Monday, May 28, 2018

On this Memorial Day, what I want to know is Where Are The Children

On this Memorial Day, my thoughts are not with those who died in military service but with some ~1,500 of the hopefully still living.

My dad and I have already started our phone campaign of calling this list of numbers every day until the children kidnapped by the tRUmp administration are returned and reunited with their parents:

International Human Rights Watch

United Nations Human Rights

Department of Health and Human Services E. Scott Lloyd

Department of Homeland Security

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Dear ones, my dad, who served in the Navy (unlike cadet bone spurs) did not serve so that Nazis in the White House could kidnap the children of legal asylum seekers. Neither did any of my aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, or cousins.

And I haven't had a decades-long career in the Department of Defense so that the government could rip babies away from their mothers' arms and sell them to human traffickers.

Hashtag WhereAreTheChildren

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Coming up for air...!

Treason's greedings, fellow Resisters, Freedom Fighters, Truth Crusaders, Patriots, and Dot Calm readers!

I'm b-a-a-a-a-ack...specifically from a wonderful event that I helped organize and that I attended last weekend. It was glorious. But then I came back to the "real" world...and all the disgusting, horrible news...

Honestly, dear ones, the tRUmp scandals and outrages are coming too thickly and furiously for me to be able to field them into a cogent post here on le blawg. Every day's n00z is like trying to drink from a firehose--impossible.

Each story on its own would have taken down any other president, but, by inundating us daily in one scandal worse than the previous one ten minutes ago, they are making it impossible for us to focus on any one of them.

That, of course, is the point.

But I won't forget about any of them. I won't forget about Niger, aka tRUmp's worse-than-Benghazi. I won't forget about Puerto Rico, aka tRUmp's worse-than-Katrina. I won't forget about tRUmp's daily emoluments, glad-handing OUR national secrets to the Russian enemy who attacked us, spending OUR tax money like water, lawbreaking and norm-smashing, and violation of his oath of office from the second his face-anus mouthed "I do."

And I won't forget about tRUmp's worse-than-Hitler selling the children of LEGAL asylum seekers to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS.

Democrats need to run on a platform of restoring accountability--getting money out of politics, highlighting the entrenched corruption, and flushing Republican corruption down the Big Jacuzzi.

The House and even the Senate are winnable if Dems care to win them.

The question is whether Dems have the will and the strength to take on the traitors in the GOP.

Tough question, I know.

For decades, I've said that Republicans instigate corruption and grift while Democrats look on in awe, figuring, "Hey, more power to you--if you get away with this, I'll benefit because I'm rich, too."

Dear ones, they're all tainted.
Every one.

But we HAVE to vote straight Democratic--we HAVE to vote straight blue down the line.

If we don't--if we let the repukes keep control of one house of our Congress, we won't have a democracy left to defend any more because they'll finish handing it over to Putin before we get another chance.

Every day that passes gives them more time to entrench their voter suppression and other subversions of our democratic processes.

So, yeah, maybe Democrats aren't perfect.
Maybe they're not "inspiring" or "exciting."

But, yeah--they're all we've got if we still want our democracy to survive.

My advice: pick the least evil of the Dems in your local primaries and then move heaven and earth to get whichever Dem wins your primary--even if it's not your guy or gal--into office.

Just do it.

Friends, we need to make this happen so that we can fucking catch our breath and take on tRUmpence.

Otherwise, we're sunk.

- Dot Calm's shadow

P.S.--don't forget to tune into Dot Calm's shadow's M00bies from the Resistance. Even when I haven't had time to write here, I have been posting videos there. In fact, I'm going to go upload a bunch of vids there once I click "publish" here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Still struggling to catch my breath...

Treason's greedings, fellow Dot Calm readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders -

I'm still trying to catch my breath and get back to blogging now that I've finally got my dad home; I've had some work changes, and I've been going full bore on my volunteer effort--as if I didn't have enough to do--so my plate has been uber-full lately.

Yes, I've still been updating my m00bies page...

...uploading vids from The Resistance--and shooting verbal rubber-bands at the tangerine shitgibbon and the rest of the traitors in the GOP and NRA on Twitter--has been all I've had time for lately, given how overloaded I am.

That said, I can't resist making one little teeny tiny post right here to all our precious friends in Russia...

Dear ones, if only you knew how that rat-bastard Putin is stealing from you.

Day in, day out, you work your asses off, and for what? A pittance? A hole in the wall to live and just enough money to buy just enough vodka to numb the pain until the next morning begins the drudgery all over again?

Putin is the richest man in the world because he's stealing YOUR money...YOUR wealth...YOUR future. He is destroying YOUR planet so that he can pocket a few more rubles today while you and your children and grandchildren wither away and die tomorrow.

But don't believe me...

Just look at my country's Republican party, which is using Putin and his oligarchs as fucking role models.

Look at Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben "Dr. McSleepy" Carson's taxpayer-funded $31,000 dining room table. That's a year's salary for many Americans--in fact, it's more than twice a year's salary if you work the $7.25/hour minimum wage. For 40 hours a week for 52 weeks per year, minimum wage comes to $15,080/year.

Look at Interior Secretary Ryan "stinky" Zinke's taxpayer-funded private jet trips--one trip alone cost over $12,000. And look at his $139,000 door. How on earth does a door even cost that much--is it stuffed with money for insulation?!??

Loot at EPA-destroyer Scott Pruitt's $43,000 "cone of silence" phone booth. It would be "Get Smart" laughable if it weren't such a goddamn waste of OUR money.

Look at Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's $800,000 taxpayer-funded private jet travel, or now-fired Tom Price's $1M private jet travel. These men are supposedly millionaires and billionaires--they should be paying for their own goddamn private jet flights.

And look at tRUmp's and his kids' constant extravagant trips, including tRUmp's weekly $3M golf vacations. How's that swampy drainy thing workin' fer ya, MAGA morons?

This benighted administration is flushing OUR hard-earned money--the money that SHOULD be keeping US alive and well--right down the big Jacuzzi for their own vain, ephemeral little pleasures.

And the administration isn't the only set of grifters--the entire Republican party in Congress is just as bad. tRUmp's excesses have merely turned on the spotlight to show us what all the sleezy, slimy, little cockroaches have been doing when we weren't looking.

And your boy Putin has been doing a lot worse for a lot longer and without any oversight or opposition that he doesn't poison or run over with cars or push out of high-rise building windows or drop off skyscraper balconies.

One evil, vicious, greedy man and his buddies, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, living it up like kings--lording it over you, laughing at you--while you slave away every day trying to make ends meet.

We're wage slaves, all of us--wanting only to earn an honest day's pay, watching our ability to survive and live like decent folk...maybe be able to retire someday...slip away from us because the rich and powerful are yanking it all away to make themselves even richer.

And they're using propaganda to get us to blame the poor, people of color, women, LGBTQ+...anyone but the real culprits.

Don't let them--any of them--get away with it. There are millions more of us than there are of them, and we're all fucking pissed.

Like I've said on Twitter: they think my dad, with his $5,000, is far too wealthy and that they, with their billions, are far too poor.


Sharpen up your pitchforks, folks, and get ready to light your torches--looks like we're going in.

- Dot Calm's shadow

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I FINALLY brought my dad home today--hooray!!!!!

Treason's greedings, dear ones -

I finally brought my dad home from the rehab facility today--finally Finally FINALLY.

Thankfully, he's been coughing a whole lot less--almost none at all today, thank Atheist God. I took him to lunch and to pick up a few groceries to see how he'd do. He's not quite back up to 100%, but he's strong enough to do alright while I'm at work.

To celebrate, I made us some good strong Irish coffee...*hic*.

Today has been a good Good GOOD day.

I hope to be back blawgging soon--once I catch my breath and catch up on some much-needed rest.

- Dot Calm's shadow

P.S.--I just updated with moar m00bies from The Resistance. Break out the popcorn and go watch.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

My dad is better, but...

