Mother Russia...and take every last Republican with them since the Republicans just luuuuurve the "commies" now. (Saint Ronbo of the Raygun must be rolling in his grave...!)

So, I reiterate: tRump and his so-called administration are under FBI investigation. For treason.

And Repukes want to hold confirmation hearings for women-hating, LGBTQ+-hating, ordinary American-hating, Constitution-hating, dictator-loving, oligarch-loving, fascist-loving god-botherer Neil Gorsuch?!??

Are you fucking KIDDING me?!??

The elephant in the room is that we're talking about a STOLEN seat. Republicans' ONLY right and responsibility is to hold confirmation hearings for MERRICK GARLAND, who's no progressive but who's a damn sight better than Neil "FUCK YOU, non-rich/white/male/straight/Christian Americans" Gorsuch.

It's so nuts...

Obama jumped through his own asshole to give the Repukes their own fucking healthcare bill--Romneycare, as invented by the right-wing Heritage Foundation. Not only did center-right Obama not wish to be mistaken for a liberal or progressive, but he also wanted to prove to the rest of us that the Repukes hate Blacks with so seething of a passion that they'd shoot down their own healthcare program by fighting against it tooth and nail, until little Marco Rubio finally poisoned it in December 2015 by reneging on the government's contract with insurers to recompense them for losses covering the "high risk corridor" until all Americans had signed on and thus brought costs down.

Obama jumped through his own asshole to give the Repukes their own fucking SCOTUS candidate--centrist Merrick Garland, whom tighty-whitey-righty Senators Orrin Hatch, upChuck Grassley, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, and others have historically had nothing but praise for:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
“Merrick B. Garland is highly qualified to sit on the D.C. circuit. His intelligence and his scholarship cannot be questioned… His legal experience is equally impressive… Accordingly, I believe Mr. Garland is a fine nominee. I know him personally, I know of his integrity, I know of his legal ability, I know of his honesty, I know of his acumen, and he belongs on the court. I believe he is not only a fine nominee, but is as good as Republicans can expect from this administration. In fact, I would place him at the top of the list.”
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
“I have nothing against the nominee. Mr. Garland seems to be well qualified and would probably make a good judge — in some other court.”
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
“He has a high position with the Department of Justice and, by all accounts, does a good job there. There will be a number of judgeship vacancies in the D.C. trial judges. He has been a trial lawyer. He would be a good person to fill one of those. I would feel comfortable supporting him for another judgeship.”
Then-Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ)
“I believe Mr. Garland is well qualified for the court of appeals. He earned degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School and clerked for Judge Friendly on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and for Justice Brennan on the Supreme Court and, since 1993, he has worked for the Department of Justice. So there is no question, he is qualified to serve on the court.”
Then-Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC)
“I have no reservations about Mr. Garland’s qualifications or character to serve in this capacity. He had an excellent academic record at both Harvard College and Harvard Law School before serving as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, he has served in distinguished positions in private law practice and with the Department of Justice. Moreover, I have no doubt that Mr. Garland is a man of character and integrity.”
Then-Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT)
“[T]he nominee has the character and is highly qualified for the position.”
Thus, again, Obama set out to prove that Repukes' seething hatred against Blacks overrides their love of this nation, their ability to do the job paid for by OUR taxes, and their ability even to uphold standards of common decency by delegitimizing an entire branch of our three-co-equal-branch government.

That's right, friends--Republicans hate Blacks so very, very much that they're willing to destroy our very government because there was a Black man in the White House, and, as Dot Calm would say, they had to stand up whenever he entered the room.

So, the SCOTUS seat that they're actually having confirmation hearings over NOW is a STOLEN seat that belongs to Merrick Garland because Repukes hated Obama too much even to do their jobs and hold confirmation hearings for him.

And, again, tRump is under FBI investigation over his ties to Russia, which also means that the Repukes have NO RIGHT to be having these hearings.

What we really need is an interim government NOW--we need a complete GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN until we can figure out what the hell is going on!

But even if tRump were a legitimate president, and this were not a stolen SCOTUS seat, Democracy Now! reports that Neil Gorsuch failed to provide sufficient information on his history and philosophy to the confirmation committee in sufficient time for them to review those materials fully prior to the hearing. When he finally did give, it was a huge dump, impossible for staffers to sift through in time. (The story is linked in the DN! headlines below.)

And if that's not enough, Neil Gorsuch is still just about the worst possible candidate to fill that seat. If you've been tracking CADOF and CCC, you've seen the anti-birth-control, anti-pregnant-working-woman, anti-regulation, pro-apartheid, pro-voter-suppression, pro-date-rape-frat, pro-extreme-fascist, pro-expanding-the-executive-over-Congress-and-SCOTUS, pro-Hobby-Lobby, pro-business-over-people, pro-torture positions he's taken over his lifetime. As Nancy Pelosi says, Gorsuch is terrible for women and is dangerous if you eat food, drink water, breathe air, take medication, interact with the courts, are a child with autism...!

And if all that isn't bad enough, Gorsuch is a young man--at only 49, Gorsuch stands to destroy our democracy and civil and consumer rights for the next 40-50 years.

Jesus pimple-face Christ.

So! What else is going on in our dying democracy?

By now, you've already heard about tRump's "budget"--a masterpiece of penny-unwise, pound-bullshit windfall-for-the-rich, punitive-austerity-for-everyone-else, destroy-everything-good bile that not even Ebenezer Scrooge could have conceived in his worst case of constipated, insomniac heartburn.

That's right--tRump's own supporters would be hurt worst by their boi's shit-storm of cruelty and hate, including older and disabled voters on Social Security, Medicaid (which he wants to gut via trumpcare), and Meals on Wheels. Did you know that over half a million veterans rely on Meals on Wheels? Yup--all those nice military men and women tRump used as props in his campaign rallies and ads are all going to be royally fucked by their boi's FU budget. Not even Ayn Rand Paul Ryan would have proposed a budget that unmaskedly cruel, destructive, and severe on his own Teathuglikkkant base...at least, not without brainwashing them into wanting it first...which is why we can't have nice things.

I know--let's make tRump and all the Repukes live on the minimum wage and healthcare they want for us and see how they like it.

Those pampered, panty-waist pansies wouldn't last a day.


And then, there's the "Working for Women" "award" Mike penis pence received from Sewer Rat Propaganda Barbie Kellyanne Conjob's fake-pro-women (i.e., misogynist) organization. I'm sure that, by "working for women," they mean working for women to be free from education, birth control, gainful employment, medical care (especially icky, icky reproductive care), and any semblance of equality, human dignity, and status higher than chattel so they can be kept barefoot and pregnant...seen and abused but not heard by their male owners, just like the bible intended.

How much you wanna bet that the "committee" that gave penis pence the "award" consists 100% of men?

