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Fat unattractive LOSER Donald John Trump is everything he hates--and everything YOU hate! Lobbyist. College-educated. Elitist. Secular. Freeloader. Deadbeat. Corrupted by Big Money. Outsourced YOUR job to China, Mexico, Bangladesh...

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Today, I'm hoping my Tea Party Christian friends will read this post.

Listen, I know you love Donald Trump.

I know that he resonates with you because he hates and mocks all the same people you do. Nasty women. Uppity Blacks. Filthy Mexicans. Evil Muslims. Handicapped people. Poor people. The gays. All those icky people you wish would just go back into the shadows they came from. Yeah, I got all that.

I know that you admire him because he's rich. His daddy left him $40 million, and he's got maybe $100-250 million. You could easily achieve the same if you won the lottery. So I got that, too.

But what about all the other things you hate? You know. Lobbyists. college-educated people. Elitist people who think they're better than you are. Secular people who don't live by your Christian values. People who freeload off you, living like rock stars on your hard-earned tax dollars. People who don't pay their bills--who don't pay you when you work for them. People who claim to represent you but who take millions of dollars, like from Johnson & Johnson, and who are beholden to them while claiming right to your face that they don't take big money and are beholden only to you. Business elites who outsource your job to China or Mexico or Bangladesh...or who shut down your factory because they buy Chinese steel and aluminum instead of American.

People who tell you to your face that you're smart while treating you like you're an idiot.

People who claim they're just like you when they're really all these things you hate.

People who hate all the right people but who really hate you, too.

Riddle me this, Batman. Read about Donald Trump. Read everything he has done--he brags about being and doing everything I listed. Go ahead--read it...there's plenty of fodder in the headlines below, and there's even more in the recent archives of this blawg. Donald Trump has been a registered lobbyist. He's taken millions of dollars in insurance money for properties barely touched by storms, making your insurance bills go up. He's freeloaded off your taxes since at least 1995--probably since the 1970s. He's exploited teenage women decades younger than himself, not just for ogling but for sex--sexual trafficking, to be specific. He'd grope you or your wife or mother or sister or daughter and then deny it or brag about it, expecting his victim to be flattered. He's stolen from you by not paying you when you work for him--he's put your small businesses out of business and bilked you out of tens of thousands of dollars each to attend his non-university. He goes through wives faster than you go through clean underwear. He reamed Jeb! Bush a new asshole for taking donations from Johnson & Johnson heir Woody Johnson--and then turned around and started taking donations from Woody Johnson himself once he won the nomination (not to mention guzzling water during the third debate with Hillary Clinton after having criticized Marco Rubio for drinking water during the Republican primary debates...what's up with that?). Now...tell me: do you really think that Donald Trump, who has represented no one but himself from the moment he entered the public eye, is going to change his skunk stripe to represent you? Do you really think he's going to start paying you? Stop freeloading off of you? Cut you a break? Is it really worth it to you to have a president who will not only trash all the people you hate but you too in the bargain? Is it really worth it to destroy yourself just to get back at all those people? Is handing the nation over to a bully who will bully not only everyone you hate but you too really worth destroying the nation and the livability of the planet itself? Really?

If you really think so, then I have a request for you: whatever it is that you're smoking or drinking or snorting or popping, I DON'T want it.

And, if so, I can't say I'm too surprised. Donald Trump's attitude is pure vindictive scorched earth whenever he doesn't get his way--he's willing to bring down the entire Republican party. I guess it wouldn't be too surprising if you, like him, were willing to take down the entire nation and perhaps all of civilization because you haven't gotten your way for the past eight years. Maybe you and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth.

If you're still with me, thanks for reading--it's more than I expected of you, and I'm super-impressed. Oh, and good luck with it all--you're going to need it.

And now for a few words for my "base"...

There's a Randi Rhodes video about the Al Smith dinner in the m00bies below. She opens with Donald Trump's awful attack on Hillary during the Al Smith charity dinner for needy children, but she then discusses a tiny little paragraph in The Guardian that is way too easy to miss: Roger Stone and Donald Trump are crowd-funding their own exit polls to be run by Mike Roman--the video is MUST SEE.

In other words, VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Do NOT sit this one out for ANY reason!

If we don't create a LANDSLIDE for Hillary and Democrats down the line, Trump and his minions WILL claim that the election was stolen from them!

This is scary AF!!!!!

Randi Rhodes's listeners are calling in to say that the Trump voters are turning out in force--we MUST counter them! We cannot afford to take ANY chances!!

My dad is partially disabled and, since I'm his only chauffer and since I work long crazy hours with a 2+ hour commute (especially if the trains are slow, which seems often to be the case), we went and voted absentee in person (early voting) on Saturday--in Dot Calm's honor. The election officials actually brought the absentee applications and ballots to us--curbside voting--so that my dear dad didn't hafta shuffle in and stand in line to vote.

Speaking of which, BRING PICTURE ID. If you don't have a driver's license for your own state, GET ONE NOW. If you have a passport instead, BRING THAT. Bring utility bills, birth certificates, voter registration cards...whatever it takes so that you can VOTE. Be sure to check your county's election website for details on which forms of ID they'll accept.

