Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Donald NAZI tRUmp, aka this fucking guy...!

Greetings, fellow Dot Calm Readers, Freedom Fighters, and Truth Crusaders!

So, friends...

There I was this morning...puzzling over how to introduce le blawg this evening...toying with the idea of describing, analyzing, and denouncing the...ahem..."fluidity" of Republican "reality"...

...a-a-a-a-and then, this afternoon in the break room at work, I caught part of tRUmp's "press conference"

...the now-infamous 15 August 2017 performance in which tRUmp blamed the unarmed anti-Nazi, anti-racist protestors--tarring them with the epithet "alt-left"--and standing up a false equivalency between those fighting against violence, oppression, and bigotry and those fighting for those evils.

satan Ban'em himself must've wept with delight.

But what is tRUmp really saying here?

Let's consider the top 10:

1. tRUmp told his Nazi, confederate, fascist base he didn't mean a word of that nopology hostage video he was forced to shoot yesterday.

2. tRUmp told his precious, beloved Ivanka, "Fuck you and your children." He told his favorite son [sic] Jared, "Fuck you, too."

3. tRUmp told the world he'd rather kiss PEWtin's fascist, Nazi ass and the pasty, cellulite-laden white asses of American Nazis, fascists, and confederates than stand up for his own favorite daughter and her family.

4. tRUmp sided against his own daughter and her family in favor of those in this country--strangers he's never met and may never meet--who'd gladly murder them if given half a chance.

5. tRUmp equated those who want to stop the murder of unarmed Blacks with those who want to go back to owning Blacks as chattel property.

6. tRUmp equated peaceful, non-violent counter-protestors with gun-and-torch-toting confederates and Nazis.

7. tRUmp equated those who were beaten and injured with those doing the beating and injuring.

8. tRUmp equated the murdered with the murderer.

9. tRUmp equated those who fought for this country with those who fought to destroy it.

10. tRUmp equated the traitors of the confederacy with the patriots who stood up for the founding of this nation based on Enlightenment values.

But wait--there's moar...

11. tRUmp equated terrorists with those who fight terrorism because they're regularly victimized by terrorists.

12. tRUmp called Nazis and confederates "very fine people."

Um, excuse me, but America fought a fucking civil war because the slave-owning confederates were NOT "very fine people." Nor were they patriots. They were TRAITORS--hence the confederate FLAG.

And America fought a fucking world war because the Jew-murdering Nazis were NOT "very fine people."

Dot Calm's favorite uncle--the apple of her grandparents' eyes--was a Marine in WW II. He fought the Nazis. And he fought the Japanese in "hand-to-hand" combat...which means with a bayonet...and the violence turned his mind. When he came back from the war, he went into the police force because he'd gotten so used to the violence. And he coped...until, one fine day, he put the service revolver into his mouth and pulled the trigger--the first time of many in Dot Calm's life in which a gun took the life of someone she knew and loved.

My friend's dad fought in WW II. Like Dot Calm's uncle, this gentleman was a Marine who fought Nazis, who fought the Japanese, who fought with bayonets, and whose mind snapped from the violence. My friend's dad was luckier, if you want to call it that. After countless times chasing his family around the house with a kitchen knife, they packed him off to live with caretakers who stole his every last penny--what should have been inheritance money for my friend, his siblings, and their children. After that, in a rare moment of lucidity, he asked his wife to put him into the VA home because he realized he couldn't manage himself or his money. He survived to a ripe old age, but he was basically a prisoner--he couldn't leave the VA facility on his own because his paranoid schizophrenia made him a danger to himself and others, so there he stayed until my friend or one of his sisters could come take him out to church or a nice meal at a local restaurant.

These men and thousands of others like them didn't fight the fucking Nazis just so that tRUmp could coddle and cuddle up to Nazis today, in 2017 America, where he's already emboldened them to spill innocent blood.

Every single one of tRUmp's statements and equivalencies is as false as tRUmp's hair and his ugly orange spray "tan."

Every single one of tRUmp's false statements and equivalencies is Not Even Wrong--just like tRUmp is about...well...everything.

The battle line has been drawn, friends.

As a nation, we have crossed a point of no return.

tRUmp has threatened nuclear war and undone 150 years of civil and human rights in less than a week.