Friends, the tRump scandals flow like hot-and-cold running raw sewage...I can hardly keep up, and I'll bet you can't either. When you watch todaze m00bies, you'll see just how much I'm leaving out of this essay. Like tRump being too much of a scared baby to shake hands with Ph.D. physicist and leader of the free world Angela Merkel. Or Irish PM handing tRump his ass on a plate with a stunning speech about immigration after tRump and his motley crew of fools embarrassed themselves with insulting jokes and Nigerian proverbs. Or tRump skipping out on a veterans' meeting without excuse or explanation. Or tRump claiming he was busy with meetings all day only to out himself with a golf-course selfie. Or Comey fact-checking tRump's tweets in real time. Or or or or or...

Heck, it's so bad that the "Fat Leonard" Navy scandal--which, during a legitimate presidency, would have blared across front-page headlines--barely merited a peep in the media given the unrelenting barrage of tRumpian malfeasance, malice, and mischief. In case Fat Leonard oozed past you, let Rachel Maddow fill you in on the repulsive back-story and grimy details:


Well, dear ones, that's what I'm here for: to do my best to keep you well informed so you can GO FUCKNG VOTE!!!!!

I have some information for y'all today along with a few headlines and a bunch of m00bies, so sit down, strap on in, and get ready to roll...then get angry and GET BUSY!!!

Remember Ike's 90% income tax rate
on our nation's highest earners?
THAT was how we built
the interstates,
public schools that were
the envy of the world,
the space program,
and a democracy
that was NOT for sale.
Remember unions?
THAT was how we had
decent salaries
where a family of four
could live on one income,
weekends and holidays,
workplace safety,
and a fighting chance
for the individual
to have representation
against the rich and powerful.
Republicans want us to FORGET
how we could and SHOULD live...
They don't want us to have nice things.
They want to keep all the goodies
for their fat, bloated, greedy, rich


Choo choo time

Newsweek: Senators Question Whether Trump Adviser Gorka Has Ties to Nazi-Linked Group
...Friends, this MUST be investigated NOW!!!!!

Crooks and Liars: Wait, Did Trump Dish Classified Info To Tucker Carlson?
...Ranking House intel Democrat Adam Schiff says that, when it comes to disclosing that the CIA was hacked, trump may have just done what he bitches about most: LEAK.

The Guardian: If Gorsuch is confirmed, the legitimacy of the US supreme court won't recover | Russ Feingold

New York Magazine: Report: Bharara Was Investigating Tom Price When Fired
...Preet Bharara was investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price's insider stock trading and wrongdoing by FOX "News" at trump tower when he was fired. He refused to resign when told--by forcing the tRump administration to fire him, he bought himself 24 hours to hand off his casework so that the investigations could continue without him. A man of such high caliber always lands on his feet, as evidenced by The New York Times's article: Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to Join N.Y.U.'s Law School.

Newsweek: Meet Robert Mercer, the Mysterious Billionaire Benefactor of Breitbart

The Guardian: Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media
...And our democracy. Mercer is the billionaire behind trump, ban'em, and Breitbart and is lousy with Russian connections of his own.

My Palm Beach Post: Yachts of Trump financial backer, Russian oligarch seen together

BuzzFeed: Trans Women Shouldn't Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood
...There's a not-even-wrong notion out there that trans women benefit from male privilege and are usurping feminism. I beg to differ. Being the constant target of bullying, insults, beatings, humiliation, and death threats hardly constitutes male privilege.
Oh, noes!
Friends, we've lost two legends this week:
the great Chuck Berry
and blues harmonica legend and side man
the inimitable James Cotton.
Go look them up on YouTube--
you're in for a treat!
Here's a sample to get you started:

"Brown-Eyed Handsome Man"
...The great Robert Cray is singing lead;
Chuck is the gent in the gold shirt.

Here's Chuck Himself singing "Nadine"
...and, yes, that IS Keith Richards back there!

Here's Paul McCartney's zydeco take on the song:

...Friends, I had the privilege of seeing James Cotton perform a couple or three times recently and even got to shake his hand
at a meet-and-greet.
You couldn't ask to meet a funnier, nicer, more humble Great Man than James Cotton.
What an honor
to have walked the earth with him!

Daily Kos, AlterNet, and Democracy Now!

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Special Coverage

The biggest news from today's hearing with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers on connections between Russia and the Trump campaign:

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended

For up-to-the-minute
n00z you can yuuuuse,
follow @JoyAnnReid
on Twitter!
I lurve her!!!
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As marijuana legalization spreads, so does the cannabis vernacular. Here's a handy guide to the basics.  READ MORE»

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Miss PBS? Don't worry, your kids will love Sesame Gulag.  READ MORE»

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The president’s secret request for intelligence spending will signal his intentions toward the CIA and the "deep state."  READ MORE»

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet
A new poll finds that younger adults don't think highly of this administration.  READ MORE»

By Todd Gitlin, BillMoyers.com
A heavy-handed take on how the world is going to hell. READ MORE»

By Brad Christerson, The Conversation
INC aims for nothing less than transforming all sectors of society. READ MORE»

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet
Before taxes on the rich are cut and social programs decimated, uninformed conservatives should consider who really benefits from U.S. tax laws and assistance programs. READ MORE»

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet
State and local races are key to rebuilding the Democratic Party. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"You have gone to great lengths to disagree with your colleagues," one senator told Gorsuch.  READ MORE»

By Gabrielle Gurley, The American Prospect
Defense Secretary Mattis sees climate change as a threat to national security. READ MORE»

By Simon Maloy, Salon
FBI Director James Comey confirms that Trump's campaign is under investigation as the White House flails and spins. READ MORE»

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet
No, smoking marijuana doesn't lower your intelligence. READ MORE»

By Robert Booth, The Guardian
Leading British physicist and cosmologist tells "Good Morning Britain" he is concerned about U.S. president’s environmental policy. READ MORE»

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post
Gorsuch is young and fit, and conceivably could duplicate Scalia’s tenure on the high court. READ MORE»

By Carrie Weisman, Salon
High-tech toys and tools offer scads of information. It's hard to imagine we survived so long without them. READ MORE»

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story
The suspension follows Lahren's admission on "The View" that she's a pro-choice conservative: "Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well." READ MORE»
By Ilana Novick, AlterNet
This administration is suffering from an "epidemic of infallibility."  READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"Translating the noises that come out of Trump's face into hard policy prescriptions is almost impossible," noted Oliver. READ MORE»

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon
What Comey says—or doesn't say—Monday may tell us a lot about what the FBI believes happened. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
As Senator Dianne Feinstein mentioned, Gorsuch is hardly a "reasonable mainstream conservative." READ MORE»

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story
“The way they talked, it was supposed to be better,” one disgruntled Trump voter said. READ MORE»