In our case, my dad kept me waiting half an hour after the polls opened before he was ready to leave the house, and he didn't bring his passport, which meant that we had to run home and get it because they wouldn't accept his old out-of-state driver's license. But other than that, it was as pleasant and painless of an experience as it could possibly be. The Democratic volunteers were there early with happy, smiling faces and sample ballots; one of them asked if we needed curbside voting and ran in and got the election official to come out and help us. And the election officials (there were two, since, as I said, we had to make two trips) could not have been nicer. In fact, they made sure that the machine could read both of our ballots before they dismissed us. If we'd had everything we'd needed, we'd have been done in less than half an hour--that beats socks offa standing in line for 1.5-2 hours on Election Day, as I've done in the past. My old, creaky knees hurt just thinking about it.

Even so, I'd have been happy to stand in such a line if that had been my only option. This election is too important to risk losing even one vote!!!!!


I say that because of people like my coworker, who glibly says he'll vote for Trump based solely on the Republican reputation of spending more tax money on defense--my coworker, who claims to be apolitical, apparently has no fucking idea who Trump is, what Trump stands for, or what Trump can and will do if he gets into the White House. DoD may not survive long if that happens! In other words, there are people in this country who apparently live under rocks and thus plan to vote for Donald Trump out of sheer ignorance, and we must counter as many of their votes as possible--not to mention the third-party votes that will, as Keith Olbermann says below, act as votes for Trump by giving him fewer Hillary votes to counter.

If you are eligible to vote early, please go vote NOW.

Friends, we can't afford to risk the future of our country. If, like me, you lurve yourself some Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, then PLEASE vote for Hillary--there's no way we'll get anywhere close to progressive legislation if Trump gets in, but we're already halfway there if we get Hillary...we can catch our breath and start pushing her in the correct direction once she's in. I personally would rather see Donald "celebutante LOSER freeloader-in-thief-wannabe" Trump's political casket nailed shut with Liquid Nails, screws, bolts, and sturdy metal straps welded shut and then placed into eleventy-seven more similarly sealed political caskets like Russian nesting dolls than face the shitstorm of a trumper-tantrum that the douchebag orange fucksicle will raise if he doesn't lose by a YUGE landslide.

So, please--vote now if you can, and vote blue down the line! The future you save will be your own. Please and thank you.

Don't forget to read Dot Calm's shadow's favorite independent sources of news and information:

Daily Kos

Peas, friends. Take care of yourselves for me. Trust me--you're worth it!
- Dot Calm's shadow

Consider the preemptive Blogger phuqued-up phormatting disclaimer to be in effect. Grrr.
-- Dot Calm's shadow


AlterNet: Ivanka Trump: Perfect No More
BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed CEO: I Heard Ivanka Trump Talk About "Mulatto Cocks"
...This story is important because Ivanka disclaimed her father ever using "lewd" language while casually using lewd and racist language herself.

A word from FiveThirtyEight
The Dominance Of Big Corporations Is Bad For Workers, Too
Clinton Voters Aren't Just Voting Against Trump
...See? I'm not the only one who, while acknowledging Hillary's flaws, also thinks she'd be a damn good president. What's interesting is that Hillary's supporters are more enthusiastic for her than Donald Trump's are for him. Who gnu?
Most Guns Used In New York State Crimes Come From Out Of State
A word from POLITICO
How White Nationalists Learned To Love Donald Trump
Tom Hayden, the Complicated Radical
...They've been playing excerpts of him on "Democracy Now!" and on other programs on my radio station. What an incredibly insightful man.
In North Carolina, Moderates Have Their Pitchforks Out
...and they're itching to stick 'em into Pat McCrory's tight ass...poink, poink, poink!!