Until we can organize a

to restore to Hillary what PEWtin and the Republicans stole from her, it's time to call, Resistbot, and hang out in our elected officials' offices and


tRUmp is an imminent danger to this nation and to everyone in it.

tRUmp is an imminent danger to the world and to human civilization itself.

We have to do more than resist--we have to put our collective foot down and stop cooperating.

Don't tolerate milquetoast Democrats like Mark Warner who lavish praise on tRUmp nopologies.

Don't praise "concerned" Republicans who finally speak the right words today without swift and decisive action tomorrow.

Call, fax, stand over your Republican officials' desks and breathe down their necks  (hopefully with garlic breath) until they IMPEACH AND REMOVE tRUmp!!!!!

Get out in the streets early and often--yell and  scream and chant and bang those pots and pans, but keep it non-violent lest tRUmp find an excuse to pull martial law.

And don't forget to boycott any and every company and corporation that supports him--and be sure to tell them WHY!

For as filthy, dangerous, and bigoted of an ideologue as Mike Pence is, he won't threaten nuclear war over Twitter; he won't blab top secret information; and he won't be in office forever--just until Mueller gets him.

And then, let's fight like hell to restore the stolen property of the Presidency and Merrick Garland's SCOTUS seat to their rightful owners.

If you cheat, you DON'T get to keep the fucking trophy!!!!!


CNN fired Jeffrey Lord for tweeting
"Sieg Heil!"
They promptly considered hiring
Bill O'Reilly in his place.
Who next, I tweeted--Roger Ailes?

Choo choo time headlines

The Daily Beast: Manafort Alerted Authorities to Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting

USA Today: 52% of Republicans would support postponing 2020 election: poll
...Friends, we MUST press the GOP to impeach and remove tRUmp BEFORE he can create a crisis to rationalize doing this!!!!!

CNN: Lawmaker: Pentagon Internet plan could let Russia snoop on troops
...What kind of MORONS run our government--we're letting PEWtin provide Internet so he can spy on our troops, and we put Kaspersky on government computers so PEWtin can hack them?!??

The Hill: Trump's DC hotel raised room rates after inauguration: report
...By freakin' 57% over the budgeted rate, according to WSJ. WTF?!??

MoJo: Trump Has Been Thinking About Nuclear War for Decades. Here's why that's scary.

Newsweek: The Russia Connection: How the Trump Campaign Repeatedly Broke the Law

The Daily Beast: Team Trump Shivs Paul Manafort: There's 'Plenty for Mueller to Work With'
...Shabby, shabby way for tRUmp to treat his old buddy of the past 30 years. Why, they even lived in the same building.

Foreign Policy: Here's the Memo That Blew Up the NSC
...This is the memo that got Higgins fired. But more importantly--WHY THE FUCK WERE (ARE?) NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL MEMOS BEING SENT TO DONALD TRUMP JR?!?? He's one of the tRUmps who's NOT supposed to be in the government and who doesn't have a clearance--remember?

CNN: Senate panel wants W.H. responses on Kushner clearance

WaPo: The General Services Administration removed Trump hotel data from its website
...Anuddawoids, the government broadcasted tRUmp's corruption...and then took the data down. Here's this from the Washington Journal: The White House Just Accidentally Exposed Trump's Corruption And Quickly Deleted The Evidence. Fortunately, the evidence was captured before the administration could delete it.

MoJo: Indiana Is Making It Harder for Minorities to Vote, Lawsuit Alleges
...First, Ohio...then, Indiana. FML.

CNN: Venezuela calls Trump's warning of possible military action a 'crazy act'
...Good thing 600 fucking Nazis stormed Charlottesville Saturday to take the media's attention away from TRUMP-RUSSIA. *barf* Russia wants Venezuela's oil--or at least control over it.

Salon: My meeting with Donald Trump: A damaged, pathetic personality--whose obvious impairment has only gotten worse

The Guardian: Women considered better coders – but only if they hide their gender

BuzzFeed: A Trump Employee Said He Knew Of Misconduct At The Company. Then He Claimed His Family Was Assaulted.
...Actual assaults. Not just death threats but actual assaults.

Business Insider: Paul Manafort is toast — the FBI raid was just the beginning
...Randi Rhodes opines that Manafort lied during his Senate testimony and that, as a result, Mueller lowered the boom. Mueller is eyeing tRUmp SoHo, too, according to Vanity Fair.