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet
Gorsuch's confirmation hearings begin this week.  READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
"The more the president angers our closest allies, the more he weakens our ability to deal with the threats that we are facing in the world." READ MORE»

By Brian McFadden, AlterNet
Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, behind closed doors.  READ MORE»

By Taylor Jones, RD, Authority Nutrition
Not all eggs are the same. READ MORE»
By Les Leopold, AlterNet
Sanders' message about the ravages of runaway inequality hit home because it is true.  READ MORE»

By D. Watkins, Salon
With the AHCA, the Republicans have put a price tag on the lives of America's working class: $300 billion. READ MORE»

By Stacy Malkan, AlterNet
Several vocal supporters of GMOs and pesticides are funded by the same groups that finance climate science denial. READ MORE»

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet
Slashing the State Department and the U.N. is preparation for Bannon's "clash of civilizations" READ MORE»

By Media Matters Staff, Media Matters
His false claims were cited by press secretary Sean Spicer to defend Trump’s baseless claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. READ MORE»

By Zoe Williams, The Guardian
There is more than a whiff of Fifty Shades about this film. READ MORE»

By April M. Short, AlterNet
As marijuana proves safer and more effective than opiates, several court rulings may set a new precedent.  READ MORE»

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
Anyone can be profiled, even when they can prove they're also in law enforcement. READ MORE»

By Brianna Elliott, Authority Nutrition
Eating healthy on a tight budget can be challenging. READ MORE»

By Tim Shorrock, The Washington Post
By outsourcing key intelligence work, the government has made classified material more vulnerable. READ MORE»

By Olivia Solon, The Guardian
How does this compare to the time leading up to the dotcom crash? READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
A powerful new documentary shows racial inequality is a transatlantic scourge. READ MORE»
By Alex Kotch, AlterNet
A multimillion-dollar campaign to stifle protest in universities.  READ MORE»

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet
Billions that should go to Obamacare are missing, thanks to senators like Marco Rubio. READ MORE»

By Jenny Pierson, AlterNet
“‘If I’ve only got one life,’ most dictators seem to think, ‘let me live it surrounded by gold.’” READ MORE»

By Elizabeth Grossman, In These Times
The proposed $2.5 billion cut would devastate low-income workers.  READ MORE»

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News
With a proposed military budget increase of $58 billion, the President promises to "straighten out" the Middle East. READ MORE»

By D. Watkins, Salon
Who polices the police? READ MORE»

By David Ferguson, Raw Story
This isn't the first time Trump has not shown up for vets.  READ MORE»

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet
A government built on smoke and mirrors, where the only real thing is the racism. READ MORE»

By Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian
In February, Bannon was the subject of a Buzzfeed quiz that asked, Who Said It: Steve Bannon or Lord Voldermort?; it was harder than you might have thought. READ MORE»

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
Trump disagrees with majority of Americans, who are opposed to fracking and drilling on public lands. READ MORE»

By Ali Noorani, Prometheus Books
From Houston to Sugar Land, immigrants are taking leading democratic roles in making a difference for their increasingly diverse communities. READ MORE»

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet
Ganja goes for dirt cheap in the land of reggae and Rastas.  READ MORE»
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
The process moves ahead on Monday with Judiciary Committee hearings for Neil Gorsuch. READ MORE»

By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
The organization with the biggest carbon footprint continues to evade accountability. READ MORE»

By Anis Shivani, Salon
Italian fascism provides a better model for our moment than Nazi Germany—and the comparison is not encouraging. READ MORE»

By Ben Norton, AlterNet
"The Empire Files" exposes Trump's right-hand man, the "Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement." READ MORE»

By Marion Brady, AlterNet
Teachers, not corporations, should be in charge of our children's education.  READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
The two world leaders held a joint press conference FridayREAD MORE»

By Nadja Sayej, The Guardian
At the Whitney Biennial, a particularly biting set of pieces helps to symbolize an arts community raging against the president. READ MORE»

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet
Many mystical experiences were likely aided by mind-altering substances, the rabbi says.  READ MORE»

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon
Trump admits to Fox News' Tucker Carlson that "a lot of things aren't consistent" with his campaign promises. READ MORE»

By David Ferguson, Raw Story
“This briefing was all on sensitive matters,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “and highly classified and it’s really not anything we can answer any questions about.” READ MORE»

By Erin Keane, Salon
"The Hate U Give," debut novelist Angie Thomas' topical book with a 16-year-old black heroine, was hotly sought-after and reportedly sold for six figures. READ MORE»

By Eva Fedderly, Courthouse News
The current Sandy Springs, Georgia, ordinance bans the display of sex toys by retailers and requires a doctor’s prescription to purchase them. READ MORE»
By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet
It goes beyond cuts to essential programs like Meals on Wheels. READ MORE»

By Trevor Timm, The Guardian
Democrats reject the Vermont senator at their grave peril. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
“How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food?" READ MORE»

By Robert Reich, RobertReich.org
There's one thing all of the president's initiatives have in common. READ MORE»

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
Panelists hammer a new budget proposal completely devoid of empathy.  READ MORE»

By Lizette Borreli, Medical Daily
Turns out parenting and marriage can lengthen your lifespan.  READ MORE»

By Brad Reed, Raw Story
Fourteen million Americans may lose their health insurance under the new plan next year alone. READ MORE»

By Janice Williams, International Business Times
You might be surprised.  READ MORE»
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
What would America be like if he got everything he wants? READ MORE»

By Katherine Paul, AlterNet
Two new reports issue scathing indictments of U.S. and global regulatory systems in collusion with chemical companies. READ MORE»

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon
The eminent domain was not allowed when George W. Bush tried it last decade. READ MORE»

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet
The White House adviser saves an acolyte and undermines a rival. READ MORE»

By Jon Henley, Gordon Darroch, The Guardian
Jesse "the Jessiah" Klaver celebrates Netherlands poll wins with pro-refugee message before possible coalition deal. READ MORE»

By Robert Fisk, The Independent
Americans may dream of fleeing to Canada, but they too are infected with the contagion of racism. READ MORE»

By Sarah Anderson, OtherWords
A small number of drug companies reap windfalls from people's pill addictions. Now, working people are holding them accountable. READ MORE»

By Frank Joyce, AlterNet
Dr. King identified the triplets of racism, militarism and materialism as the legacy we must overcome. READ MORE»

By Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch
He denied his support for it, but Donald Trump is a president made by war. READ MORE»

By David Ferguson, Raw Story
Had it been anyone else, it would be a leak, says Rep. Adam Schiff.  READ MORE»

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
Eight weeks in, Trump displays all the petty paranoia that sank Nixon—but without his shrewd executive competence. READ MORE»

By Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect
We finally have a recovery and the beginning of wage growth. Can’t we let it rip? READ MORE»