A word or three from Vox
Newt Gingrich's fight with Megyn Kelly reveals a gross, twisted logic about sexual assault
...If you read nothing else today, click through and read this article. It's a very thorough analysis that explains how Republicans conflate sexual assault with sex--a real eye-opener. No wonder Donald Trump denies attacking women by saying they're not attractive enough...
Newt Gingrich melts down on Fox over Trump spiral, calls Megyn Kelly "fascinated with sex"
...Well, now, isn't THAT ironic coming from a Republican? They're the most sex-obsessed things on two feet. All I can say is just imagine if Obama bragged about and then stood accused of half of what Donald Trump actually said and stands accused of. Ms. Kelly is absolutely right...the fact that Newt can't even answer the question like a sane, rational adult--the fact that he has to scream and bully rather than answer the damn question--tells you all you need to know: Donald Trump is guilty as hell of assaulting every woman who's come forward and likely at least as many more who did not, right down to the last alleged detail. If that were not true, Newt would not have been defensive. Defensiveness is the first resort of those who know they're wrong, just as projection is the first resort of those who are too ashamed of their own behavior to own up to it and take responsibility. Something ol' Newtie would have done well to remember: Megyn Kelly experienced this filth herself at the hands of Roger Ailes, so it stands to reason that this is personal for her--she genuinely wants to know whether Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate is a sexual predator or not. A fair question! It only goes to show how immature (at best) Newtie is that he can't even take on a serious question and answer it with the seriousness it's due. Sadly, he's a perfect representative for Donald Trump, who's no better.
The election isn't "rigged." These are the real threats on Election Day.
The 9 types of lies Donald Trump tells the most
Trump in 2014: "I don't like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see"
Tim Kaine's feminism
...Great article! Very enlightening on Tim Kaine--a strong man supporting a strong woman. Intelligent, articulate, cosmopolitan, urbane, bilingual, polished, experienced, diplomatic, likeable, spiritual, and married faithfully to the same woman for 30 years, Tim Kaine is literally the anti-Trump.
Trump's popularity with evangelicals is a disaster for the religious right
Pro-lifers who support Donald Trump are kidding themselves — and hurting the movement
...Of course they're kidding themselves, duh. But if they're hurting the movement, I'm all for it!!
Why women are still voting for Trump, despite his misogyny
...Like I've said here before, it's because they don't have any self respect. In this article, that translates to wanting male protection. They've somehow fooled themselves into thinking that a man who wants only to prey on them is somehow going to protect them...a man who wants only to prey on the men in their lives is somehow going to protect those men so that they can protect their women. Excuse me while I go duct-tape my haid....
How Pepe the frog and Dilbert explain the culture wars of the 2016 election, in one comic
...Scott Adams of Dilbert really jumped the shark this time--he's been supporting Trump, but I thought he'd switched to Gary "Herp de derp" Johnson. Guess he's back to supporting Trump. I've literally lost all respect for the man. Damn.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh: "If Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket"
..."Even if it's a joke, it isn't funny."
Donald Trump's bizarre hotel opening proved he's in this for himself
...In other words, it's all about the free publicity. If it had been about the campaign, st00pit sumbitch would be campaigning instead of wasting time. Dumbass.
Native Americans like Renee Davis are ignored when police brutality is viewed as black and white
Hillary Clinton is matching Barack Obama with young voters
...Give 'em hell, Hill!
Obama burns Trump while reading mean tweets
...Ouch. Donsie Wonsie's gotta be butthurt now. That's gonna leave a mark.
We finally have an "artificial pancreas" for diabetes. But it's a letdown.
...This article pisses me the hell off. Based on how the article describes the device, I'd never call it an "artificial pancreas." At best, it's barely a glorified pump. As a control theorist, I can think of several ways I'd attack the problem of controlling insulin delivery so that it truly is automated...linked to the actual blood sugar levels that need to be controlled. To me, someone just isn't doing their job. To me, the real challenge is how to provide cheaper insulin. Although synthetic human insulin seems to be the preferred treatment deze daze, I wonder whether there might not be a cheaper approach that might be worth the trade-offs. I once read in Cell magazine where a research team placed cells from rat livers into glass tubes and implanted them into rabbits from which the livers had been removed to see whether the rat liver cells, protected from rejection by the glass, would actually function within the rabbits' bodies. They did, as proven by increased levels of liver enzymes and by-products. So I wonder whether a similar approach might be used with pig pancreas cells, since pig hormones are so close to ours and since pig insulin was used before we learned how to synthesize human insulin in the lab using recombinant DNA--in fact, some doctors still prescribe pig insulin over the synthetic (I can understand why--I have MUCH better luck with Armour thyroid, which is pig thyroid, compared to synthetic, which makes me super-sick...bleah). I also wonder what it would take for me to find work in biomedical engineering, having been in DoD my whole career--so far, DoD has been the only gig in town with any dough. *sigh*
The AT&T/Time Warner merger has a big political problem on its hands
Teaching evolution in the South: an educator on the “war for science literacy"
...*sigh*...I keep thinking of all the wonderful discoveries we as a nation would have come up with by now if only we valued science over superstition. Alas, alas. Can you imagine where we'd be today if the science-hating religious among us had had their way decades ago? We wouldn't be having this conversation on the wouldn't be reading my blawg on your smart phone...we wouldn't have GPS...and we certainly wouldn't be talking about synthesizing human insulin in the laboratory using the human genome. How many times over do you think cancer could have been cured if all the children in the world with an aptitude for science, including fundamentalist Muslims and Christians, had been exposed to and allowed to study it?



From ColorOfChange--Help GOTV!!!

DC continues to throw down for the election cycle: This past Sunday, nearly 90 folks came out and together we contacted over 100,000 Black voters- a new record! That means we’ve now been able to engage and educate over 200,000 Black voters in critical swing states!

While it would be easy to be complacent this election cycle, we all know that when it comes to elections- there’s no such thing as a sure thing. And there’s still plenty of down ballot races with major implications that are up for grabs. That’s why Color Of Change PAC plans to talk to 2 Million Black people in swing states in partnership with volunteers across the country. It is our duty to keep fighting and together we can win for our communities and generations to come!

Voting Whilst BlackJoin us at ImpactHub for our FIFTH Black Battleground State Text-A-Thon THIS SUNDAY, October 30, 2016. We want to continue getting as many Black voters engaged and excited about this election as possible!

Right now is our chance to win the White House, the Senate, and a more progressive Supreme Court. Right now we have the power to elect prosecutors who are committed to protecting communities- and fire the ones that are more concerned about protecting corrupt police departments. 

That is why Color Of Change PAC members, friends and family have been coming to Sunday events. In a time when Republicans are enacting voter id laws and legislation designed to keep Black and Brown folks away from the ballot box, the work we’re doing together to activate Black voters is crucial- and it’s something that’s never been done on this scale!

Last Sunday’s Text-A-Thon featured food, music, dancing, lots of smiles and laughter and our Color Of Change PAC members texting away. For this week we're at ImpactHub (419 7th st. NW) 1-4:30p every Sunday up until the elections- and we’d love to see you there too!

We’ll provide food, drinks, and the tools needed to mobilize voters. All you need to bring is your passion for creating real impact in this year’s elections.

Remember, You helped us create this movement to mobilize Black voters in 2016. Now we need your help to see this through.

Join me at the Black Battleground State Text-a-Thon to contact Black voters in key battleground states like Ohio this Sunday.

Until justice is real,

Rashad and the Color Of Change PAC team
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Help stop the execution of an Iranian woman
Get Involved
Donate Now

Zeinab Sekaanvand faces execution by hanging.
Your donation will help Amnesty campaign on behalf of individuals facing execution.
Donate Now!
After a grossly unfair trial, Zeinab Sekaanvand, an Iranian woman, faces imminent execution for the murder of her abusive husband — a crime she says she did not commit.

She could be hanged within days.

Amnesty is campaigning on behalf of individuals facing execution like Zeinab. Please support our work. Make an urgent donation.

Phillip Luther, Amnesty's Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa says, "This is an extremely disturbing case. Not only was Zeinab Sekaanvand under 18 years of age at the time of the crime, she was also denied access to a lawyer and says she was tortured after her arrest by male police officers through beatings all over her body."

Zeinab Sekaanvand was 17-years-old when she was arrested for the murder of her husband, whom she had married at the age of 15.

She was held for the next 20 days in the police station, where she has said she was beaten by male police officers. She "confessed" to them that she stabbed her husband, who had been abusive.

Zeinab was denied access to a lawyer during her entire pre-trial detention period and only met her state-appointed lawyer for the first time at her final trial session. It was at this session that she retracted her "confession."

She told the court that her husband's brother, who she said had raped her several times, was responsible for the murder and had coerced her into confessing.

Please support our work advocating for people like Zeinab who face execution and other grave human rights abuses. Make an urgent donation.

Thank you.

Margaret Huang
Executive Director
Hell no to the AT&ampT/TW merger
On Saturday, AT&T announced plans to buy Time Warner. That's the giant company that owns CNN, HBO, TBS, TNT and more. Stop this merger!

AT&T is an enormous media, telecom and internet gatekeeper with a horrible track record of overcharging you, limiting your choices and spying on you.
It's still fighting Net Neutrality. It helps the government spy on people by turning over its customer records to the NSA. It tries to stop communities from building their own broadband networks. It's a member of ALEC, the corporate-backed lobbying group that's pushed legislation like pro-fracking, voter-suppression and “stand your ground” bills that disproportionately harm people of color.
And now AT&T wants to get even bigger.
This merger must be stopped.
AT&T wants to buy Time Warner in a deal valued at $85 billion. This would be one of the largest media mergers ever.
Time Warner owns CNN, HBO, TBS and TNT, major movie franchises like Harry Potter and Batman, DC Comics … the list goes on. AT&T just swallowed up DirecTV in another massive merger. This deal would combine one of the nation's largest phone and satellite-TV companies with a media content behemoth.
Tell Washington policymakers: Block this merger!
Deals like this don't benefit you: They just line the pockets of overpaid media executives (the Time Warner CEO could walk away with nearly $400 million) and lead to job losses for working people. These kinds of mergers hike prices for internet access and put up bigger barriers to entry for content creators — shutting out independent voices and people of color who have been locked out of the traditional media system.
This merger would create a media powerhouse unlike anything we've ever seen before. AT&T would control mobile and wired internet access, cable channels, movie franchises, a film studio and more.
That means AT&T would control internet access for hundreds of millions of people and the content they view, enabling it to prioritize its own offerings and use sneaky tricks to undermine Net Neutrality.
This merger would give one bad company way too much power.
Urge policymakers to block the AT&T/Time Warner merger.
Let's send a strong message from day one to whoever will be in charge in Washington next year. Massive mergers like this — and the billions of dollars they waste — never work out for the rest of us. We need to draw the line here.
Thanks for all that you do—
Candace, Craig, Matt, Joe and the rest of the Free Press team
P.S. Don't let AT&T become even more powerful than it already is: Tell policymakers to stop this deal today.
Maybe cops don't mind being seen as disgustingly racist...maybe Donald Trump's bigotry really does represent their values

CREDO action
Tell the Fraternal Order of Police: Disavow Trump
The petition to Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police reads:
“Rescind your endorsement of Donald Trump.”
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
We lose more than $100 billion a year in taxes due to profits being shifted offshore by U.S. multinational corporations.[1] Most of those profits end up in tax havens. That means the lost tax revenue isn’t here to rebuild roads and bridges, educate our children, research new medical cures and so much more.
We can achieve an important victory that would require U.S. corporations to disclose the amount of profits they have stashed in tax havens and the amount of taxes owed on those profits.
Right now, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which regulates all U.S. corporations, has given you – the public – until next Wednesday, November 2, to submit comments about their proposed corporate disclosure rule.
We need to make sure that rule requires giant multinational corporations to tell us how much in profits they have stashed offshore, where they are and how much is owed in U.S. taxes.
Click here to submit a comment to the SEC in support of more transparency that holds multinational corporations accountable. We deserve to know if they use tax havens to stash profits offshore and dodge taxes.
Without this improved transparency, corporations will be free to continue their massive use of tax havens. And such corporate tax dodging means you and I are forced to pick up their tab.
If this rule gets approved, for the first time it would provide true transparency about this massive tax-dodging scheme. And that will provide momentum to end the use of these offshore tax loopholes once and for all.

Please, click here to submit a comment to the SEC in support of the proposed rule requiring U.S. corporations to disclose their use of offshore tax havens.
We will deliver all your comments to the SEC by Wednesday, November 2.
Together we are demanding that corporations pay what they owe in taxes. And when they do, we’ll be able to invest in critical services here at home.
Thank you,
Frank Clemente
Executive Director

[1] Kimberly A. Clausing, Washington Center for Equitable Growth, “Profit shifting and U.S. corporate tax policy reform” (May 2016).
From UltraViolet--Judge John McKeon sentences man to only 43 days in jail for repeatedly raping his 12-yr-old daughter...WTF?!??!??

A man from Montana repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter, and Judge John McKeon sentenced him to only 43 days in jail.1

The rapist pleaded guilty to repeatedly assaulting his daughter, and the prosecution recommended a 25-year sentence but Judge McKeon completely ignored that recommendation.2 Instead, he sent a message that this kind of sexual abuse can happen with impunity.

McKeon is about to retire in less than 30 days, and he'll leave the bench with a generous pension--unless we speak out. We can make sure he doesn't profit from this horrific decision by demanding he doesn't receive a government pension.

Pressure from UltraViolet members has worked in cases like this before. After Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Brock Turner to nearly no time in the Stanford rape case, we forced him to stop hearing criminal cases.3 In Montana, UltraViolet members spoke out and forced another rape-apologist judge into early retirement.4 We can put pressure on the Montana Judicial Standards Commission to kick this judge off the bench and ensure he doesn’t get to collect retirement from taxpayers. Can you add your name?

Tell the Montana Judicial Standards Commission: "Kick Judge John McKeon off the bench without his pension."
Sign the petition

Sadly, this isn't an isolated case--only 3% of rapists face jail time. It is no surprise that less than 50% of rapes are reported.5 Judges like McKeon make this problem worse. That's why he has to go.

The impeachment effort is being led by a group that formed around this case, Justice4Montana. Their main goal is to prevent Judge McKeon from collecting retirement.6

If we do nothing, Judge McKeon will retire in less than 30 days with a comfortable pension from the state. We need to speak out now so he has to answer for this failure of justice.

Will you demand the Montana Judicial Standards Commission impeach Judge McKeon?

--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, Emma, PaKou, and Pilar, the UltraViolet team


1.  Father who ‘repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter’ gets 60-day sentence. Fury erupts., Washington Post, October 19, 2016
2.  Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing, NPR, October 20, 2016
3.  Brock Turner judge to no longer hear criminal cases, CNN, August 25, 2016
4.  Montana judge to retire this year, sparked controversy with short rape sentence, CNN, January 8, 2014
5.  The Criminal Justice System: Statistics, RAINN
6.  Montana Judge Targeted For Impeachment For 60-Day Incest Rape Sentence, Huffington Post, October 21, 2016
From CPD Action--STOP the CEO bonus loophole NOW!

From: Brian Kettenring, CPD Action
Date: October 13, 2016
Subject: Close the CEO bonus tax loophole

Dear friend

Last week, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf announced his resignation after he and the bank faced months of scrutiny for opening nearly 2 million fraudulent bank accounts. Stumpf’s punishment for resigning amid a major scandal? Oh, just $124 million in walkaway money.

Just a month ago, Stumpf did the unthinkable: he aligned Republicans and Democrats in their disdain for his leadership of Wells Fargo. Over two separate testimonies. Elizabeth Warren even called for Stumpf’s “gutless leadership” to be criminally investigated.

This community has been integral in keeping the pressure up on big banks for years. We appreciate your support and ask you to keep the pressure mounting – tell the Senate to end the performance pay loophole so many Wall Street executives utilize.

The “performance pay” tax loophole allows corporations to deduct executives’ “performance” bonuses from their taxes. At the height of Wells Fargo's most recent scandal from 2012 and 2015, Stumpf received nearly $155 million in tax-deductible performance pay. That means taxpayers paid nearly $54 million of Stumpf’s compensation when his company was defrauding millions of customers.

Stumpf isn’t alone. After the financial crisis and bank bailouts in 2008, financial institutions like Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and more gave themselves nearly $20 billion in bonuses.

Join CPD Action and our friends Americans for Tax Fairness to demand the end of 'performance pay' loopholes now and pass the Stop Subsidizing Multimillion Dollar Corporate Bonuses Act (S. 1127).

The legislation, introduced by Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), would cap 'performance pay' tax deductability at $1 million for every employee. Closing the CEO performance pay loophole would save taxpayers nearly $50 billion over 10 years, according to Congress' Joint Tax Committee. Lastly, closing the loophole would discourage the reckless, risky behavior that led to our financial crisis in the first place. Sign our petition to close the “performance pay” loophole for good.

In solidarity,

Brian Kettenring
Co-Executive Director


It is dangerous for a handful of billionaire-owned companies to consolidate to the point where our media (and content) is owned and controlled by a select few, while discouraging competition and raising rates on consumers.

Already, 90 percent of the channels—from HBO to ESPN to MSNBC—are controlled by the same six networks.

And now, AT&T and Time Warner are proposing a $85.4 billion merger that I fear will increase costs for consumers, reduce choice and competition, threaten net neutrality, and risk union jobs and wages for thousands of employees.

The only people that benefit from this deal are the shareholders and CEOs who always have the most to gain by these kinds of massive mergers.

Bigger is not always better. Further consolidation of the media could hurt millions of American consumers, which is why I’m asking:

This deal would place too much power in the hands of a powerful few and leave the American people with limited choices. It’s very concerning.

AT&T is already first in the nation as a provider of pay TV—thanks to their 2015 acquisition of DirecTV—and it is the second-largest wireless company and third-largest broadband provider in the country, per The Los Angeles Times.

That means this merger will put their competitors at an unfair disadvantage in the market because they can favor content they own. That is anti-competitive—and will hurt consumers, as well as start-up content providers, who have historically been the ones hurt by such monopolies.

Both Republicans and Democrats—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—have expressed concerns about this merger.

This is not a partisan issue. It never should be when it comes to protecting consumers. But we know that special interest groups and lobbyists will be descending upon Washington to ensure this merger succeeds, which is why it is important we start mobilizing and putting the pressure on the FCC and Justice Department now—before it’s too late.

We should always look to support innovation in business, but another consolidation of media conglomerates where big business wins and the American people lose is the last thing we need in a system that is increasingly stacked against consumers.




  During my time in the courts, domestic violences cases were some of the toughest I experienced.
Victims frequently struggle to afford a lawyer, and for civil matters like restraining orders, you don't have a right to free representation.
That means that survivors are forced to stand alone in court, often facing an abuser who can afford to pay someone to plead his case.
October is Domestic Violence Month. It's time for us to speak out against a culture that too often turns a blind eye to this kind of abuse.
In Congress, I'm fighting to provide equal footing in our justice system for survivors. Because right now we're not doing enough. Join me and let’s spread awareness, demand a balanced justice system, and pass laws that protect victims.
Thank you for standing with me.
From Emily Cain via Dianne Russell--Help take back the House and put Bernie Sanders in as chair of the Senate Budget Committee!

Donald Trump is imploding. Paul Ryan is freaking out that Bernie Sanders could become chair of the Senate Budget Committee.

And now there's even talk that Republicans could lose the House of Representatives.

But control of the House of Representatives will be decided by just a few key districts, and one of the most important is Maine's 2nd Congressional district, where my friend Emily Cain is running against Bruce Poliquin, Wall Street's favorite Republican.

Will chip in to help Emily win this key district and take back the House of Representatives?

A month ago, polls showed Emily down by 5-10 points. But the race has completely changed in the last few weeks, and now we're getting polls showing Emily tied or even pulling ahead.

The reason is clear: Voters are sick and tired of Republican obstruction, and Bruce Poliquin is a classic example of why Washington is broken.

Political experts list this race as one of the very closest and most important in the country, and your donation can put Emily over the top. Will you you chip in today?

Yes, I'll chip in to help Emily win this key district and take back the House of Representatives.

Thank you,

Rep. Diane Russell
2011 "Most Valuable State Legislator," The Nation magazine

CREDO action
#NoDAPL: Native Americans and our Constitution are under assault
The petition to North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and the U.S. Department of Justice reads:
"Journalism and activism are not crimes. Ensure that journalists can exercise their constitutional rights to do their jobs without fear of government intimidation or prosecution. Uphold the rights of Native Americans and their allies to peacefully resist the Dakota Access pipeline without threat of violence."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
From Daily Kos--Please chip in $8.00 to keep the White House blue and flip the Senate and the House blue!

We're two weeks out from Election Day, and Democrats have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run the table—and make history.

  • Hillary Clinton is poised to win the White House in what could be an Electoral College landslide, making her the first woman president
  • Democrats have a good shot to take back the Senate, giving Hillary the votes she needs to confirm her pick to replace Antonin Scalia and create the first liberal Supreme Court majority in a generation
  • Even the House—so expertly gerrymandered by Republicans after the 2010 wave election—is in play, with President Obama and Hillary Clinton launching major new offensives to return Nancy Pelosi to the speaker's chair, an upset that could make the entire Democratic Party platform possible
It's two weeks from Election Day. We can't leave anything to chance.

Can you chip in $1 to each of our eight endorsed candidates to help Get Out The Vote in must-win races for House and Senate?

Keep fighting,
Michael Langenmayr, Daily Kos
...proving yet again
that Republicans have

Democracy Now!


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Friends, read the headlines below: we've averaged 400 PPM carbon dioxide levels. At the rate we're going, corporate greed--aided and abetted by the likes of Donald John Trump--will destroy us all. Please get out there and vote blue down the line! It's the only hope we all have if we want to hand a livable planet to our children and their children.
-- Dot Calm's shadow


Legendary civil rights and antiwar activist Tom Hayden died Sunday in Santa Monica, California, after a lengthy illness. He was 76 years old. Hayden spent decades shaping ... Read More →

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From the no-duh department,
Limbo lower now...
How low
can you go?

Daily Kos
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  • Millennial voters are key at defeating Donald Trump, and NextGen Climate Change has a way to reach them in swing states. Click here to volunteer to make phone calls, texts and other ways to help out.
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  • No matter where you live, sign up with MoveOn to call voters in swing states from the comfort of your home. Get out the vote and take nothing for granted!
  • Can't help get out the vote today? Chip in $3 to the Daily Kos Get Out The Vote Fund instead, and us help get Democrats to the polls.