The Hill: Virginia newspaper uses Trump's 'fire and fury' comment to describe white nationalist rally
...Charlottesville, Virginia, paper The Daily Progress mentions tRUmp's "weak" of rhetoric. How Freudian is that? - Or not!

Hungarian Free Press: Sebastian Gorka – Orbán's man in the Trump White House
...A-a-a-a-and here's "Dr." Gorka's link to the Kremlin.

NY Times: Mueller Is Said to Seek Interviews With West Wing in Russia Case
...Priebus is included in the dragnet. Good--hope he spills his guts and blabs til he's blue.

Bill Moyers: A Judge Is Letting a Private Company Charge People to Get Out of Jail
...Private prison is holding people hostage until they can pay their way out. Reminds me of Victorian debtors' prisons. *shudder*

Queerty: Man served eviction papers for being gay, landlord cites her “Christian values"
...Fucking bigots. How can you call cruelty and abuse a "value"?

The Stern Facts: The Federal Government Just Proved Trump Is Dead Wrong On Terror

US News: 'Common-Sense Legislation' Would Shield Drivers Who Run Over Protestors
...I wonder how NC and TN feel about Charlottesville and Alex James Fields now.

Axios: Trump suspects Bannon of leaking, putting job in jeopardy

New Republic: The Republican Party bears responsibility for today's fatal violence in Charlottesville

Business Insider: Neo-nazis and white supremacists celebrate Trump's remarks about Charlottesville riots
...tRUmp only grudgingly "condemned" white nationalists for Saturday's violence--being compared to a hostage making a video under duress by his captors.

Texas Tribune: Richard Spencer's host at Texas A&M is the "strongest skinhead"
...Preston Wiginton, who organized Richard Spencer's gig at Texas A&M, once rented an apartment in Moscow from David Duke.

WaPo: Charlottesville victim: 'She was there standing up for what was right'
...Profile of 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer, who sacrificed her life fighting Nazis in 2017 on American soil. She gave her life to make us safe.

Stonekettle: Stonekettle Station: Greatness, Again

They Thought They Were Free - AbeBooks
...Dot Calm used to run excerpts from these WWII interviews periodically. I run a link to the book today in light of recent events and in her honor. In short, the Germans did not initially resist the Nazis. The interviews show why.

CBS News: Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer sees "direct line from Trump's campaign choices to violence

BuzzFeed: Protests Erupt Nationwide After Deadly White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville
...Always remember: there are WAY more of us than there are of them! MoJo has this: Watch the Defiant, Anti-Fascist Hometown Welcome for Trump in New York City

The Guardian: In 1939, I didn't hear war coming. Now its thundering approach can't be ignored.

Business Insider: 'A model for civilization': Putin's Russia has emerged as 'a beacon for nationalists'
...Yep, you guessed it: American PEWtinism, Nazism, white supremacy, and fascism are all tied together. Did you know that the bastards that marched on Charlottesville also lurve Assad? WTAF?!!!

LA Times: Squeezed out by Silicon Valley, far-right creates its own corporate world
...Interesting. I thought that those far-right jackasses were pro-Bible, which means they're anti-science, which means they're grossly ill equipped to develop technology.

The Local Germany: Merkel condemns 'disgusting' far-right violence in US
...Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...the leader of the free world.

Raw Story: 'You will have to shovel our bodies into the oven, too' Father of Charlottesville neo-Nazi disowns him
...Pete Tefft's parents and family are far higher quality human beings than he is. Pearce Tefft, the dad who spoke out against his son's bigotry and violence, is a hero in my eyes.

Raw Story: 'Hahahaha love this': Cop praises white nationalist running over protesters--then claims he's not a racist

VICE: Watch VICE News Tonight's full episode “Charlottesville: Race and Terror
...VICE embedded a spy!

Fast Company: Welcome To The Third Nuclear Era: Trump And The Point Of No Return
...Good luck getting to sleep after reading this...urk. So...read it, get angry, and RESIST!!!!!
Well, that's twice in less than a week...
the Leader of the Free World
ripped tRUmp for NK
and now for Charlottesville
The REAL 82nd Airborne,
who fought Nazis, 
called out the Nazi
who wore an 82nd Airborne hat
to the terrorists' march
Russian interference in our election
by accusing Obama of not addressing it
when it was discovered in 2014
...TURDleman blackmailed Obama into inaction
because TURDleman is a fucking traitor

Links you can use

Millenial Politics: NextGen America: I Believe in Science – Millennial Politics

Support education for disadvantaged kids: https://shops-for-a-cause.com/
...Buy school supplies for your own kids and for kids in need!

HuffPo: Petition To Censure Trump Gains Momentum

Fundraiser by Unity C-ville : C-ville Victim Relief - GoFundMe
...Verified legit.

Our Sister's Keeper #HeatherHeyer - GoFundMe
...Verified legit.

Natalie Romero's medical fund--fundraiser by Ericka Chaves:

Fundraiser by Dre Harris : I Was Beaten By White Supremacists - GoFundMe
...Investigative journalist and fighter against Crosscheck and voter suppression Greg Palast and his photographer were on the scene and got footage of the terrorists who beat up Deandre in the parking garage. Deandre is a teacher and actual Very Fine Person. And he's damned lucky to be alive today. The terrorists ganged up on him...he said they were beating him with a stick, but social media has identified one of the terrorists, who beat Deandre with a pipe. Deandre has got eight staples in his scalp, a broken wrist, concussion, and other injuries. Like I said, incredibly lucky to be alive. Jesus ass-twerking Christ.

Fundraiser for marcus martin by Lah Rah : Marcus Martin - GoFundMe
...Marcus was severely injured when the terrorist drive his car through the peaceful counter-protesters.

Support Twitter user YesYoureRacist on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yesyoureracist

WIRED: A Guide to Russia's High Tech Tool Box for Subverting US Democracy
...Protect yourself!

Medium: As a privacy advocate/fanatic, here are the tools that I personally use and I suggest you use them too, especially my fellow altgov accounts
...This is from Alt-NSA--a stickler for privacy. We all need to implement this advice before the Department of Injustice harvests our IP addresses!!! Luckily, tech firms are fighting DOJ tooth and nail to protect the data of us who've visited anti-tRUmp resistance websites.

Seborrhea Sebastian Gorka's wife Katharine (both are tRUmp aides) helped federal defunding of Life After Hate, the program that helps deradicalize far-right domestic terrorists in this country. Why? Because tRUmp and PEWtin want a civil war here because that will weaken us. But we can help by donating to make up for the funding that Life After Hate is losing: https://publicgood.com/org/life-after-hate-inc/campaign/help-life-after-hate-fight-on

And here's a petition to sign--please and thank you.
CREDO action
Time for Confederate symbols to go
Tell federal, state and local government officials:
“Take down all symbols of the Confederacy. There is no room in America to celebrate white supremacy and racist terror.”
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Let's tear down every confederate monument in this country and replace all of them with Black survivors, scientists, achievers, and other patriotic Americans
Let's replace every statue of Robert E. Lee
with a statue of hero Heather Heyer

Democracy Now! headlines


The nation continues to grapple with the fallout from this weekend's violence after a Nazi sympathizer drove into a crowd of anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville, ... Read More →

After the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, which killed one person and injured dozens more, we spend the hour with award- ... Read More →

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is himself named after Confederate leaders, is now tasked with investigating the white supremacist violence in ... Read More →

The white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend came after thousands of neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and other white ... Read More →

Headlines →


We continue our roundtable discussion on violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend as thousands of neo-Nazis, KKK members and other white ... Read More →

We spend the hour examining the "Unite the Right" white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend that erupted into violence, resulting in three deaths. ... Read More →

Jalane Schmidt, an organizer with the local Black Lives Matter movement and an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, describes ... Read More →

On Saturday, President Trump addressed reporters at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, blaming the violence in Charlottesville on "many sides." We get ... Read More →

Headlines →

Both the man who tried to
blow up the bank in Oklahoma
Timothy McVeigh style
and the man who murdered Heather Heyer
have histories of domestic violence


U.S. military anti-fascism film from ~1947. Shockingly timely. If only the tRUmpanzees would watch it. Like I say, if you're not at the table, you're on the menu--and ain't none of us rich enough to be at the table with the likes of the Koch brothers, PEWtin, and their filthy greedy ilk.

Concise and perfect

Evangelicals especially would have flayed O'Bama if this had happened among his campaign staff

Um, duh? Republicans actually LOVE abortions, if you ask me.

A welcome piece of good news!

Manafort's mob ties scare the White House? What about tRUmp's mob ties? Hellz, tRUmp has been in bed with the mob since at least his Atlantic City days.

North Korea. Pfft--that was sooooo last week!

Fucking scandalous.

And I helped! