Monday, October 16, 2017

Too fucking angry, too fucking disgusted

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Can you tell from the title of this post that I am just too fucking angry and too fucking disgusted with that goddamned fucking tRUmp and those goddamned fucking Republicans?

CALL ALL REPUBLICAN SENATORS AND CALL YOUR OWN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS NOW, friends--scroll down for the contact information--because, THURSDAY, they vote to RAISE the debt by 1.5 TRILLION dollars while stripping one trillion dollars from Medicaid and half a trillion dollars from Medicare--effectively defunding BOTH PROGRAMS.

So much for compassionate, fiscal fucking conservatives, eh?

Republicans were so pissed they couldn't kill all of us by repealing Obamacare that they settled for letting CHIP, which provides health insurance and thus health care for pregnant women and 9 million children, EXPIRE TWO WEEKS AGO without a peep about reinstating it.

And here you thought that Republicans lurve fetuses.

Sure, as long as their incubators don't need FUCKING PRENATAL CARE...and the fetuses don't need FUCKING NEONATAL CARE after they're born, at which point they can go to hell as far as Republicans are concerned.

And since the sadistic pro-death, pro-needless-suffering Republicans couldn't outright kill Obamacare, sadistic pro-death, pro-needless-suffering tRUmp defunded the subsidies, making the ACA into full-blown TRUMPCARE AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT. And if you don't think that costs WILL skyrocket no matter what kind of insurance or health care you have, you're living in the same fantasyland as the evangelicals who think tRUmp is a goddamned fucking holy-rolling Christian.

Did you know that 69 Republicans in the House voted AGAINST hurricane relief for Puerto Rico? They don't give a shit when tRUmp and his minions flush our tax dollars by the millions down the toilet to go gallivanting on weekly vacations, but, when real Americans are in real danger, they suddenly quote the goddamned fucking DEFICIT?!??

And here you thought that Republicans were pro-life.

Sure--they're pro-their-own-lives, and the rest of us can just pray ourselves back into one piece after hurricanes, broken bones, car accidents, metastatic cancer...!

These motherfuckers make me wish there were a hell so we could dump the bastards there--not forever (because I'm a better person than God) but for long after they'd learned their lesson...long enough for them to suffer the misery of every single man, woman, child, baby, and fetus they harm.


But what tRUmp and the Republicans aren't openly hostile to--namely, everyone who-snot a rich, white, male who claims to be a straight Christian--they just ignore.

Like everyone in California who lost everything in the recent wildfires.

Or the four heroic warfighters who lost their lives in Niger--after making a fucking goddamned federal case out of BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.

Or the 59 mass shooting victims of the white male terrorist in Las Vegas--have you noticed that that story has dropped off the face of the earth?!

Or the nearly 1400 Americans shot in the week following the Las Vegas massacre?

I mean, Jesus ass-twerking Christ already...!

The NRA refused to talk about it at the time...they made like they were gonna throw us a bone--namely, letting us ban bump-fire stocks--but they've reneged even on that.

NEVER let Republicans tell you they're anything but pro-needless-suffering, pro-death sadistic bastards.

I'm also just flat-out furious and disgusted by all the Republican lies. Like smellyanne conjob claiming what an uber-Christian her corrupt, thieving, treasonous sexual predator of a boss tRUmp is. Or sarah fuckface sandbag thinking she needs to scold the media into "honesty" and "accuracy" when neither she nor her mentally unstable, narcissistic boss have told the unvarnished truth even once since usurping the limelight.


NEVER let Republicans tell you they're anything but goddamned fucking hypocrites and liars who have no principles except unbridled greed, power lust, and sadism.

My dad and I were lamenting all this shit this weekend...

We lamented the current state of our media and education system that led us as a nation to this sorry state.

And we observed that YUGE changes would be needed if we're ever to get our citizenry back onto even footing--meaning with reasonably accurate information and in full possession and use of solid, reliable critical thinking skills.

But even if we were to be able to wave a magic wand and make all this happen tomorrow, we're still fucked.

We're fucked in perpetuity because, as a nation, we inAUGHurated tRUmp.

We showed the world that we really are just that st00pit.

We showed the world that, no matter how brilliant one President is, we may install an epsilon-double-minus sub-moron to succeed him and undo every good thing he or she ever did.

We showed the world that we'd rather believe the worst rumors about an extremely qualified, capable, compassionate woman than the obvious truths about her grossly unqualified, incompetent, criminal, sexual predator, mentally unstable male competitor.

Do you think that we can ever recover from this debacle as a nation?

I seriously doubt it, dear ones.

Even if we completely overhaul our media and education systems...even if we start teaching empathy starting by making the richest among us serve without pay the poorest and most vulnerable among us...even if we codified into law the norms tRUmp was only too willing to break...even if we finally started enforcing our laws fairly so that some poor kid with a doobie doesn't get locked under the jail for life for a victimless crime while people like tRUmp and the Kochs and the Mercers literally get away with theft and rape and sexual assault and murder...all of which we desperately, desperately need to do as a country, my dad and I just can't see how America can ever be free of this one filthy act--that of electing tRUmp--as compounded by the filth of layers of willing Republican complicity.

There's moar to bitch about, but forgive me if, right now, I can't even.


I'd love to see every last one of these bastards--from tRUmp and his spawn and his accomplices to the Kochs and the Mercers to every Republican who ever deliberately voted to harm ordinary Americans to PEWtin and his trolls and bots to every malevolent monster in between--rot in jail for life.

After they serve in the work camps to help the poor and rebuild Puerto Rico for a year without pay, of course--let them live for at least a year the way they want the rest of us to live. Then let them rot in prison til they croak.

Then cremate them, and I will dance upon their ashes.

Not talking about the rank and file who believed the lie and voted for tRUmp. Let them be educated, and let them live among those they ignorantly condemn until they learn who the real enemy is--the rich moocher class, who've stolen their jobs and pensions and standards of living and who lust to destroy the planet to dismantle it for parts, if they can.

See y'all next time, dear ones, assuming I haven't defenestrated my electronics to isolate myself from all this shit n00z by then--grrrrr! Until then, feel free to amuse yourself with my new videos page--Dot Calm's shadow's M00bies from The Resistance. I'm still working on its sister page of choo choo time Headlines from The Resistance, which looks like it might just be for archival purposes because the new version of Twitter no longer supports me texting myself interesting tweets and headlines--grrrrrrr!

- Dot Calm's shadow

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

St00pit n00z, part duh

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Today, just because I'm in that kind of mood, I'm only going to blawg about st00pit tRUmp nooz!

Yeah, sure...I know, I know...there's a crap-ton of daily outrage to report.

But I just don't feel like it today.

I'm sick of dealing with it--there's so damn much that I'm momentarily on outrage overload...Grrr!

I've already been Resistbot-ing a mile a minute to my congress-critters, and, today, I just don't have the heart to rehash it all here.

So, nyeah.

That said, for a quick fix of the usual daily deluge of horrific n00z--like how Puerto Rico is in sickeningly dire straits and like the arrest of Charlottesville beating victim DeAndre Harris for getting in the way of the Nazis' and neo-confederates' fists, boots, and pipes while black--check out Democratic Underground. That's where I peruse the morning's gawd-awful headlines and stories before I read my daily funnies over cawfee.

The one st00pit n00z story that inspired this post and its title is PEWtin's cock holster's ludicrous idea to challenge Rexxon to a duel of IQs because the daycare dotard was pissed when Rexxon rightfully called him a "fucking moron" for wanting to waste billions of taxpayer dollars to increase our already useless nuclear arsenal by an insanely st00pit tenfold.

I tweeted tRUmp so many tweets full of "HAHAHAHAHA..." that I'm shocked that punkin' didn't block me.




I mean [wipes eyes]...

tRUmp can't even spell "IQ"!

He'd fail an IQ test because he doesn't have an IQ to test!


...hoooo boy.


And then, of course, there's the obligatory report of Sarah "I'm always smelling dog shit right under my nose" Sanders claiming that tRUmp was merely "joking"...
...followed by the obligatory report of White House staff affirming that, no, tRUmp was not joking and was dead serious about challenging Rexxon to an IQ test.
Hellz, Mensa even offered to host the face-off.



Crap, my face and my stomach are starting to hurt from laughing this much.


Maybe tRUmp steps on the scale every morning and thinks that's his IQ!

Should I tell tRUmp that, like I assume is true for most engineers, I got every question right on the last IQ test I took?

Nah...his fuzzy orange haid would splode.

Boy, though, it sure would be funny to watch. He'd probably be so flustered that he'd open and close his face anus of a mouth like a fish, impotently trying to think up something devastating to say.




Not that you do or should care, my test score is no lie, either--when I got out of college and moved to a new state with no friends or family within hours' drive, I joined Mensa. I attended meetings until I realized that, even among misfits, I was a misfit...people like Dot Calm worked so hard to mainstream me into society that I was a little too, er, socially well-adjusted and normal-looking to fit in! And that bit o' silliness is the only reason I'm sharing. Heh, too bad I can't be a fly on the wall while someone tells tRUmp....

So, what other st00pit shit did the ludicrous tangerine ballsack* (or is that "polyester cockwomble"*? Or is it "tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon"*?) pull this week?**

He wants to revoke NBC's broadcasting license, which has exactly the same probability of happening (and almost for the same reasons) as monkeys flying out of my butt.

And, like Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, multiple Republicans and close advisers have been coming out from under their slimy, moldy rocks to declare tRUmp “unstable,” “losing a step,” and “unraveling.” He apparently threw a tRUmper tantrum to his security chief: “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” Also according to Vanity Fair and LA Times, "John Kelly has tightened the flow of information and visitors, which has frustrated Trump and resulted in 'shouting matches' between the two men." Well, waah waah waah--if the fucking moron doesn't like it, he can just resign.

Meanwhile, tRUmp has been busy feuding with Bob Corker, calling him "liddle" instead of "little" because his keyboard is so YUGE and his hands are so, so, so teeny tiny with stubby vulgarian baby Vienna sNausage fingers that, microscopic though they be, are still larger than his...acorn.

If Republicans weren't so busy kissing comrade tRUmp's ample Russian rump for their America-screwing, wealth-extracting, economy-crashing tax subsidies for the rich (in direct opposition to the will of the American public, who, according to Reuters, firmly believe that the rich should pay more taxes), they'd notice that their opinion of tRUmp's unfitness to hold office is shared by most Americans. tRUmp's approval rates are dropping in every state; according to a Quinnipiac poll, 55% of voters say that Trump is not fit to serve as president. 70% of voters say the president should stop tweeting from his personal account. But, hey, we're just the American people, and it's just our country--WTF do we know?!

Here's Seth Meyers with a quick round-up of moar st00pit n00z:

And now here's something you'll really like!

See yas next week, friends! Maybe we'll get lucky and get wiped out by a stray asteroid before tRUmp kills us all with his sheer, superpower-level st00pidity!

- Dot Calm's shadow

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* Insult tRUmp like a true Scotsman:
** Jackass did so much st00pit since my Monday post that I had to refresh my memory here:

Monday, October 09, 2017

These fucking guys...can you tell that Republicans just HATE Americans specifically, America broadly, and living things in general?

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Let me start with an update on my last post before I launch into everything else that's pissing me off today...GRRRRR.

From what I've heard, that gawd-awful budget that I mentioned last time passed the House vote and the Senate budget committee. To the best of my understanding, that's bad news, but we're not dead yet--it hasn't come up for a vote in the full Senate yet.

From what I've heard, there's a chance that the Senate could rubber-stamp it if it does.

All that stands between us having or losing Medicare and Medicaid seems to be our three usual stalwarts: John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.

It's a tricky call--are they more willing to succumb to the sheer greed of killing us to give our money to the rich when labeled as "health care reform," or are they more willing to succumb to the sheer greed of killing us to give our money to the rich when labeled as "tax reform"?

Either way, keep lighting up the phones, and don't stop until we have Democrats back in office.

In other words, CALL like your life depends on it because IT DOES.


Do you believe these Republican assholes?

They fly all over the country on private jets wasting millions and millions of OUR hard-earned tax dollars, deliberately hold events at tRUmp properties so they can aid and abet his corruption by giving him MORE of our hard-earned tax money, and bankrupt the Secret Service with constant family vacations.

And that doesn't even count tRUmp's $3M/week golf vacations and golf cart rentals to the Secret Service. The golf cart costs alone have cost Us the People hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And then there's penis pence's premeditated publicity stunt of going to the Colts game just for the sake of making a parade of leaving--whether or not the players took a knee--because he was actually on his way to raise money for Putin's pet congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Flying back and forth across the country for penis pence's paid protest? Estimates fall between $225,000 and over $1M. Riling up the racist base by confounding protests against racism with being unpatriotic--spending our money like water simply because he can? Priceless.

The irony is almost too staggering to put into words.

Daycare Donnie and Dense penis pence with all malice aforethought sold out this nation and its election to Putin, the enemy that attacked us. They daily piss on the Constitution and use the flag to wipe their asses. They daily work to divide the nation for Putin's benefit and at his behest--by fomenting internal conflict and by alienating us from our allies abroad. They daily seek to deny our warfighters and veterans the pay, health care, and benefits that they earned sacrificing for this country. They constantly threaten nuclear war with North Korea when tRUmp himself is a five-time draft dodger.

And they honor the 2017 copies of the Nazis we fought in WW II and the confederate traitors we defeated to keep the nation whole.

You know, the ones who just marched on Charlottesville again.

Can you get any less patriotic than that--being a Putin-loving Nazi-apologist confederate?!??

And with the money these corrupt bastards daily piss away, we could be feeding, housing, and caring for the veterans and fetuses they and their Republican accomplices claim to venerate so vehemently.

So much for pro-life fiscal conservatives.

Hell, they don't even care about the deficit when Republicans are in office. That bogeyman only rears its head when Democrats are in power.

Hell, they don't even care about ethics or corruption, like soliciting or receiving emoluments or using personal e-mails or private servers when Republicans are in power. Remember, kiddies, it's only wrong if Democrats do it.

And they sure as fuck only care about sexual predators when they're Democrats, like Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein--in which case, Hillary Clinton alone is responsible for their behavior. Sexual assault and rape are sacred Christian values when the perpetrator is a Republican like tRUmp, Ailes, and O'Reilly. Democrats raised a stink until Weinstein was fired; Republicans made their sexual predator president. But in neither case do Republicans give a shit about women's incubators' safety or dignity.

Dense penis pence, who lives in a fantasy world of demons and magic and superstition, understands but deprecates government and the rule of law--which makes him dangerous.

Daycare Donnie, who recently lamented to Rexxon that it should be legal for businesses to commit bribery, is too st00pit to understand government or the rule of law--which makes him more dangerous.

And that fact is not lost on the traitorous dotard's own party.

Even Tennessee Senator Bob Corker admits that he and the rest of the Republicans in Congress understand that tRUmp is incoherent, incompetent, and unfit to hold office.

So, where does it end?

Do they just keep kissing tRUmp's ass because he's the only chance they've got of extracting the rest of the wealth from our economy through their murderous budget bill?