  • Newt Gingrich goes berserk when Fox News Megyn Kelly referred to Trump as a sexual predator
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  • Trump's ghostwriter breaks down what is happening to Trump: 'He's a little boy desperate for love'
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  • 'The largest iceberg in decades broke free from a North American glacier—and no one noticed.'
  • Florida Latinos boo Marco Rubio off the stage: He's a 'freaking sellout'
  • Josh Marshall sees hints of a coming deluge
  • 'The largest iceberg in decades broke free from a North American glacier – and no one noticed.'
  • Watch Donald Trump whip his crowd into an angry mob and turn them on the media at his rally
  • Want to help turn out voters but you don’t want to make phone calls? Click here to volunteer for the MoveOn textbanking team, and help turnout swing state voters by sending texts.
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  • Early voting roundup: Democrats erase GOP advantage in Florida
  • What's good news at Fox News? Fewer black people voting
  • Trump is using campaign funds to make royalties from sales of book he didn't write
  • Donald Trump is tanking the Republican Party so hard the he could put the House in the play. Chip in $1 to Democrats running in must-win districts to take back the House.
  • Let's cry a river for the Republican women pundits suddenly discovering their party is sexist
  • How is Trump affecting children? A teacher's union polled members and the results are devastating
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  • I Am One of the Faceless Women
  • Cops jail 141 in ND: Even more 'water protectors' step up to the frontline, citing 1851 treaty
  • Damn those dress codes! Young feminists are taking a stand
  • Police, armed with Taser, shoot and kill 66-year-old Bronx woman instead
  • Hillary Clinton gives the single most complete defense of Roe v. Wade in recent memory
  • 94-year-old Ohio judge releases the most comprehensive and blistering attack on voter suppression
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  • Lung cancer and mesothelioma links be damned, Donald Trump thinks asbestos scare is a conspiracy
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  • Trump's campaign manager says he's too busy to sue those women, will do it later
  • Trump collected $17 million in claims after a hurricane, staff remembers only slight damage
  • Kellyanne Conway tells hilarious lie about Trump wanting another debate
  • Donald Trump says people are taking his threats to bring down America too seriously
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  • It'd be easier to list the groups Trump does NOT think are conspiring against him
  • Thumbs up to Cleveland for going to the World Series, but send that f'n Chief Wahoo to oblivion
  • This is an exciting year to be a woman
  • Clinton's plan to win big, Trump's silly Facebook show and more
    I knew that st00pit beard was gonna git him:
    ...Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

    By Kali Holloway, AlterNet
    Protesters spurn retailers who continue to carry the Trump daughter's clothes. READ MORE»

    By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
    "Hillary's a wonderful woman, a great wife and a great senator," Trump said in a 2008 interview. READ MORE»

    By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
    Trump and the Republican base are perfectly suited—psychological misfits, unable to face a changing society. READ MORE»

    By Dahr Jamail, Truthout
    War games in U.S. waters release toxic chemicals that are harmful to both humans and wildlife. READ MORE»

    By Kali Holloway, AlterNet
    Pot, meet kettle. READ MORE»

    By Greg Mitchell, AlterNet
    From Israel to Italy, physical manifestations of hate are a troubling worldwide trend. READ MORE»

    By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
    "Do I still have to pay you?"  READ MORE»

    By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story
    Keep calm and vote on! READ MORE»

    By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
    "We can't see the back of the sign. Maybe it says 'Might Exist Somewhere.'"  READ MORE»

    By Brian McFadden, AlterNet
    It's not fair. READ MORE»

    By Peter Wadhams, Yale Environment 360
    The monumental loss of sea ice is triggering a cascade of effects that could destabilize the global climate system.  READ MORE»
    By Adele M. Stan, AlterNet
    Trump rallies well-heeled Southerners and dispossessed Rust-Belters with promises of past glory—and lots of misogyny. READ MORE»

    By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
    Major efforts beyond races for president and Congress. READ MORE»

    By Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
    The “Muslims Have Rights” campaign is using media and satire to call attention to institutionalized Islamophobia. READ MORE»

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    Impromptu poll-watchers, "lock her up" and NRA fantasies of "post-freedom America" point toward possible violence. READ MORE»

    By Randy Kluver, Robert Hinck, Skye Cooley, The Conversation
    While the research is ongoing and we can’t adequately present all points of view, it is possible to discern clear trends in the coverage. READ MORE»

    By Kylie Cheung, The Frisky
    A Trump presidency should also make parents fear the sort of men their sons would become.  READ MORE»

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    Even terrible costumes can cost a pretty penny.  READ MORE»

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    Cycling is great exercise, but it might have some undesirable side effects. READ MORE»

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    Predictive policing is being touted as the big thing. Here's why it's deeply flawed. READ MORE»

    By Lyn Mikel Brown, Beacon Press
    This false narrative gives us reason to believe in a system that rewards self-reliance and the illusion that the deserving just worked a little harder. READ MORE»

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    The agency's advisory panel meetings were postponed following intense lobbying by Big Ag industry, including Monsanto. READ MORE»

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    Donald Trump won't go down without a fight. Neither will his supporters. READ MORE»

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    "I assume someday, sometime, somebody will read this email." READ MORE»

    By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet
    Thiel says his 1995 manifesto against political correctness includes "several insensitive, crudely argued statements." READ MORE»

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    The Clinton surrogate turned Trump's infamous debate remark against the GOP nominee in the best way possible.  READ MORE»

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    By Matt Bors, AlterNet
    Hint: It's not for the fame and glory. READ MORE»

    By Phillip Smith, AlterNet
    Maine's governor wanted to sway people to vote against the state's pot legalization initiative, but he may have achieved the opposite.  READ MORE»

    By Paul Brown, Climate News Network
    Allegations that fracking contaminates water supplies and creates small earthquakes have led to a backlash in local communities across the world. READ MORE»
    By Kali Holloway, AlterNet
    The Donald chokes whenever he gets near race.  READ MORE»