By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
The national day of action comes amid an epidemic of violence targeting transgender women of color. READ MORE»

By Laura Flanders, The Laura Flanders Show
The more we're divided, the more Trump/Bannon win. READ MORE»

By Mehak Anwar, Brave New Films
Most Americans know little about how the bail system targets, extorts and impoverishes the poor and communities of color. READ MORE»

Come on, Democrats--
Clever memes, pussy hats, marches,
and petitions are great, but


Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is heading back to Capitol Hill today for a second day of confirmation hearings. During Monday's hearing, Democratic ... Read More →

All eyes are on the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, who is facing his second day of confirmation hearings. But Trump has 123 other federal judgeships to ... Read More →

FBI Director James Comey has confirmed the FBI is investigating whether President Trump's campaign collaborated with Russia to sway the 2016 election. ... Read More →

Headlines →


Confirmation hearings begin today for Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's pick to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. If confirmed by ... Read More →

In Burlington, Vermont, at least three prominent immigrant rights activists have been arrested in recent days. All three—Cesar Alex Carrillo, Enrique Balcazar ... Read More →

On Thursday, a U.S. Reaper drone struck a gathering in a rebel-held village in Aleppo province, killing as many as 49 people. Monitoring groups say most of the dead ... Read More →

As Neil Gorsuch begins his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, we look at his extreme right-wing political positions as a student at Columbia in the 1980s and ... Read More →

As confirmation hearings begin for Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, we look at his record on voting rights and speak with Ari Berman, ... Read More →

Headlines →


Longtime consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader responds to President Donald Trump's 2018 budget proposal to Congress, which calls ... Read More →

President Trump has unveiled his 2018 budget proposal to Congress, which calls for an unprecedented $54 billion increase in military spending while slashing ... Read More →

Is President Donald Trump's top counterterrorism adviser, Sebastian Gorka, a member of a Hungarian far-right, Nazi-allied group? We speak with reporter Larry ... Read More →

Headlines →



22 March 2017 late-breaking addition: everything you never wanted but definitely need to know about the inhumane-if-glib Neil Gorsuch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziH6XvDWFsM
...hurry! It may not stay up for long!  -- Dot Calm's shadow (friends, they took the video off YouTube, but you owe it to yourself to go to Randi Rhodes's site and buy the stinkin' podcast!)

More on moron Mike Flynn

With polls recently out showing Bernie's outstanding approval ratings from both parties, corporate Dems picked the wrong week to rip Bernie's "purity" test...

The CIA has oceans of blood on its hands, Glen Greenwald reminds us. You can look up interviews with him on "Democracy Now!" to get a sense of the timescale and scope. Remember when our government overthrew democratically-elected Chilean president Salvador Allende on 9/11 1973? Yup--the CIA did that. Exported American democracy looks an awful lot like fascist dictatorship. But don't believe me--just ask Iran. The CIA overthrew Muhammad Mossadeq's democratic government in 1953 and reinstalled the Shah to the throne of Iran. But that's ok cuz we're all fwends now....

Finally--a little GOOD news...!

Still more on moron Mike Flynn!

Ugh--ignorant trump voters suddenly luuuuurve their Obamacare, thinking that it's actually the new trumpcare, which hasn't even kicked in yet. And this is why we can't have nice things!

Well, the trumpanzees wanted government run like a business...meaning that the people at the top are out to get ALL the money and provide ZERO services...and meaning that...well, ya gotta watch!

Haha--Seth is totally on fleek

Our only consolation? tRump and his idiot circus are completely and utterly incompetent....

ICYMI last time (hehe)


Don't forget to read Dot Calm's shadow's favorite independent sources of news and information:

Michael Moore's FB page -- go here first and do whatever activism he suggests
Daily Kos
Democracy Now!
Democratic Underground
Boing Boing
Conservatives are Destroying our Future
Conservative Clown Car
God, the Good Lord Above
...skip the media outlets in the boycott list unless you want trump propaganda. And TELL their advertisers WHY you are boycotting those media outlets!

On the lighter side:
McSweeney's Internet Tendency
And check out these great channels:
...or, if you just want something mindless and fun, try Tested

Peas, friends. Take care of yourselves for me. Trust me--you're worth it! And go have a Fireball and some chocolate while you still can, will ya? Time is short now that the mouth of trump hell has opened...
- Dot Calm's shadow

Consider the preemptive Blogger phuqued-up phormatting disclaimer to be in effect. Grrr.
-- Dot Calm's shadow

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(Save Our Planet--Resist Orange Ugly donald: To-Do List)
Until further notice, the purpose of this blog is to provide tools to help protect and preserve our rights, our liberties, and our country from the wrinkled fat orange clusterfuck that is Donald "dickless LOSER" trump. As I track down more information, I will continue to refine these tools.

If you value my work, please support me on Patreon: just point your browser to https://www.patreon.com/ and type "Dot Calm's shadow" into the search box at the top--thank you! Even a dollar a month from 20 people would really help right now--it would cover part of my Internet. Show me that there's more out there than just a lonely chorus of crickets!
Action List

PROTECT yourself financially, reproductively, and medically.

1. If you need a loan, get it NOW--rates have already gone up; they went up at least three times the first week or two after the election. MOVE your retirement out of the stock market and into a stable fund that is guaranteed NOT to lose your principal--if you're not risk averse, keep your money in stocks until after the inauguration...but move it out ASAP afterward because, once chump and the teathuglikkkants deregulate Wall Street, we are in for a bust that makes chimp's Great Recession look like O'Bama's recovery. Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and their guest speakers agree that the Rethugs and chump will crash the economy by deregulating the stock market so quickly our haids will spin. The boom-bust cycle repeats every 80 years or so--as long as it takes for the last people who remember what a depression was like and fight the greedsters to die off. We're phuqued.

2. If you're a woman of reproductive age or a man who knows and loves women of reproductive age, stock up on as much "Plan B" (the "morning after" pill) as you can afford NOW. Plan to take one pill either immediately after unprotected sex or the morning after unprotected sex, and plan to take another pill 24 hours later. No matter what else you do, STOCK UP NOW on Plan B because even the best contraceptives fail, and you won't be able to get an abortion once chump and the teathuglikkkants take over. Men, get yourself snipped while you still can, too.

3. If you're a woman of reproductive age and don't already have an IUD or contraceptive implant, get yours NOW. Mirena has progestin, not estrogen, and can reduce your period; the copper ones without hormones (like Paragard) can cause cramping and heavy bleeding that doesn't go away until the device is removed (think having the second day of your period for a year at a clip). Of these two IUDs, women seem to prefer Mirena, but the device can still fall out. Cosmopolitan has a great discussion on these and other IUDs, what's involved with getting one (not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week afterward), what's involved with having one removed (also not a big deal, but you'll bleed for at least a week after). "Managing Contraception" has an article on Mirena (not scary). If I were you, I'd skip the Skyla--it only lasts 3 years, so you wouldn't even be done with the orange fuckwad's first term if you get one. Planned Parenthood has a video about contraceptive implants and great information about all forms of contraception. And if you think you might need a do-it-yourself abortion some time in the future, go talk to Planned Parenthood NOW and see if you can stock up on mifepristone now--the options for DIY abortions at home using substances like vitamin C seem promising to desperate women but don't have any scientific backing. You can also try womenonwaves.org and womenonweb.org.

4. Don't take any new drugs approved after 2016 without doing your own research into whether they're safe and effective. Republicans are weakening the FDA to the point that it will no longer be able to verify that new drugs will work and not harm us.

Now, do your daily actions, make your daily calls, and do the rest...


Go to Michael Moore's FaceBook page and do whatever is on his to-do list:

Here's a list of short-term actions you can take right now!

1. If you can, sign up for the 29 April 2017 People's Climate March. I called into the telecon Monday evening and found it very useful. Two things stuck out: People's Climate Movement is rather new, so it's small and not yet well funded. However, they're working with the other climate organizations to build the movement and fight trump's disastrous Big Oil, Big Destruction, Big Money, Big Death agenda.

2. If you can't make the climate march but can come out a week earlier--Earch Day, 22 April 2017--then please sign up for the March for Science. The climate telecon had nearly a thousand callers-in, some of whom lamented that it would be really difficult to attend both marches. I know it took me a week to recover from the Women's March, and I'm local. PCM suggested combining with the science march, but the science march wasn't interested, seeing the protection of science as a separate issue. I disagree in the sense that we have trump's disastrous Big Oil, Big Destruction, Big Money, Big Death agenda BECAUSE of all the climate SCIENCE DENIAL. So, I'll be one of the many PCM callers-in contacting the science march people to try to get them to combine with the climate march.

3. Go help NASA archive their data--wiki wiki! (Read about it here and click through to the links if you're too lazy to check the archive of this blawg for a direct link.)

4. Go call trump's businesses and make them pass along your comments to him! Here's the link: https://whitehouseinc.org/...have fun, kidz!

5. Contact Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus and THANK them for dumping trump! Amazon may be caving, too, to pressure to ditch Breitbart, so keep bugging Amazon and the rest of 'em to do what's in EVERYONE's best interests--not just in the best interests of white supremacists, haters, bigots, and racists--by signing this petition and boycotting the offending advertisers:  https://actions.sumofus.org/a/amazon-stop-investing-in-hate/?source=taf

6. If you haven't already, go check out the Indivisible guide: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/. As always, the very best thing you can do is GO IN PERSON to your elected officials' offices and TALK to them. Failing that, PHONE them. If you can do neither, then FAX them--better, if it-snot urgent, then WRITE them a personal, signed letter. Failing all of those, then e-mail them. The guide has moar ways to get involved and stop trump the chump!


CALL your U.S. Senators and Representatives DAILY at their LOCAL offices. SHOW UP in person if you can. Call each day with ONE issue--and KEEP CALLING. The staffers track your calls by issue, so don't give in to the temptation of giving them the whole laundry list all at once. Here is our list of demands:

0. Call your members of Congress now and demand they block trump's cabinet of swamp monsters in its entirety (from The New York Times):

Senior Adviser to the President

A senior member of the White House staff who serves as a confidant in the president’s inner circle.
Jared Kushner Mr. Trump has named his son-in-law to a senior White House role. The appointment of Mr. Kushner, a major real estate developer in New York who is married to Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka, could test anti-nepotism laws. He's being/been pushed out by Alcoholic Steve Ban'em, and we hear he's pretty pissed about being denied the reins of power....       

Director of National Intelligence

Requires Senate confirmation
The person who holds this post is the president’s principal adviser on intelligence and oversees the entire military and civilian intelligence apparatus. The coordination between the intelligence agencies of the military and civilian wings will be vital for the war on the Islamic State.
Dan Coats Mr. Trump has picked the former Indiana senator. Mr. Coats, who served on the Senate intelligence and armed services committees, would be stepping into a position that some in Mr. Trump’s orbit believe is superfluous.

U.S. Trade Representative

Requires Senate confirmation
The president’s chief trade negotiator will have the odd role of opposing new trade deals, trying to rewrite old ones and bolstering the enforcement of what Mr. Trump sees as unfair trade, especially with China.
Robert Lighthizer Mr. Trump has chosen the international lawyer who served as a trade official under President Ronald Reagan. Mr. Lighthizer has been harshly critical of China, and in a 2010 Op-Ed article in The New York Times, he presaged some of Mr. Trump’s talk on trade.

Homeland Security Adviser

A position that will be equal in status to national security adviser, it will focus on homeland security and counterterrorism.
Thomas P. Bossert Mr. Trump’s choice was a top national security aide to President George W. Bush. Mr. Bossert runs a risk management consulting firm in Washington and is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council research institution, working on its Cyber Statecraft Initiative.


A close adviser who will help set the president’s agenda and formulate his message.
Kellyanne Conway Mr. Trump’s choice is his former campaign manager, confidante and spokeswoman. Ms. Conway also has a pollster background and therefore may rely on this skill set to keep tabs on public sentiment. --Sewer Rat Propaganda Barbie looks like a barely-revived corpse lately...all that lying must be taking a toll on what little is left of her dying humanity....       

Director of Trade and Industrial Policy

A new position that will oversee trade and industrial policy in the White House and direct an internal council that will run alongside the National Security Council, the National Economic Council and the Domestic Policy Council.
Peter Navarro Mr. Trump’s choice is a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who holds a doctorate from Harvard and is the only credentialed economist in Mr. Trump’s inner circle. Mr. Navarro has been a staunch critic of current Chinese economic policies.

Special Adviser on Regulatory Reform

This new position will oversee the president’s promised effort to unwind as many regulations on business as he can.
Carl Icahn Mr. Trump has appointed Mr. Icahn, a billionaire investor and famed “corporate raider” who buys large stakes in companies and then forces policy changes to benefit shareholders. Mr. Icahn, who was an economic adviser during the campaign, is a longtime friend of Mr. Trump.

Press Secretary and Special Assistant to the President

The press secretary is the face of the White House and representative for the president, framing messaging, responding to stories of the day and briefing the press.
Sean Spicer Mr. Trump chose the longtime spokesman for the Republican National Committee and top aide to Reince Priebus, who is the incoming chief of staff and pressed for his selection. While Mr. Spicer will be the face of the communications team, he will work with Jason Miller, director of communications, and Hope Hicks, director of strategic communications. --Spicey Sphincter (owie!) will never live down the fact that we'll only ever think of Melissa McCarthy whenever we see his mug, hehe!     

Secretary of State

Requires Senate confirmation
Whether Mr. Trump picks an ideologue or a seasoned foreign policy hand from past Republican administrations, his challenge will be that the State Department is the centerpiece of the post-1945 experiment of alliance-building and globalism, which Mr. Trump said he would dismantle.
Rex W. Tillerson Mr. Trump’s choice is the president and chief executive of Exxon Mobil, whose ties with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin may draw scrutiny during the confirmation process. --We MUST PRIMARY Senator Mark Warner and all the other fascist DINOs who voted TO CONFIRM this fascist piece of shit!       

Interior Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The Interior Department manages the nation’s public lands and waters. The next secretary will decide the fate of Obama-era rules that stop public land development; curb the exploration of oil, coal and gas; and promote wind and solar power on public lands.
Ryan Zinke Mr. Trump has selected Montana’s freshman representative, a former Navy SEAL commander who was an early supporter of the president-elect and ran for office largely on a national security platform.

Energy Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
Despite its name, the primary purview of the Energy Department is to protect and manage the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.
Rick Perry Mr. Trump has selected the former Texas governor, who in 2011 proposed scrapping the Energy Department while he was seeking the Republican nomination for president. --What a mor00n! Will someone please tell this jerk that glasses do NOT make him c-a-t smart?!?? If you're not abjectly terrified that THIS gormless buffoon is in charge of the nuclear arsenal, you should be!!!!!       

Labor Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The Labor Department enforces rules that protect the nation’s workers, distributes benefits to the unemployed and publishes economic data like the monthly jobs report. The new secretary will be in charge of keeping Mr. Trump’s promise to dismantle many Obama-era rules covering the vast work force of federal contractors.
Andrew F. Puzder Mr. Trump’s expected choice is the chief executive of CKE Restaurants — and a donor to his campaign — who has criticized the Obama administration’s labor policies. HAHA, PUZDER YOU LOSER! We won, you lost! You DON'T get to fuck with American workers and give OUR hard-earned money to your richie-rich asshole buds, Puzder you gutter slime! Too bad you're such a hateful abuser. I'm glad for your ex-wife that she kicked your sorry ass to the curb, asshole. I'm only sorry you felt the need to be such an abusive bully about it, you stinking asswipe shitstain. Good riddance!!!       

Small Business Administration

Requires Senate confirmation
The agency guarantees loans for small businesses, helps them get government contracts and supports their interests on Capitol Hill.
Linda McMahon Mr. Trump has selected the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment to lead the agency. Ms. McMahon, a failed Senate candidate from Connecticut, was with her husband, Vince, one of Mr. Trump’s biggest donors.

E.P.A. Administrator

Requires Senate confirmation
The Environmental Protection Agency, which issues and oversees environmental regulations, is under threat from the president-elect, who has vowed to dismantle the agency “in almost every form.”
Scott Pruitt Mr. Trump has selected the Oklahoma attorney general, who is a close ally of the fossil fuel industry. --These greedy fucking idiots think that their money will somehow protect them from the wrath of a hurting, angry planet trying to get itself back into balance... 

Homeland Security Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The hodgepodge agency, formed after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has one key role in the Trump administration: guarding the United States’ borders. If Mr. Trump makes good on his promises of widespread deportations and building a wall, this secretary will have to carry them out.
John F. Kelly Mr. Trump has named the retired four-star Marine general, whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The incoming secretary will shape the fight against the Islamic State while overseeing a military that is struggling to put in place two Obama-era initiatives: integrating women into combat roles and allowing transgender people to serve openly. Both could be rolled back.
James N. Mattis Mr. Trump announced at a rally that he had selected General Mattis, who led a Marine division to Baghdad during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and led the United States Central Command from 2010-13. General Mattis, now retired, has been a critic of the Obama administration. He would need a waiver from Congress to lead the Pentagon because he has been out of uniform for less than seven years. --Being arguably the best of a bad lot isn't saying much. Mattis committed WAR CRIMES. They call him "mad dog" for a reason, duh.     

Treasury Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The secretary will be responsible for government borrowing in financial markets, assisting in any rewrite of the tax code and overseeing the Internal Revenue Service. The Treasury Department also carries out or lifts financial sanctions against foreign enemies — which are crucial to President Obama’s Iran deal and rapprochement with Cuba.
Steven Mnuchin Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Mnuchin, who served as his campaign finance chairman. Mr. Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has deep roots in Hollywood but no government experience. --Hey, trumpkins--how's that swampy drainy thing working for ya?       

Transportation Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The next transportation secretary will oversee Mr. Trump’s campaign pledge to increase infrastructure funding to rebuild America's roads, bridges, airports and transit systems.
Elaine L. Chao Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Chao, the labor secretary under President George W. Bush. Ms. Chao, who is married to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has been a fixture of the Republican establishment in Washington. --Way to bribe/blackmail TURDleman, preznit ban'em--just give his wifey a plum job!       

Health and Human Services Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The secretary will help Mr. Trump achieve one of his central campaign promises: to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The department approves new drugs, regulates the food supply, operates biomedical research, and runs Medicare and Medicaid, which insure more than 100 million people.
Tom Price Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Price, a six-term Republican congressman from Georgia and orthopedic surgeon who has led opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Price has said the law interferes with the ability of patients and doctors to make medical decisions. --If you ever had any doubt that orange twAtler hates women, sick people, and poor people, Tom Price is your answer. If you ever had any doubt that hair furor [sic] is corrupt, Tom Price and his infamous insider trading is your answer. Friends, we MUST PRIMARY ANY Democratic senator who voted to confirm this--or any other of orange twAtler's--piece of shit nominee!       

White House Counsel

As the president’s adviser on legal matters, the White House counsel may have an unusually daunting job in the Trump administration, given Mr. Trump’s far-reaching business empire and potential conflicts of interest.
Donald F. McGahn II Mr. Trump has chosen Mr. McGahn, who served as general counsel for the Trump campaign. Mr. McGahn, a Washington lawyer who pushed to deregulate campaign finance and election laws, served on the Federal Election Commission for five years.

Commerce Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
The Commerce Department has been a perennial target for budget cuts, but the secretary oversees a diverse portfolio, including the census, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Wilbur Ross Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Ross, an investor whose fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $2.9 billion. Mr. Ross has said the United States must free itself from the “bondage” of “bad trade agreements,” and has advocated threats to impose steep tariffs on China. --PRIMARY Senator Mark Warner and all the other fascist DINOs who voted TO CONFIRM this fascist piece of shit!       