Do they continue to smile and nod like Melania and praise dear leader's cheated golf score like Miss Lindsey Graham, humoring not only tRUmp but also their vicious donors who are intent on destroying--at least until they cause a mass extinction--the planet's ability to sustain life?

The only reason Republicans like filling their ranks with Nazis and white supremacists is that Nazis and shite supremacists are genocidal.

It's a common goal.

That's why Republicans turn into a swarm of angry bees when a Black person protests police shootings of unarmed Black people without consequences--how dare uppity Black people not simper and thank their murderers for crushing them like cockroaches under their jackbooted heels.

That's why they can't understand for the life of them why ordinary Americans don't simper and thank them for wage theft, deadly austerity, and enforcing maximal births while denying woman, fetus, baby, and child sufficient food and health care.

That's why they feel entitled to strip the planet for parts, killing us all in the process if they can.

They love death. Idolize it. Get off on inflicting it on those less powerful than themselves. That's why they all love Putin--their role model.

Tweep Scott Dworkin ("funder") tweeted that trump "dragged his feet on helping Puerto Rico; there's blood on his hands, and he's licking his fingers like it's fried chicken."

What a perfect description.

Only it-snot just tRUmp. It's ALL Republicans. They're all in on it; they're all complicit.

Otherwise, they'd get him the fuck out of there by any means necessary.

If Republicans weren't sure how to pack the daycare dotard off to a padded room--as if the Constitution didn't provide means to impeach and remove tRUmp--they could always take a page out of tRUmp's own playbook and ask their "second amendment people" to fix it. Those pro-death morons are always looking for target practice. Convincing them wouldn't be hard. If they were gullible enough to guzzle tRUmp's Kool-Aid, they'll fall for anything.


Talk about hypocrisy...

"Don't politicize" the Las Vegas massacre by talking about sensible gun control, Republicans told us...then Dotard Donald immediately politicized the Las Vegas massacre by fucking fundraising off it!


The good news is that the money that morons like my Tea Party Christian friend send tRUmp will go to tRUmp's legal defense.

And I'll bet you a bowl of borscht that there won't be one red cent left over for actual campaign ads.


My friend "J" thinks that the Republican attack on women's reproductive rights and our social safety net is a form of population control by eugenics.

He thinks that the intent is to force women to birth as many babies as possible with no health care or government food aid because then only the strongest will survive.

I think that the intent is definitely population control, but I don't think Republicans really want more and stronger Black and Latino babies--at least, not until or unless they could reinstate slavery.

I think that, at the moment at least, the population control isn't a goal but a side effect of the Republican intent to maximize misery and suffering.

My friend "I" agrees. Coming from an Eastern bloc country where inflicting misery and suffering is a typical approach toward governance, he observed that maximizing misery and suffering helps those in power keep their boot on the collective neck of the governed.

I couldn't agree more.


Andrew Jerell Jones tweeted, "Jemele Hill is held to a higher standard for her online behavior than the current President of the United States. Just think about that."


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria were each record-breaking weather events.

Hurricane Nate deluged the gulf coast before being downgraded to a tropical depression.

Napa went up in flames in the Tubbs fire, killing at least 10 and destroying at least 1,500 structures.

There was a magnitude 4.1 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area.

Do you think evangelicals are sleeping out on their porches these days keeping watch for the four horsemen?


Well, dear ones, that's all I got for today. Hope you had a safe and restful Bartolome/Indigenous People's Day--especially since the daycare dotard thinks he invented Columbus Day and the word "fake," which he personifies.

- Dot Calm's shadow

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017



Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Here we fucking go again--time to call Congress AGAIN!

Here's the agenda:

1. DON'T gut Medicaid and Medicare
2. NOT ONE PENNY in tax cuts for the rich
3. DON'T ban late-term abortion

Let me discuss each briefly in turn.

1. DON'T gut Medicaid and Medicare

Friends, we are yet again reduced to begging our government not to kill us.

Fortunately, we're up to the challenge.

You see, Republicans want to fleece ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from Medicaid and HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS from Medicare.


According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicaid spending was $574.2 billion in fiscal year 2016.

According to, total expenditures in 2011 to cover 47 million Americans were $549.1 billion.

In other words, stripping a trillion dollars from Medicaid and half a trillion dollars from Medicare COMPLETELY DEFUNDS BOTH PROGRAMS.

The only outcome from cutting this level of funding is a reduction in--if not total elimination of--services.

The states could never pick up the slack--especially impoverished states like North Carolina, where the health care is piss-poor to begin with.

People will DIE if Republicans get their way.

Friends, my dad is a disabled vet with Parkinson's. He paid into the system his whole life. He EARNED the Medicare benefits he's using now as well as the Medicaid benefits he will one day need when his condition progresses beyond the point at which I can continue to care for him.

He fucking paid into it--he earned it.

The fucking Koch brothers and Mercers did NOT pay into the system; they did NOT earn my dad's benefits; and they do NOT need my dad's benefits to survive.

My dad DOES.

2. NOT ONE PENNY in tax cuts for the rich

The idle, lazy rich did NOT earn OUR tax money and do NOT pay enough into the system to justify getting tax cuts.

WE, on the other hand, DO deserve a break. We are the engine of the economy: we produce what the rich profit from; we spend the money we're paid, putting it back into the system; we earned the money Republicans want to steal from us to give to the moocher rich class; and we deserve to benefit from all our hard work.

Once Reagan cut corporate taxes--even though worker productivity has been steadily climbing--income inequality emerged, and workers' wages started dropping.

They have dropped ever since.

Even the Republicans in Kansas finally realized that you have to tax the rich if you want civil society with roads, schools, etc. They realized that you have to tax the rich if you want to pay your bills. They overrode Sam Brownback and raised taxes on those who could most afford to pay.

As a nation, we must do the same!

It's time to reinstate Ike's 90% top tax rate but on all income, whether wage, investment, inheritance, whatever.

Sure, we can collect the next lowest rate on singles' first $5M and on married couples' first $10M, but we MUST collect 90% on every penny above that.

This way, not only can we afford the insanely extravagant military that Republicans want, but we can also afford decent public schools, health care, roads, scientific research, etc.

And we can also make it harder for the lazy mooching rich to manipulate the system through Citizens United because they'll have less discretionary cash with which to purchase politicians.

Making Affluents Pay Again is the only way to Make America Great Again.

3. DON'T ban late-term abortion

By now, you've probably heard that the House of Representatives voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

The average American man thinks, "Kewl! I can't imagine why a woman would want such a late abortion anyway--women must be teh ebil fings!"

The average Republican thinks, "Kewl! I LOVE denigrating and controlling women, treating them like chattel incubators, and maximizing their suffering and misery!" Why else would Republicans be so intent on forcing as many births as possible while denying CHIP health insurance to pregnant women and 9 million children?

I keep telling these men--and my female-if-chickenshit representative--to GO TALK to women who have had late-term abortions.

You see, women don't have abortions because they enjoy killing, like Republicans do.

They have abortions because they must.

And they don't have late-term abortions because they "forgot" to have early-term abortions.

Most women who make the heart-wrenching decision to have a late-term abortion would rather keep the child...which is impossible if the pregnancy is not viable, if continuing the pregnancy will kill the woman, or if child has such egregious defects that it cannot survive.

Unlike Republicans, women understand these realities when faced with them--they may wish magic were true, but they know the evidence they live through as they live through it.

But let's suppose for the sake of argument that women are as callous as Republicans are and that they do go around getting pregnant for the pleasure of waiting as long as possible to have an abortion because late-term abortions are just so delightful and ever so much fun.

(Excuse me while I go vomit.)

Hum, you know what? How much you wanna bet that Republicans really do think that women think this way
--how much you wanna bet that Republicans are just projecting?

But I digress...

You see, even if a woman doesn't have a "good" reason for wanting to have a late-term abortion, it is still her right to have one.

NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHEN--as Dot Calm used to say--a woman has a RIGHT to an abortion.

She has a right NOT to have a baby, just as a man has a right not to live-donate tissue or organs.

The legal precedent is McFall v Shimp, which, as I blawgged in October 2015, does NOT exclude women.

A woman's body is her own property. It belongs to her
--not her father or husband, as the Bible and evangelicals teach; not the government. A woman's body is hers alone, and society needs to learn to respect that fact.

To the phones!

Here's the agenda again:

1. DON'T gut Medicaid and Medicare
  • Tell them you've heard about the intended $1T cut to Medicaid and $0.5T cut to Medicare--in other words, completely defunding both programs.
  • Tell them about people you know who'll be harmed.
  • Remind them that these ordinary Americans paid in--the Kochs and the Mercers did not pay in, did not earn the benefits, and do not need them to survive.
  • Encourage them: they may lose the Kochs and the Mercers as donors, but they'll gain millions of us Dems.
  • Remind them that small, grassroots donations really add up--just ask Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders.

2. NOT ONE PENNY in tax cuts for the rich
  • The rich already have more than enough to survive--we don't.
  • Eisenhower's top tax rate on wages was 90%, and he was a Republican.
  • Under Eisenhower, America had a booming economy and world-class living standards.
  • When Reagan cut corporate tax rates, workers' wages DROPPED; with them, the standard of living dropped and has been dropping for ordinary Americans ever since.
  • Since society benefits the rich the most, it's time for them to pay their fair share--90% on ALL income, whether wage, investment, inheritance, whatever.
  • Let singles pay the highest current tax rate on their first $5M and let married couples pay the highest current rate on their first joint $10M, but tax everything above and beyond that 90%.
  • This way, Republicans can have all their tanks, planes, and guns, and we can have health care, schools, roads, and science.

3. DON'T ban late-term abortion
  • GO TALK to women who needed late term abortions.
  • Women get them out of need, not out of callousness or neglect--either they or the baby cannot survive.
  • McFall v Shimp gives the legal precedent protecting a woman's right not to have a baby for any reason or no reason, just like men have the right not to live-donate tissue or organs.
  • If Republicans want to regulate something, let them regulate ejaculations--men do have a choice to ejaculate or not, you know.
I'm going to have to make all three points in each call to each senator's office. In a perfect world, I'd make one call for each point, but I don't have that kind of time. Making yet another 52 calls is already a big-enough ask.

Please click each contact below (source: and call each one of the bastards:

Republican Senators

This is a list of all current Republican U.S. Senators (52 total):

If you want numbers for all of the senators, click here for Daily Kos's directory.

If you want numbers for all of the representatives, click here for the House's directory.

Don't forget to Resistbot your representative and senators--text "Resist" to 50409 to begin. They will read your letters and faxes--don't listen to any Russian bots or Republican concern trolls who tell you otherwise!


Christ, I need a fucking Fireball.

Hopefully, if we all call, the Republican bastards will have given up this bullshit by the next time we e-speak.

Speaking of which, the volunteer work I do entails teleconferences that I used to be able to schedule around "blawg nite" so that I could blawg on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But one of my teammates can't meet on Mondays any more, so I have to shift to blawgging on Mondays. I'm planning to keep blawgging on Thursdays, but I can't this week--hence, this evening's post--because we had to reschedule this week's telecon for my other teammate. Ah well--I hope you don't mind. The best I can tell you is to follow me on Twitter because I always announce whenever I update le blawg:


Well, that's it for me, dear ones. Of course, I'd rather be sitting with my dad while he eats supper, but I have no choice but to try to save the country and the world from the Republican motherfuckers in Congress and the White House...may they all get painfully as possible, grrrrr!

- Dot Calm's shadow

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