    By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet
    At a Trump rally in suburban Pennsylvania, the media is enemy number one. READ MORE»

    By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet
    Common desktop items like keyboards and mice may be teeming with harmful bacteria. READ MORE»

    By Tana Ganeva, AlterNet
    The billionaire mogul has turned his attention to keeping pot illegal, even as 60 percent of Americans support legalization.  READ MORE»

    By G. Pascal Zachary, AlterNet
    Hayden, dead at 76, was a master strategist, a brilliant speaker, and a long-distance runner for change. READ MORE»

    By Heather Digby Parton, Salon
    Yes, Trump has been finally been undone by his own vileness. But don't overlook the woman who's kicking his butt. READ MORE»

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    This is not what was intended when more democracy was given to the voters. READ MORE»

    By Jenny Santi, Tarcher/Penguin
    Those who reported at least 200 hours of volunteer work per year were 40 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure. READ MORE»

    By Brendan Gauthier, Salon
    "Some towns have been devastated," Oliver warned.  READ MORE»

    By Robin Scher, AlterNet
    Americans use 500 million plastic straws every single day. READ MORE»

    By Barry Yeoman, The American Prospect
    With the state’s demographics and political makeup shifting, backlash against anti-LGBT law may help send Democrat Roy Cooper to the governor's office.  READ MORE»

    By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet
    "The Uncondemned" documents prosecution resulting from the 1994 Rwandan genocide. READ MORE»

    By Jamie Budnick, The Conversation
    Why is no one studying "sexual friendships" among women previously ignored, like single moms? READ MORE»

    By Steven Kinsey, Divya Ramesh, The Conversation
    On Nov. 8, Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota will vote on medical marijuana. READ MORE»
    Catholic dogma KILLS women.
    Samantha Bee points a finger
    at Catholic hospitals
    and tells it like it is:
    "How can our suffering and danger mean so little to you? Modern obstetric medicine is a miracle. It’s the reason that women in developed countries don’t have to choose between having children and staying alive. A miscarriage is already the worst day of a woman’s life. And in a Catholic healthcare network, it could also be her last. And maybe that’s ok with you, but do you really want to spend eternity explaining yourself to her?"
    scroll down to see the video.


    Interested in seeing the best anti-Trump ads? All each one does is quote Donald Trump himself! They are actually worth watching just to review everything the debauched orange douchebag has said and done--and how it's affecting our children. Like my precious nieces. What an awful lesson for them that the Republican candidate their parents support sees them as nothing more than a couple pieces of meat, worth only whatever of male sexual attention, unwanted or otherwise, their attractiveness can get them.

    Here's the ad with Khizr Khan. It's very moving.

    "Anti-lobbyist" Donald Trump WAS a registered lobbyist himself! Yet another stunning piece of hypocrisy from the crooked lying liar himself: Donald John Trump!

    Keith Olbermann on why we all HAVE to vote for Hillary for our own safety and for the continued existence of the United States of America. Friends, this is NOT a joke.

    ...or, as Tea Party Christians like to say, as if she were a Christian beheaded by Muslims

    Trevor Noah's take on the last debate. Isn't it funny that, although Trump and the rest of the Republicans hate Muslims with a seething passion, Trump invited Muslim Malik Obama--once the favorite target of right-wing conspiracists--to, what, unnerve Hillary...? Um, maybe someone shoulda told Donsie Wonsie that Malik Obama is not Hillary's half-brother! Hey, Tea Party Christians--tell me again exactly why Hillary was supposed to care...?

    Randi Rhodes--Donald Trump has ZERO chance of winning

    Randi Rhodes--Donald Trump's suicide mission at the Al Smith Catholic charity dinner. Randi hypothesizes that teh Dumbald wasn't sufficiently satisfied that he murdered his campaign during the third debate, so he took to stabbing it again and again and again--like Norman from Psycho--at the Al Smith dinner.... That's important because, again, it illustrates Donald Trump's lack of character, but this video is even more important for illustrating exactly how DONALD JOHN TRUMP INTENDS TO RIG THIS ELECTION! This is a MUST SEE video!

    Randi Rhodes--Donald Trump is oh so scared of being the LOSER he is

    Our police don't just kill Blacks--they kill Native Americans, too, and at higher per capita rates even than Blacks. Remember when Saint Ronbo Raygun shut down all the mental facilities because he wanted to give the money to the rich people instead? Well, this is what happened--our police have become untrained, unprepared mental health first responders, so when called upon for wellness checks or other support for the mentally ill, police shoot them instead! In this case, it was a twofer--the cops not only killed the woman but also her precious little fetus. I'm sure Republicans are up in arms...not.

    Speaking of fetuses, the Catholic Church doesn't really care about their suffering any more than it cares about the suffering of those annoying talking breeder livestock women. All the Church cares about is extending that suffering as long as possible under the pretense of not interfering because, just like Monster Teresa, they know that suffering is godly and good, but alleviating suffering goes against God's will--especially when you have a free pass to punish women, whom you blame for your being stuck here on earth in the first place. Apparently, only Eve ate the apple.

    'Til next time, check out these great channels:
    ...or, if you just want something mindless and fun, try Tested
    Kellyanne Conway says
    Donald Trump wants another debate,
    so why not let Donald Trump
    debate himself?
    ...Don't say I never did nuthin' fer ye,
    Donnie boi!