Treason's greedings, friends -

My dad is feeling better and is getting stronger in the rehab facility--I'm the one who's losing it--but he still has a nasty cough that we're going to have to address once he's strong enough to come home. They're saying it's "chronic," but I've never heard it like this for so long. I think there's an underlying issue that the rehab isn't equipped to handle, and I will bring my dad in to his regular doctor as soon as he's out and I can arrange it.


If you've been visiting, my blawg for videos that's all I've had the energy to update lately, you'll see one from The Young Turks saying that Mueller's 13 Russian indictments actually look good for tRUmp.

Randi Rhodes and I disagree.

Posted here for your comfort and convenience...

Right around 25 minutes in--I didn't record it exactly, so you may have to back up a little--she lists all the reasons tRUmp is guilty of "YES COLLUSION." He did everything in his power to deny and cover up the conspiracy; he fomented it every chance he got (remember "Russia, if you're listening"?); he refused to enact the bipartisan-approved sanctions...every everlovin' thing he's done has strengthened the conspiracy, making him a clear and present co-conspirator.

The one thing that sticks out to me and that I'm shocked the TYT crew didn't mention when they exonerated tRUmp is that no one...NO the tRUmp campaign called the fucking FBI over the course of gawd-knows how many Russian contacts aimed at swinging the election to tRUmp.

Instead, the TYT crew were only to happy to say, yeah, nothing to see here--take this one off your radar.

So, yeah, I love a lot about TYT, and I agree with a lot of what they have to say, but they totally dropped the ball this time, as a lot of the Berners do when it comes to selling our national sovereignty to Putin.

That said...let tRUmp claim whatever he wants. If he thinks the Mueller indictments exonerate him, great--hopefully, it means he'll keep his hands off Mueller's investigation.

That said...I'd love to tweet tRUmp the TYT video...

...and tell him he's safe to let Mueller run his course since even the far left has exonerated him, but my old phone died, and I'm still setting up my new phone, so I can't get onto Twitter just yet--grrrrr!!

Maybe one of you will be a dear and do it for me (please and thank you!)?

Until next time!

- Dot Calm's shadow

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Please cross fingers for my dad, friends!

Dear ones, I haven't blawgged since New Year's because, first, my volunteer activities got in the way; then, the week before MLK Jr Day, my dad's health became an issue.

My beloved dad--my favorite companion and "partner in crime" in political activism--came down with a respiratory infection and a urinary tract infection that brought us to the ER. After the mandatory three-midnight stay in the hospital for antibiotics and to justify Medicare covering his rehab, my dad started doing a lot better medically and was discharged to a rehab facility to get his muscle strength back.

Well, my dad's cough returned with a vengeance yesterday. I suspect he needs another round of antibiotics--the same thing happened to me last winter, but I'm 30 years younger than he is and thus have a more robust immune system. I will try to make everything he needs to have happen happen remotely while I am at work this week, but I'll bear down on these people like a Sherman tank if they don't cooperate haste post haste.

Please cross your fingers for my dad that we can nip this in the bud before we end up back in the hospital and then another 3-4 weeks of fucking rehab. Yes, it's not a break for me because I split my time between work and the rehab. Last time, I lost way too much weight; this time, I am losing way too much sleep. I had to telework Thursday and take Friday off just to finally get three hot meals at home and get enough sleep to be able to drive safely.

Yes, I am worried. But, if I have anything to say about it, my dad will be good as new and home watching Star Trek and Batman and Wonder Woman and Columbo with me in two weeks...after I take him to Outback for a nice, celebratory steak dinner.

After all, it wouldn't do for the folks in all the stores we frequent to have to keep asking how my dad is when they'd rather say hey to him themselves. You might say my dad is rather iconic. Besides, he wants to see Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame do her one-woman show in DC for St. Paddy's Day, and we can't miss that, now can we? πŸ˜Š

- Dot Calm's shadow
P.S.--I have been updating Dot Calm's M00bies from the Resistance in order to keep telling our story even if not in my own words. I screen 'em and put 'em all in one place so you don't have to--such a deal!

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year, dear ones--may 2018 kick the asses of 2015, 2016, and 2017, which all sucked ass!

Treason's greedings and happy new year, dear ones!

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Hopefully, we've all had a good rest (myself included) and are ready to take names, take down, and take no prisoners in the 2018 fight to save America.

Our democracy and our lives are at stake.

Republicans have proven yet again that--not only based on our skin color but also on our wealth--they want us to live like slaves, in poverty and squalor, without even the comforts of modern science and medicine. They want us to live in desperation and hate, attacking each other instead of themselves, whose greed is the root of everything evil in this country today. They want us to forget what it's like to live in a civil society that takes care of its own while welcoming strangers, treating humans and the planet humanely because we recognize that everyone has a part to play and something wonderful to contribute to the welfare of the whole.

They want us to forget what it was like a few short decades ago when the rich paid their fair share--90% of their wages--so that we could have world-class roads, schools, research, and hospitals. They want us to forget what it was like when society honored its contract with its workers, either paying them up front or giving them a pension in the future for wages withheld today...when labor unions and the middle class were strong...when Americans could afford to retire in peace and sufficiency if not plenty, owning their own homes outright...when children were taught the critical thinking and life skills they needed in school to succeed in the workforce as adults...when families could afford the time and money to take summer vacations and long weekends away from home traveling and learning about our land and our world.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I favor repealing Citizens United, reinstating the Fairness Doctrine plus delicensing and other penalties for news media knowingly publishing lies, public-only financing for elections, reinstituting accountability and justice that prosecutes the rich for destroying lives more than it persecutes poor people of color for petty crimes, and reinstating Ike's 90% top tax rate but on all income--not just wages but every penny that crosses the palms of the rich.

You know that I favor confiscating every penny from the rich traitors working to destroy us all--not just American society but the Earth's ability to support human life--from the Kochs to the Mercers to Sheldon Adelson to FOX News to the NRA to every rich Republican sucking Putin's dick (and tRUmp's, if they can find it). We must make a harsh example not of all rich people but of these traitors, who must be punished. That money was stolen from us to mortgage our future, and I dunno about you, but I want it back!

You know that I favor turning the traitors' companies into worker-run co-ops, prosecuting every single traitor for treason, and either hanging them all by the neck until dead per the Constitution or exiling them for life from this country--penniless--and let them see how they do.

And for the rest of the haters and wannabe-killers--those whose crimes haven't yet risen to treason--I favor an internal exchange program in which, for at least one year without pay or benefits, they labor among and help those they condemn and wish (but haven't acted) to kill among us...immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ+, young and poor women, and so on. They must learn sympathy, empathy, compassion, and brotherhood if they are to remain here.

We CAN build a better society out of the ashes they're handing us--we can, and we must for the sake of simple humanity.

Again, let me remind you that there's nothing tRUmp can do that would make the greedy gropey oily oligarch Putinist predatory pedophiles rebuke or act against him in any way--remember, Putin hacked not only the DNC but the RNC, and you can bet that the RNC was drowning in blackmailable filth. Add to that the carrots of cash from Putin, the Mercers, the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, and the NRA, and you have a GOP that's willfully complicit in tRUmp's treason...only too happy to dismantle our once-sovereign nation and turn us into a client state of Russia with 323 million serfs.

In other words, we're on our own.

Saving America is up to us and us alone.

Fortunately, there are MILLIONS of us.

Fortunately, we outnumber the bastards millions to one.

Fortunately, we are up to the task.

Let's roll!

- Dot Calm's shadow

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The GOP voted to kill innocent, hardworking Americans with its tax scam, but Twitter only punishes those who call the GOP out on their murderous schemes

Treason's greedings, fellow Dot Calm readers -

Yesterday, Twitter locked my account for sending the following tweet to Orrin "make the 30-week premies get jobs" Hatch, Susan "no better than Lyin' Ryan" Collins, Bob "wasting my exit platform because I'm a greedy monster" Corker, MASTURBATed Cruz, TURDleman McConnell, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Lisa "fuck Alaska and Alaskans" Murkowski, Jeff "also wasted my exit platform because I'm a greedy monster" Flake, John Cornyn, and Lyin' Ryan:

Drop Dead. I hope you die before your time without even the comfort of a doctor by your side. That's what you voted last night for my dad, my bestie, my cousin the special ed teacher, & tens of millions of innocent hardworking Americans.

hashtag TaxScamBill, GOPtaxScam

I've already tweeted about this:

I guess it's a good thing that Jack and Twitter don't realize that we can blawg and publish their bad behavior whether they like it or not.


On a happier note, my dad wanted to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so we went to one of those fancy theaters that brings really good food right to your seat, and we saw the m00bie in 3D--a first for both of us. Amazing m00bie--see it if you haven't already. Very uplifting, compared to Rogue "Everybody Dies" One. I love that Mark Hamill is One of Us both on-screen and off--yay!

Happy New Year--and Happy Resisting!

- Dot Calm's shadow

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Dot Calm's dad's birthday (aka Boxing Day, aka Feast of Stephen)

Hope you've got Torrone today!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays to my dear ones in The Resistance & The Offensive

Treason's greedings, dear ones.

I just want to wish each and every one of you a Merry ChriFSMas and Happy New Year. πŸ’–

Yes, we are having pasta today, as we do every ChriFSMas--He Boiled For Our Sins, doncha gno.

October through Christmas is a difficult time for me with the passing of Dot Calm. Yet, somehow, introvert that I am, I managed to do all the cooking for my dad, make all the family phone calls, and send all the electronic greeting cards and obligatory gift certificates to le nieces and nephews.

And my dad roped me, happy atheist though I am, into going to church not once but twice yesterday--boo. There's, like, three hours of my life I'll never get back.

I think I've had enough fun for the day. 😐

Here's hoping that, as Randi Rhodes believes, 2018 will be a much better year for all of us in The Resistance (2017) and The Offensive (2018).

As Randi points out, 2017 could have been much MUCH worse for us--the greedy gropey oily oligarch Putinist predatory pedophiles could have repealed the New Deal singlehandedly by privatizing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid--the only thing that saved us was their own and Putin's cock holster's incompetence.

And, for this, we must needs be grateful.


Tomorrow, my dad wants to see The Last Jedi in 3D--turns out neither of us has ever seen a 3D m00bie.

I hope you and yours have something equally new and fun to look forward to.

- Dot Calm's shadow

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dot Calm. I'm grateful for your sake you were spared all this shit, but, nonetheless, I miss you more than ever.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It's official: the Republicans are worse than Hitler.

20 December 2017 update: the Republicans in the Senate passed the tax scam bill last night, so if you're going to call Republicans in the Senate, go right ahead and call all the bastards and chew their monstrous asses out. Seriously--WTF are we supposed to do? Do I gamble on my dad staying healthy and out of the hospital until we get Democrats back into power to repeal this piece-of-shit bill, which cuts Medicare in 2018? Do I gamble that Republicans and their owner Putin actually let us have elections? Or do I pull the trigger on the incredibly disruptive and expensive process of expatriating my dad and myself to save his life and my sanity? ...They're playing fucking Christmas music on the radio right now. I'd like to take that radio and ram it down the throats of every Republican bastard who voted for this piece-of-shit bill.

Treason's greedings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

Can you tell I've been under the gun lately?
Sorry, loves, but I've been spread too thin among work-work, volunteer-work, and taking care of my dad to give this blawg the effort it deserves
On top of that, I am soooo not in a fucking holiday mood this year... 
Gee, could it be because the fucking goddamned Republicans keep threatening to kill my dad and steal our money to give to the lazy, entitled, idle, rich bastards who neither need nor deserve it?
It dawned on me early this morning that the Republicans are worse than Hitler:
  • Hitler never committed genocide against his own people for mere money, as the Republicans intend to do.
  • Hitler never sold out Germany's sovereignty, as the Republicans sold ours out to PEWtin.

The status on the tax scam bill is that the House passed it (!) today, but they fucked up--as usual, Republicans prove that they're incapable of governing--and broke a number of procedural rules with todaze vote to kill tens of millions of innocent, hard-working Americans.

This means that the House will redo the vote tomorrow--Wednesday.

This means that we have one more chance to try to flip Republicans in the House.

I know it's a tall order because Republicans are like carrion vultures--the more heinous, repulsive, and vile a bill is, the more irresistible it is to them.

And this piece-of-shit bill is a LULU.

If you imagine taking all the worst bits of both bills and smashing them together with Satan's own piss and shit from his worst hangover ever, you might almost have an idea of how heinous and deadly the bill is for ordinary Americans and how lavish it is for the corrupt Republicans in Congress--who can't resist enriching themselves while enriching their donors at our expense. Not only will this bill grossly increase the income gap, it's also guaranteed to crash the economy, just like w's tax cuts and repeals of consumer protections did. So get ready to pay more for less in preparation for losing your health insurance, your house, your retirement, and your job. And, if you're a woman, you'd better get you a Handmaid's cloak--Wal-Mart has them for only $11.99 because you'd fucking better save every penny you can wherever you can--because you can kiss your right to determine what happens to your own body goodbye.

New York Magazine: The Trump Tax Cuts Just Got Even More Skewed to the Rich
...80% of the money goes to the top income bracket--those who need it the least--while the poorest and most vulnerable get hit with higher taxes and reduced benefits.

So, please, friends,, e-mail, and fax the bastards like your life depends on it BECAUSE IT DOES...hound the bastards like I do...hound the bastards like my dad does.

Don't let up--give the bastards hell!!!!!

Atheist God knows they deserve it--they've been giving us hell from the moment they decided to stop working with Democrats when Bill Clinton got into office.

As I keep tweeting to the bastards, my dad paid into Medicare and Social Security his whole career; he earned the benefits he needs now that the Republicans want to steal and give to the rich. My dad's life is worth more than expensive, useless trinkets for the rich. Dear ones, your lives--all of our lives--are worth more, too.

We all deserve better than this.

- Dot Calm's shadow

(If you value my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon--thank you!)
If thoughts and prayers are so effective,
let's give the rich
thoughts and prayers
instead of tax cuts
and let's give the ammosexuals
thoughts and prayers
instead of guns.
-- Dot Calm's shadow

If you can stomach a quick 'n' dirty tally of each fresh new hell we find ourselves in with Putin's cock holster squatting in the White House (eww!), don't forget to check out What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

And if you prefer to watch your n00z and analysis in carefully pre-screened nuggets on YouTube, check out my videos page--Dot Calm's shadow's M00bies from The Resistance.


Contact Congress and give the bastards a piece of your mind!

E-MAIL your own members of Congress and be counted (by law):

Click to get started

FAX your own members of Congress; fax your own governor; fax tRUmp himself (my newest toy, bwahahahaha!!!!!); and use "Letter2editor" to send a letter to your local paper:

Text "Resist" to 50409 

and then


First, call your own senators, be they Republican or Democrat. Give a brief account of how the bill will affect you and your family.

Next, e-mail everyone on this handy triage list using the e-mail web forms in the "contact" links below--give the bastards a real piece of your mind:
  • John McCain--he's in the hospital recovering from side effects of his Cadillac health care plan-provided, taxpayer-funded chemo
  • Susan Collins
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Jeff Flake
  • Shelley Moore Capito
  • Bob Corker (use his e-mail link--the phone doesn't work)
  • Rob Portman
  • Ron Johnson
If you insist on calling not-your-own senators, just leave a quick "I'm calling because what you do affects us all, so PLEASE VOTE NO on the Republican tax bill" message with your name, city, state, and zip code--again, don't tie up the phone lines for constituents trying to call.

Republican Senators

This is a list of all current Republican U.S. Senators (52 total):

If you want numbers for all of the senators, click here for Daily Kos's directory.

If you want numbers for all of the representatives, click here for the House's directory.

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