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Why do I keep going on about this God stuff, anyway? Just ask the superstitious pigeons...

Have you ever heard of superstitious pigeons?
"[B.F.] Skinner conducted his research on a group of hungry pigeons whose body weights had been reduced to 75% of their normal weight when well-fed. For a few minutes each day, a mechanism fed the birds at regular intervals. What observers of the pigeons found showed the birds developing superstitious behaviour, believing that by acting in a particular way, or committing a certain action, food would arrive.
"By the end of the study, three quarters of the birds had become superstitious. One pigeon, in pursuit of food, believed that by turning around in the cage twice or three times between being fed, but not just in any direction; the bird learnt to turn anti-clockwise and appeared to believe that this would mean it being fed.
"Now, it's easy to dismiss such behaviour as normal - a bird in a cage might be expected to exercise a little. But the other birds developed unique superstitious behaviours in an attempt to gain a meal.
Other behaviors the observers discovered include what they described as a 'pendulum' movement of the head of one bird and a regular nodding movement in another bird.
"Skinner's Pigeon Experiment revealed that even pigeons can be conditioned to develop superstitious behaviours in belief that they will be fed. But superstition is more obvious in everyday human behaviour; for example, avoiding 3 consecutive grates in a street, or avoiding walking under ladders."
In other words, it's understandable that, in the absence of understanding, animals and humans mistakenly associate unrelated behaviors with rewards.
Sadly, humans associate imaginary rewards with unrelated behaviors that deprive other humans (not to mention animals) of life and liberty--like depriving unfavored populations of their rights (women, other races, LGBTQ+, other religions, atheists, etc.)...and like all the human sacrifices made to the Judeo-Christian God (not to mention the Aztec gods and hosts of other gods through the ages).
If you don't have an accurate understanding of reality, you won't act reasonably within that reality.
Suppose you have a very dear friend.

Now suppose that your friend believes she has faeries in her garden.

And suppose she believes that she can talk to the faeries and that they talk back.

Naturally, these faeries are shy...they are invisible to those who don't believe in them, and your friend is convinced that only she--and other faerie-lover/believers--can talk to and hear them.

Now suppose that your friend does nice things for others because she believes that doing so will appease the faeries.

Isn't that lovely? What a harmless little belief--charming, in fact.

But suppose that, just last night, the faeries "told" her to kill someone. Like her first-born child. Or your first-born child.

Not so lovely or harmless any more, is it?

The truth of the matter is that there is no proof--there is zero objective evidence--for any god anywhere. Not Yahweh or Jehova or El...not Allah...not Vishnu...not Poseidon...not Pele...not any of the thousands of gods posited, worshiped, and believed real throughout recorded history.

Zero, zip, nada.

But people claim to talk to and hear from these gods just the same. And these people do things--sometimes nice, sometimes murderous--in the names of these gods.

Like shooting up an abortion clinic...or shooting up a gay night club on Latin night...or suicide-bombing the eleventh busiest airport in the world.

And voting against equal rights for others.
And voting to harm the poor.
And voting for bigots.

"But why won't you just let us believe what we want?"
Hello...because your wield your crazy beliefs like a club to hit everyone else over the head with--to make others who do not think as you do their you dictate.

I refuse to tolerate people doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason, and I won't legitimize doing the right thing for the wrong reason.
No matter how wonderful the "right thing" is, if it's being done for the wrong reasons, it's meaningless. And it's a huge red flag that you're just as willing to do the "wrong thing" for the wrong reasons.

As a society, we will not survive if we cling to the imaginary. Reality is challenging enough, and we need to be firing on all cylinders if we are to be effective in finding solutions to our problems.
Coddling a group of people who claims to disbelieve science in JEEzus' name while yakking on their shiny iPhones and driving their cars with GPS navigation isn't going to make the present or the future any easier. Once we abdicate understanding science, we stop being innovators. We stop driving our own economic future, and we are reduced to consuming other nations' technology--which will seem like magic to us. We will become like the backward, primitive populations we love to hate as "savages" as we give ourselves over to the competitors we love to hate. And since we no longer value science--nor understand that technology is the fruit of science, dependent on rather than independent from it--we run heedless and headlong toward that cliff.

Just wishing away and tolerating religious intolerance, hatred, and bigotry...and letting people cause each other grievous harm in the name of religion...just doesn't cut it.

It never did; it never will; and we should know better than to condone it.

"Oh, but there is proof of God--it's called 'creation.'"

I hates ta disappoint ya, but the existence of the universe does not prove a creator. All the universe proves by existing is that it does exist. The argument from complexity--that complexity demands a creator--fails because it just kicks the can down the road. If God created us, then who created God? And then who created God's God? And so on, ad infinitum. RationalWiki has more about the fallacies that religious apologists use, so I won't get into them here.

But here's the cool part: you can prove to yourself that there is no God.
If you're willing to be intellectually honest with yourself, that is.

There are two experiments--versions of the milk jug test--you can do:

1. Write down 10 things you really want. For 5 of those things, pray to God. For the other 5, pray to something else, like a pet, a favorite stuffed toy, a milk jug, etc. Ask for answers in the form of "yes," "no," or "wait." Over the course of six months, write down what happens "in answer" to each prayer.

2. Write down 10 questions you really want answered or predicted. For 5 of those things, pray to God. For the other 5, pray to something else. Write down each answer or prediction you get, and write down how each pans out over the course of six months.

What you will find, if you're honest with yourself in recording the results, is that praying to God is no more effective than praying to your dog or teddy bear or milk jug.

What you will find, if you're honest with yourself in recording the results, is that you WILL get at least some WRONG answers to your questions.


Because the person answering your prayers and giving you the predictions is YOU--even when you think you're praying to God. Oh, sure, it may be a different aspect of your consciousness than you're usually aware of...that "feels" different from your usual inner dialog of, it may "feel" foreign to you are hearing from God. But you're not hearing from God...or Fluffy...or Borden 2%.

I suspect (but have no proof) that what you're accessing is your own unconscious. I say that because you WILL get SOME answers that will amaze you in their accuracy because you're not consciously aware of them. But that's beside the point. What matters is that you are talking to and hearing from YOU...if you get any answers at all, that is. Many people's brains just don't work that way. Just like most things about us as a species when it comes to neurology and psychology, it seems to be a continuum. (And that's just another way of saying that there's no such thing as "normal.") It seems to be related to activity in the temporal and parietal lobes of the  brain--no God needed to give us these right AND wrong answers.

The sooner we as a species wrap our heads around this fact, the better off we'll be.

Like I said, reality is challenging enough without willfully misunderstanding it.

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for being good to yourself and your loved ones. Thanks for continuing to love and support the dear, delightful never-been-"normal" people in your life. And thanks for keeping up the fight to make this world better and safer for everyone. Thanks for doing what you can when you can. Thanks for helping the Orlando victims and their families. And thanks for letting your freak flag fly!

I'll see y'all in the funny papers next Wednesday...going out of town til then. I'll miss ya while I'm away!

With love to Orlando and in solidarity with my LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and everything in between around the world, I remain
- Dot Calm's shadow
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..."Anger Management," anyone? "I feel pretty...oh , so pretty..." Spoilers: the fix is mindfulness practice, like mindfulness meditation. I've been practicing mindfulness meditation for nearly ten years now, and I swear by it. It works.


Bernie Sanders for President

Before our nearly 1,900 delegates can vote at the Democratic convention next month, we need to actually get them to Philadelphia.
Here's the thing: our delegates are not wealthy campaign contributors. They're not party insiders or establishment elites. They're working folks, and it's not easy for many of them to fly to Philly and stay in hotels for a week.
We really need to have all of our delegates at the Democratic convention because we expect there could be critical votes for the party platform and electoral process. We'd hate to fall short on these votes because some of our delegates couldn't afford to go to the convention.
That's why I'm asking you directly:
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You'd be shocked at how expensive it is to attend the Democratic convention. It can cost more than $4,000 per delegate!
Hotels are booked months in advance, and then resold at higher prices. Lobbyists throw all sorts of fancy parties. It's easy for the political establishment to navigate this and know whom to call to find the right way in. That, or they're wealthy enough to pay for themselves.
Our political revolution is not made up of people like that. Our folks need help to get to the convention and stay there.
You can make sure all our delegates represent Bernie at the Democratic convention. Can you help us before Thursday's midnight FEC fundraising deadline?
Thank you for stepping up to help the members of our political revolution.
In solidarity,
Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Gov. McAuliffe is working hard to reduce Virginia's carbon footprint and move the state toward clean, renewable energy. The entire commonwealth is being negatively impacted by climate change, so the time to act is NOW!

Donate to Virginia League of Conservation Voters!
From CREDO--stop Republican plans to CUT Medicare

House Speaker Paul Ryan just introduced a plan to slash America’s earned health care benefits. His latest attack on Medicare would raise the eligibility age from 65 to 67, leaving millions stuck paying for expensive private insurance at a time when countless Americans have little or no retirement savings.

Ryan is making it clear yet again that gutting Medicare is a key component of his Republican Party’s extreme right-wing agenda. We need a loud and immediate outcry to stop this plan in its tracks and make sure both parties know cutting Medicare is a political loser.

From you agree with Jimmy Carter that campaigns MUST be public-financed, not sold to the rich?
Moving to a system where candidates can really power their campaign with $5 and $25 contributions matched 6-to-1 with public funds means that elected officials WILL have to listen to people like you, not just big money lobbyists.
There are already bills introduced in the House by Rep. Sarbanes – called the Government by the People Act – and in the Senate by Sen. Richard Durbin – called the Fair Elections Now Act – that would fundamentally change how we fund our elections. Plus, both bills already have the support of the majority of the Democratic Caucus!
But with the cards stacked against us in favor of big money interests, we need to get loud to make sure Congress hears us.
Thanks for your support,

Kate Kizer


Last week, Tammy Duckworth got out of her wheelchair to sit on the House floor and demanded action on gun violence.

Tammy comes from a family of outdoorsmen and marksmen. But as a combat Veteran, she knows that assault rifles like the AR-15 are weapons of war designed to rip through human beings.

From Daily Kos--predatory (e.g., payday) lending KILLS

some of the best writing at Daily Kos comes from real-world examples on the hidden costs of being poor. A lot of that happens with predatory lending.

Have you been a victim of predatory lending? Log in or sign up for a Daily Kos account, and write a blog post about your personal experiences.

Predatory lending comes in many forms. Unethical companies prey on low-income people by offering them loans they could never hope to pay back, with hidden late fees and outrageous interest rates. Much of it is illegal, but they often get away with it due to lax enforcement.

The California Reinvestment Coalition (a consumer rights non-profit) has written some good blog posts at Daily Kos on this issue, but personal stories are always the most persuasive:

Write about your horror story about predatory lending. We want to hear from you. Log in or sign up for a Daily Kos account, and write a blog post about your personal experiences.

  • What did you take out a loan for? A house? A car? A family emergency?
  • What alternatives were available to you, if any? Were you unable to qualify for a loan with more favorable terms?
  • How soon did you realize that you were being ripped off?
  • Did the lender go to outrageous lengths to collect on the debt? How so?
  • Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for other people considering these types of loans?

Log in or sign up for a Daily Kos account, and write a blog post telling your personal story about predatory lending.

Thanks for all you do,

Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos


CREDO action
Sign the petition: The Democratic Party platform must include unequivocal opposition to the TPP
Sign the petition to the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee:
"Demand that the Democratic National Convention platform include unequivocal opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)."
Add your name:
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    Hey, Dick Cheney...
    -- Dot Calm
    Movie Time!

    Dick(head) Cheney threatens nuclear war over peace deal...hurrr?!??

    Oh, those oh-so-Christian Christians...showing their Christ-like "love" by vandalizing a gay-friendly church: "You'll burn"...hey, at least they didn't burn the church.

    You must prevent your kids from gay experiences...?!?? This is some of the worst religious bullshit I've ever heard. Do you see why I refuse to shut up about religious bullshit?!?? ...Like I always say, the worst homophobes are gay themselves. If we could just eradicate religion and its bullshit, we wouldn't have all this hate, all these lies, all this bloodshed and violence.... When it's about religion, it AIN'T about truth, friends!

    This conservative would gladly end democracy to stop gays from being treated like people with equal rights. You know this guy sucks cock every chance he gets....

    Christian Fundamentalist Bryan Fischer is apparently gay, too, calling marriage equality the Christian "911"

    Clarence Thomas--another closeted gay and uncloseted moron on the wrong side of history not only for marriage equality but also for internment camps and slavery? Yes, marriage equality is a year old, but religious bullshit lives forever.... So, apparently, does right-wing idiocy, like what brought us Citizens United and what declared that corrupt Bob McDonnell isn't corrupt by changing the definition of corruption. Anyone else see where that's going, aside from the ghost of George "Newspeak" Orwell?!??

    In 2015, Trump demanded for Rick Perry to take an IQ test. Of course Rick Perry shouldn't take an IQ test--he'd FLUNK! Rick Perry can't even SPELL "IQ"! Of course, Trump can't spell "IQ," either, and would also FLUNK an IQ test...! So much fun watching mental midgets mud wrassle...unfortunately, one of these chowder-heads could end up in the White House...ARGH!!!!!

    John Oliver following up on the cluster that is Brexit

    Trae Crowder--the Liberal Redneck--on making America white again

    Dick Cheney
    before he dicks you
    -- Anonymous