Education Secretary

Requires Senate confirmation
Mr. Trump has said he wants to drastically shrink the Education Department and shift responsibilities for curriculum research, development and educational aid to state and local governments.
Betsy DeVos Mr. Trump has selected Ms. DeVos, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and an education activist who is a passionate believer in school choice, as his nominee. --If you ever doubted that the BEST way to get a job in cheeto benito's so-called administration is to BUY it and all the Republican senators on the committee, this mor00n is proof. There's a rumor that chump, spicy sphincter, and the rest of the blithering idiots were all home schooled by this brainless god-botherer.No wonder they're all inarticulate and illiterate...no wonder chump can't read! (Hehe!)  For some humor that's almost too true to be funny, go check out...this: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/betsy-devos-delivers-the-morning-announcements

U.N. Ambassador

Requires Senate confirmation
Second to the secretary of state, the United States ambassador to the United Nations will be the primary face of America to the world, representing the country’s interests at the Security Council on a host of issues, from Middle East peace to nuclear proliferation.
Nikki R. Haley Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Haley, the governor of South Carolina, as his nominee. The daughter of immigrants from India, she was a prominent and frequent critic of Mr. Trump early in his run.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Requires Senate confirmation
The secretary oversees fair-housing laws, the development of affordable housing and access to mortgage insurance. As a real estate developer, Mr. Trump is attuned to the tax breaks for housing development.
Ben Carson Mr. Trump has selected the former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate to be his nominee to lead HUD. Mr. Carson had previously said he did not want to work in government. --Good ol' Indiana Carson, who thinks that the biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain during the famine and who said himself that he's NOT qualified for a cabinet post! What on FSM's green earth made him think he'd be qualified to be PRESIDENT if he knows he's too st00pit to run a lowly cabinet?!?? Not to mention...Carson's a total hypocrite for denying his JEEzus by acting as if the brain is the seat of thinking and emotion when the bible CLEARLY says that it's the HEART. And what a hypocrite for going against his God's will that people suffer and die as punishment for their and their parents' and ancestors' sins (don't believe me--read the goddamned bible for yourself). At least Carson's not a hypocrite in one sense: he's a true Republican in that, once he got HIS help from the system, he now wants to burn the ladder behind him so that no one else who needs such help can get it. Friends, these people are cruel, hateful pieces of shit...no matter how pious they pretend to be.       

C.I.A. Director

Requires Senate confirmation
Mr. Trump takes over at a time of diverse and complex threats to American security. The new C.I.A. director will have to decide whether to undo a C.I.A. “modernization” plan put in place this year by Director John O. Brennan, and how to proceed if the president-elect orders a resumption of harsh interrogation tactics — critics have described the tactics as torture — for terrorism suspects.
Mike Pompeo Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Pompeo, representative of Kansas and a former Army officer, as his nominee. Mr. Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence Committee and was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton during the congressional investigation into the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Attorney General

Requires Senate confirmation
The nation's top law enforcement official will have the authority for carrying out Mr. Trump's “law and order” platform. The nominee can change how civil rights laws are enforced.
Jeff Sessions Mr. Trump has selected Senator Sessions, of Alabama, as his nominee. Mr. Sessions is a strong proponent of strict immigration enforcement, reduced spending and tough-on-crime measures. His nomination for a federal judgeship in 1986 was rejected because of racially charged comments and actions, which are very likely to become an issue as he faces another set of Senate confirmation hearings. --I wonder what all the actual Blacks who voted for chump think about this. Are they glad that chump was the last vote they'd ever be allowed to make? 

National Security Adviser

The national security adviser, although not a member of the cabinet, is a critical gatekeeper for policy proposals from the State Department, the Pentagon and other agencies, a function that takes on more importance given Mr. Trump's lack of experience in elective office.
Michael T. Flynn Mr. Trump has selected the retired Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. General Flynn has been outspoken about his view of the threat posed by Islamist militancy and was an ardent supporter of Mr. Trump during the campaign. This TRAITOR, who sold America out to PEWtin, was fired/resigned IN SCANDAL and DISGRACE, February 2017!!! And more filth is trickling in on this piece of shit, who apparently was a foreign agent for Turkey but LIED during his confirmation hearings about it...oops. Being fired is too good for this TREASONOUS TRAITOR--LOCK HIM UP!!! STRING HIM UP!!!!! And then LOCK UP AND STRING UP trumppence, who both knew about all of it all along!       

White House Chief of Staff

The chief of staff manages the work and personnel of the West Wing, steering the president's agenda and tending to important relationships. The role will take on outsize importance in a White House run by Mr. Trump, who has no experience in policy making and little in the way of connections to critical players in Washington.
Reince Priebus Mr. Trump announced on Nov. 13 that he had chosen Mr. Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. --Many people call him "rancid penis." That works for me. If you're in a more polite mewd, you can call him "blather, reince, repeat."       

Chief Strategist

Stephen K. Bannon was also considered for chief of staff, but Mr. Trump instead named him chief strategist and senior counselor in the White House, saying that he and Mr. Priebus would be “working as equal partners” in the administration.
Stephen K. Bannon Also on Nov. 13, Mr. Trump announced the appointment of Mr. Bannon, a right-wing media executive and the chairman of the president-elect’s campaign. Many have denounced the move, warning that Mr. Bannon represents racist views. --Ah, yes...alcoholic voldemort himself. Many people are saying that ban'em, as the actual acting president, is PEWtin's American puppet master pulling the strings of the fat-assed, loofah-faced orange shit-gibbon marionette.       

1. DEMAND they support Barbara Boxer's bill to ABOLISH the Electoral College--popular vote only. DEMAND paper ballots only, and DEMAND audit trails be published in local papers. DEMAND they LET ALL Americans vote (undo voter roll purges and other Black voter suppression) and MAKE Election Day a national holiday for all. And STOP gerrymandering.

2. Demand that your elected officials FILIBUSTER ALL trump's SCOTUS appointments. Supporting Citizens United or opposing the rights of women, immigrants, non-whites, non-Christians, LGBTQ+, and the poor are UNACCEPTABLE. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

3. DEMAND trump's impeachment--DEMAND he be investigated NOW for corruption and conflict of interest. DEMAND to see his taxes. trump has already committed impeachable offenses, so DEMAND that he be held accountable NOW.

4. REMIND them THEY'RE FIRED if they don't obstruct, obstruct, obstruct trump and the Republicans from Day 1. If they resist, REMIND them that Hillary WON the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

5. DEMAND restoration of the Fairness Doctrine--DEMAND fair, fact-based, accurate media free from the false equivalencies and unchecked free coverage that foisted trump on us.
6. DEMAND that they UPHOLD AND EXPAND on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Dodd-Frank legislation. BRING BACK Glass-Steagall!
7. DEMAND that trump undergo psychological evaluation for fitness for office. Known narcissist, Dr. Sam Vaknin, explains that trump is a narcissist--and that DISQUALIFIES him for the presidency--in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5he5hXp-rU.
8. DEMAND a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate FBI director James Comey and Donald trump for interfering with the election.
9. DEMAND the Army Corps of Engineers go to Flint to dig up and replace all the poisoned pipes.

10. PRIMARY ANY AND ALL fascist Democratic DINOs who vote FOR ANY of chump's nominees. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!


SIGN UP for daily headlines from Daily Kos, AlterNet, and "Democracy Now!" SIGN petitions. ATTEND town halls and protests. The Guardian is independent news you can use; Jeremy Scahill's publication "The Intercept" is another high-quality resource of investigative reporting you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. GET INFORMED and GET INVOLVED!

If or when trump really does set up his Muslim registry, SIGN UP! Trevor Noah suggested this to be funny, but it's gone viral because the racist bigoted assholes can't deport us all, now can they? If I can do it as a proud anti-theist atheist, then so can you as whatever religion or lack thereof that you are. Keystone Progress has a page where you can pledge to sign up: Pledge to register as a Muslim if Trump creates a registry.

VOLUNTEER for and DONATE to all the organizations that D. LOSER trump is targeting. Get on their mailing lists and donate as much time and money as you can to Planned Parenthood, NRDC, American Civil Liberties Union, and causes that matter to you. Change your cell phone carrier to CREDO, which is a Sprint re-seller that supports blue causes. Planned Parenthood is especially important to support right now--women will die if we don't. You can also donate to WomenOnWeb, who help women get safe abortions online.

ORGANIZE to TAKE OVER the Democratic Party: FIGHT trump and the Republicans, CLEAN UP Democratic Party failures, WIN the midterms, and apologize to Bernie and America for failing. Today, that means signing up for the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS and volunteering and donating whatever time and money you can!

PROTEST all media that inflicted trump on us--BOYCOTT their advertisers and TELL them why. This includes FUX Noise.

GRAB the pussy-in-thief by the wallet: BOYCOTT businesses that sell trump products and TELL them why.
JOIN SOPROUD by joining organizations working to protect our future! SIGN UP at http://workingfamilies.org/ and find an emergency meeting near you! DOWNLOAD and FOLLOW the Indivisible Guide for instructions how best to resist trump by interacting with your elected officials in ways that will get their attention.

And don't forget to SUPPORT those in The Resistance who support YOU (like me)! If we all chip in a buck o' five, WE CAN DO THIS THING!!!!!
Boycott List

Boycott media!

Don't bother with these media outlets any more unless you want trump propaganda--these media outlets have whored themselves out to trump for access for the low, low price of "fancy" cocktails and a "fancy" dinner, consisting of Donald's shriveled orange acorn dick, at chump's "fancy" (aka FAKE PLASTIC, just like everything else about trump and his FAKE PLASTIC family) "resort" in Florida. What an upstanding, responsible response to trump's denying press conferences since 27 July 2016...retch. So much for comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable, and speaking truth to power to keep that power reined in and in check...!
  • Axios
  • Bloomberg
  • Breitbart because duh--according to AlterNet, Howard Dean Lends Voice to Consumer Activist Group Hitting Breitbart in the Wallet—And It's Working
  • CNN
  • FOX because of course
  • MSNBC (includes Joe Scarborough, but Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes may still be OK as long as their corporate overlords allow it)
  • NBC (they also have the reality TV show conflict of interest--and they just hired a couple of FUX Noise escapees, so beware a hard swing to the far, far right)
  • POLITICO--their top editor(s) went and paid to party with trump, so now more and more trump propaganda has been showing up there, to my infinite disgust
Don't forget to contact these media outlets and their ADVERTISERS and TELL them all why you're boycotting them! So what if we spend a little less money overall? The money we save now may give us enough breathing room to jump ship before trump crashes the economy.

Boycott vendors that support trump, sell trump shit, and otherwise pander to hate!

Boycott Victoria's Secret--they kick out shoppers who are guilty of shopping while Black!
Here's a twofer: let's save our money for when dump tanks the economy and grab the trumpussy grabber-in-thief where it hurts most--by his wallet!

Want to boycott trump? There's an app for that!

And here's a list of trump companies.

There's also a spreadsheet of trump supporters and vendors that carry trump merch that includes the vendors below.
Don't forget New Balance, who praised and supported trump: 1 (800) 595-9138.

Here's the list from Mindy Fischer, featuring 28 vendors that sell trump merchandise. BOYCOTT them all and TELL them why!

Contact info: (888) 676-2660, HQ- (702) 943-7777

Amazon--pressure them to DUMP BREITBART, while you're at it!
Contact info: (888) 280-4331 HQ- (206) 266-1000

Contact info: (866) 235-5443 HQ- (704) 357-1000

Contact info: (800) 777-0000 HQ- (212) 705-2000

Contact info: (877) 258-3359 HQ- (212) 944-8000

The Bon-Ton
Contact info: (800) 233-7626 HQ- (800) 937-5449

Bed Bath and Beyond
Contact info: (800) 462-3966 HQ- (908) 688-0888

Burlington Coat Factory
Contact info: (855) 355-2875 HQ- (609) 387-7800

Contact info: (800) 945-4438 HQ- (317) 971-6200

Century 21 department store
Contact info: (877) 350-2121 HQ- (888) 221-2551

Contact info: (800) 345-5273 HQ- (501) 376-5200

DSW Shoes
Contact info: (866) 379-7463 HQ- (614) 237-7100

Hudson’s Bay
Contact info: (800) 521-2364 HQ- (800) 521-2364

Contact info: (800) 284-3900 HQ- (727) 872-1000

Contact Info: (855) 538-4323 HQ- (844) 538-2255

Joss & Main
Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

Lord & Taylor
Contact info: (800) 223-7440 HQ- (212) 391-3344

Contact info: (800) 289-6229 HQ- (513) 579-7000

Marshalls and TJ Maxx
Contact info: (888) 627-7425 HQ- (508) 390-1000

Neiman Marcus WE WON! Needless Mark-up DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
Contact info: (888) 888-4757 HQ- (562) 463-9333

Nordstrom WE WON! Nordstrom DUMPED TRUMP, w00t!
Contact info: (888) 282-6060 HQ- (206) 628-2111

Contact info: (800) 843-2446 HQ- (801) 947-3100

Contact info: (866) 557-2368 HQ- (800) 228-3489

Saks Off Fifth
Contact info: (877) 551-7257 HQ- (212) 320-4700

Stein Mart
Contact info: (888) 783-4662 HQ- (904) 346-1500

Contact info: (866) 263-8325 HQ- (617) 532-6100

Contact info: (514) 788 4949 HQ- (905) 405-8000

Contact info: (800) 927-7671 HQ- (702) 943-7777

Contact info: (877) 779-5615 HQ- (206) 724-0500

OK, friends--let's get busy!