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22 June 2017 update:

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

By now, you've heard that the Senate Republicans have released their "health care" bill tax cut bill, which is even more vicious, savage, cruel, sadistic, and heinous than the House "health care" bill tax cut bill.

Is anyone surprised?

As with the House version, the only hold-outs on the Republican side are pissed that the bill covers so much--they want it even crueler.

Again, is anyone surprised?

Jesus Haploid Christ (which I stole from Tweep Stonekettle, thank-you-very-much), you would think that the Republicans are ready to round us up and ship us off to concentration camps where they can gas us just so they can crush the carbon from our remains into diamonds.


I probably shouldn't've said that...

I mean, if any of them can read and should stumble upon this blawg, I may have just given them an ideaR.



I'm sure you've also heard about Jon Ossoff's heartbreaking loss...but take heart, fellow Dot Calm readers.

The awwfl twoof for the Republicans is that their leads in GA-6 and SC have both steadily dwindled recently, especially after tRump got into office.

These two districts were so heavily red last time that they should never have even been in play. The fact that the Republicans had to spend so heavily in GA just to keep it is telling.

The good n00z for Dems is that the SC race is much more of a real-world scenario than GA was--the Dems hardly spent any money there, yet our candidate came closer to beating his opponent than Ossoff did.

Ossoff also shied away from being a loud-'n'-proud progressive.

And, yes, there was widespread voter suppression and gerrymandering in both districts from what I've heard.

So, yes--while there is progress, we lost these two races; rank-'n'-file Dems blame party leadership; and Dem leaders need to LEARN from these two races...

They NEED to quit trying to court the tRumpanzees and start focusing exclusively on their own base--they need to be bold progressives.

They NEED to start building infrastructure, organizing communities, and growing 2018 grassroots NOW, and they need to treat this as an ongoing effort, just as the Koch brothers do.

They NEED to get in voters' faces, show they care, and present solutions to problems that threaten the survival of voters in the base, like poverty.

They NEED to address issues that affect people of color and women, like jobs, discrimination, access to health care, safety, education, and access to the vote.

They NEED to present an economic platform that benefits us ordinary Americans.

They NEED to pledge loyalty to women's rights to bodily autonomy, including birth control and abortion.

They NEED to defend Planned Parenthood, which is a vital health care resource serving disadvantaged communities, people of color, and young people who can't afford to go elsewhere.

They NEED to read the article linked below (Budowsky: Dems madder than hell) and cough up a game plan to turn all this public outrage into WINS ffs.

They NEED to make hay and campaign ads out of TURDleman's UNCONSTITUTIONAL ejection of disabled protesters from his office today per the article linked below (Police drag away protesters in wheelchairs from Mitch McConnell's office). I mean, Jesus ass-twerking Christ (I made that one up myself, thank-you-very-much), that lady they dragged out of her wheelchair could just as well have been Dot Calm herself if she'd still been alive.

The party desperately needs to step up its game in terms of strategy. Srsly--if they had thrown some money at SC, could our candidate have won?

How are they going  to undo gerrymandering in the worst-affected swing districts?

HOW are they going to overcome voter suppression and ensure that all Americans who are eligible to vote get to exercise that right?

And WHAT are they going to do to protect our voting systems from PEWtin?

These are hard questions, friends.

It's encouraging that the races we'll face in 2018 feature better, bluer opportunities than the GA and SC races we lost, but we really need party leadership to step up its game, address ALL of the base's voters, and work toward solving these critical lapses in our democracy.

Starting today, I pledge to bug the shit outta Democratic Party leadership and MAKE them do their jobs getting Democrats elected and Republicans fired. Retaking the House in 2018 is our only hope for stanching the damage tRump is doing to our democracy, ensuring independent and complete investigations of all of his and his family's malfeasance, and IMPEACHING THE FAT ORANGE BASTARD.

Do I make myself clear?

Like I said, I'm all in--who's with me?


Choo choo time headlines

Bloomberg: Trump, Russia, and Those Shadowy Sater Deals at Bayrock
...There's moar at RawStory:

GQ: Paul Ryan's Opponent in Wisconsin Is a Union Ironworker
...Randy Bryce's Twitter handle is IronStache, and his campaign ad is a Thing Of Beauty. This man is my new hero. He's everything a more honest dumbald tRump wishes he could have been. I hope Randy Bryce kicks Paul Ryan's ass so hard that it turns him into a human Klein bottle.

New Yorker: Are Russian Operatives Attacking Putin Critics in the U.S.?

Bill Moyers:
...Which, of course, means that PEWtin has all that intel now, too. FML.

The Hill: Budowsky: Dems madder than hell
...Joy Reid recommended this article--lots of good ideas for Dems!

The Root:

The Independent: German foreign minister goes beyond other US allies to decry Ivanka Trump
...The original headline per Twitter and Democratic Underground was "German minister just said what no foreign politician dares to about Ivanka Trump"...spoiler: she waltzes into wherever, acting like she has power to wield, but she's not elected and really has zero legitimate role. Even nepotism fans are embarrassed for her and her deranged pappy.

MoJo: The Many Times Donald Trump Has Lied About His Mob Connections
...And another oldie-but-goodie from January in The Atlantic: The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

The Daily Beast: FBI Fired Sebastian Gorka for Anti-Muslim Diatribes

Charlotte Observer: Elections officials outgunned in Russia's cyberwar against America

The Hill: DHS official: Russia targeted election-related systems in 21 states
...4rlz. This is not a drill.

Occupy Democrats: A New Lawsuit Just Revealed Trump's Cash Trail From Putin

The Hill: Judiciary Committee to continue Russia probe after Mueller meeting
...The meeting was about which investigation is doing what so that boundaries would be clear and nobody steps on each other's toes.

CNN: Read the Senate Republican health care bill (full text)
...Read it 'n' weep, boyz 'n' girlz. Weze in for a hella bumpy ride. At least I'm tormenting the loofa-faced orange shitgibbon...If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I've been on the warpath lately bombarding the narcissistic shitstain with requests, complaints, pleas, jabs, and insults. If he's so intent on ruining our lives, the least I can do is ruin his day.

NY Times: Where Senators Stand on the Health Care Bill
...Call, Resistbot, and SHOW UP to YOUR congress-critter's office and give 'em a piece of your mind!

Salon: Police drag away protesters in wheelchairs from Mitch McConnell's office
...The Capitol Police literally ripped a disabled woman right out of her wheelchair and dragged her out. They dropped one disabled protester! This heinous footage NEEDS to be Democratic campaign ads from now until every last piece-of-human-filth Republican is ejected from office!

(I'm going to skip my DKos, ANet, and DN! headlines again today...should be back next time. Do go read them from the links when you can--they catch what I miss here.)


Moar m00bies!

Buy a stinkin' podcast!

Up until yesterday, the Republicans didn't even know what was in their own goddamned health care bill. Well, now, at least, they can all read it for themselves. The fux.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

20 June 2017 post:

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Man...where to begin?

The sad breaking news is that it looks like Karen Handel has won in Georgia's 6th district. As Randi Rhodes says, hope you enjoyed voting this time because, with how Handel lurves purging voter rolls, this may be the last time you ever get to vote if you stay in the 6th district. Fuck, that was a piece of shitty news I was expecting but still didn't really want to hear.
Last week was insane news-wise...and it wasn't even tRump tRumping.
The first n00z bombshell was a mass shooting: a man with a history of domestic violence shot Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republicans practicing baseball for a charity event against their fellow Democrats. The shooter was taken down by TRAINED Capitol Police, who were only there protecting Scalise as a high-ranking official.
Isn't it deliciously ironic that Scalise the bigoted homophobe...or is that homophobic bigot?...was saved by a gay-married Black lesbian cop?
I wonder if she isn't also Jewish and a climate scientist.
Scalise was critically injured but thankfully seems to be on the mend. In response to an outpouring of love and support from Democrats, Republicans wasted no time in blaming "left-wing violence" and trying to tie the shooting to Jon Ossoff, who's running against homophobic bigot...or is that bigoted homophobe?...Karen Handel, who is at least honest enough to say she doesn't believe in a living wage.
How very Christian of her.
The worst part of the shooting is that Republicans are now calling for even moar guns...and some of them intend to carry firearms whenever they go to baseball games.
What part of TRAINED CAPITOL POLICE do they NOT understand?
For as horrific as the shooting was, it would have been far worse if UNTRAINED civilian vigilante Republicans had had the armaments and desire to play shoot-'em-up with the bad man.
I hesitate to think.
But, yet again, Republicans used an opportunity for compassion--I mean, most Americans do not go about their daily lives with trained Capitol Police details protecting them--to be vicious, hateful, and irrational.
They discarded yet another opportunity to enact the sensible gun laws that even rank-and-file NRA members want, including gun control for domestic abusers, those with mental illnesses, and those on no-fly lists.
Can't say I'm surprised.
The one bright spot among the Republicans was Senator Jeff Flake, who used Scalise's cell phone to call his wife so she wouldn't find out about the shooting from the morning news.
I call that one heroic act of thoughtfulness.
It was a pleasant surprise.
I was not surprised by Democrats' behavior--a lot of class acts stood up and showed Republicans what real leadership looks like. President Obama reached out to let Steve Scalise know he cared. When the Democrats won the charity baseball game the next day, they gave the trophy to the Republicans to display in Scalise's office. Many Democrats deplored the shooting loudly and immediately, in no uncertain terms. The "worst" I heard was "limited sympathy"--Scalise is one of the Republicans who refuses to pass the kind of sensible guns laws that would have prevented his being shot. Although I was one of the Tweeps loudly deploring the shooting, I can't help seeing the logic in the limited-sympathy Dems' reaction.
But wait--there's moar.
There were two other mass shootings THAT SAME DAY.
In the United States.
Do you even remember hearing about them? More than once? Or did the rich, powerful white guy's shooting dominate your news cycles?
There were also attacks this past week in France and London. The attack in France was swept away like all (!) the non-Scalise shootings in America...barely a peep in the media, then gone.
Then there was the tragic Grenfell tower fire--79 or so dead because some greedy asshole cut construction corners...plus other problems that could've been corrected if only someone had cared enough to protect the lives of those living in the building.
And then there was the Finsbury Park mosque attack, also in London--an anti-muslim terrorist wanted to kill as many Muslims as possible before he was restrained by the mosque-goers and protected from injury by the imam.
Remember that Finsbury Park is a hotbed of Muslim anti-extremism...so much so that the community has won awards for successfully fighting the violence.
So much for them vicious Muslims wanting to kill all the infidels.

Meanwhile, the murderer claimed it was a "revenge" attack--revenge for what, going to mosque?
Then there was Nasra Hassanen, the beautiful, sweet, lovely, bright teenage spark snuffed out by the 22-year-old construction worker in Northern Virginia--Rep. Barbara Comstock's territory. Police think the man got out of his vehicle and attacked the teenagers with a baseball bat out of road rage, but then why did he kidnap Nasra and then murder her?
That doesn't pass the smell test to me.
Maybe it started out as road rage (in tRump's America, I doubt it), but I just can't see any other motive for kidnapping and killing the girl--which took enough effort, I would think, to put it past the "passion of the moment"-type action that qualifies as road rage and recategorizes it as something more meditated--than Islamophobia.
It's possible, of course, but I just don't see it.
As a final kick of let's-mindfuck-with-liberals, the apparent perpetrator is Latino and may end up being deported for his actions...whether he's here legally or not, based on the stories I've seen.
Oh, and--lest we forget--police murdered Charleena Lyles, a pregnant Black woman, for calling them in for help in the face of an attempted robbery. What must her surviving three children who witnessed the shooting think?
But wait again--there's even moar!
With all this crazy news as cover, TURDleman McConnell and the rest of PEWtin's ass-kissers and dick-lickers in the Senate locked themselves behind closed doors to "work" on their tRumpcare bill, which is apparently so hateful, savage, vicious, and toxic that they don't dare let anyone except PEWtin see it.
And tRump and the Republicans have refused to hold press conferences or talk to the media or answer questions or let the media take audio or video recordings of ANYTHING going on right now.
And tRump went and hid at Camp David this weekend instead of going golfing (!). What's up with that?!
Then, today, ol' spicey sphincter got up in front of the media and lied through his teeth, saying how transparent this White House is and how much moar transparent it is than previous administrations and how it's always been available 24/7 and by e-mail for questions and a whole lot of other easily disproven bunk that only a tRumpanzee would ever believe.
At last check, firemen are still trying to extinguish ol' sphincter-boi's pants, which spontaneously erupted into a blaze of flames the moment he opened his mouth.
If you've been paying attention and/or following me on Twitter, you know I haven't even mentioned the half of what's been going on since you and I last tawked.
Friends, our democracy is barely on life support as we speak. Its life hangs by a delicate, fast-unraveling thread, and you and I are the only things between it living and growing strong again and all of us learning Russian.
The good news is that there are moar of us than them, and we have all the tools left us by the patriots who've gone before us trying to ensure the humane treatment of humans and other living things.
So stay t00ned, especially for the choo choo time headlines. You'll see a lot of scary, bad n00z, but you'll also see some heartening n00z and t00ls we can use to save ourselves and the rest of the world with us.
On a happier note, my dad wanted to see Wonder Woman, so we went for Fathers' Day and had a blast. Friends, what a great flick! Truly well crafted cinematic art, Wonder Woman is an action film featuring a woman who's strong, beautiful, brilliant, determined, compassionate, caring, brave, and effective--everything Republicans hate, especially in women. The message that you sometimes have to do destructive things in order to save the most people resonated with me. I'm going after tRump and the Republicans every way I know how because I want to irritate them into quitting--especially tRump. Friends, it-snot my normal M.O. to be mean, but these people want to kill all of us with tRumpcare and by poisoning the environment and by crashing the economy through deregulation...! Too many lives are on the line for me to be dainty and prissy, so I am engaging in psyops against narcissist tRump. Having a narcissist ex-friend, I know what buttons to push to steal what's left of tRump's soul...which is not to say that Vicente Fox doesn't make me look like an amateur because he does...
If you follow me on Twitter, you saw my Fathers' Day tweet reminding tRump that, as Vicente says, just because tRump's father didn't love him doesn't mean that tRump can't turn around and love the world. Congrats to Vicente and his writers for some world-class trolling.
People in tRump's administration say that it's clear that he does read the tweets. I know he does because he's been expressing second thoughts about murdering quite so many innocent Americans with tRumpcare. Why, hellz, he felt enough remorse to throw the House of Representatives right under the bus, even though he made a great big show of treating them all to a kegger in the Rose Garden to celebrate killing grandma. So, I'm gonna keep fighting with everything I have, and I hope you will, too.
Whew--stick a fork in me cuz I'm done (for now).
See you next time. And, until then, don't forget to use Resistbot early and often!

- Dot Calm's shadow
Choo choo time headlines
...Follow the money...and the trail of dead Russians, including ones PEWtin had killed in the U.S. and the U.K. The 14 murdered in the U.K. have been dismissed as "unsuspicious" by the May government. WTAF?!??
...Apparently, Karen Handel didn't take kindly to Greg's exercise of the first amendment--she had her goons rough up and eject Greg for asking straightforward, non-softball questions, per Democracy Now reporter assaulted for exposing Jim Crow tactics
...What could go wrong? Hellz, it's all just one big fat joke unless you actually live in public housing. Then you're skr00ed.
...Friends, this is a Very Big Deal. Potentially, it can revolutionize communications. And we handed it over to China because we hate science...and, apparently, ourselves.
...And tRump ignores them, too! And then he tromps off pouting, in search of ice cream and an orb to pet.
...Please read this. It's what the NRA and the pro-DEATH Republicans want for us all.
...That's ok! He violated the embargo against Iran, too!
These two articles are proof that tRump KNEW we were UNDER ATTACK from PEWtin. The fact that tRump then took money while still campaigning equals collusion:
...Look up Seth Abramson if you want more on the subject, including great analysis.
...Yet again, women are the canary in the coal mine. The sad reality is that women's lives aren't valued as much as men's and that society sees domestic violence as a private affair rather than the severe public health hazard it truly is.

...In other words, Rexxon wants to make every password in America "password" so that PEWtin doesn't even hafta try anymoar! Seriously!!
...But don't panic! There's a great link below outlining effective non-violent actions we can all take!
...Black-outs in Ukraine were just a test run. PEWtin can do moar and worse to us or whomever he chooses. Still think Russia isn't a threat?
...It's all about hamstringing women by their bodies because women lead The Resistance!
Links you can use
...Clearly, tRump is trying to make enough money to become the billionaire he claims to be, per PoliticusUSA: Financial Disclosure Form Adds Ammo To Lawsuits As Trump Has Made Millions Off Of Presidency
...There's an article by Bill Moyers on it: Indivisible's Guide Save Obamacare
Envirodatagov.org: 100 Days and Counting – EDGI
..."EDGI is producing a series of reports on the early days of the Trump administration. In these reports, EDGI authors systematically investigate topics including the ..." Well? Click through and read the rest! It's all the environmental data you need to know.
...As promised above!

DKos, AlterNet, and DN! headlines

Check back next time for this feature. I may include it, I may not. You never know with me.

M00bies by the crap-ton
They ain't Wonder Woman, but they'll keep you informed and amused, so git watchin'!
dumbald tRump can bite me!
Yay! I love you, Randy Rainbow!
As my dad would say, tRump is such a jackass...
Yes, donald tRump--people ARE laughing at us.
...Did I say "us"? I meant YOU.
What a jackass!!
donald tRump has been cucked yet again!
...Damn, son, he must really enjoy it.
Maybe getting cucked is how tRump gets off...?
Doncha miss the olden days when our biggest White House scandals were choice of mustard or wearing a tan suit?
Me Gyn Kelly is a snake. You couldn't pay me enough to be in the same room with her. I'ze rathuh be po'.
Some hard facts for the so-called pro-lifers: income inequality kills mothers and babies, which they don't give a rat's ass about, and fetuses, which they do.
The threat from Russia is real!
I tweeted this vid to tRump, along with a nice reminder of his sinking approval ratings...or is that growing disapproval ratings?
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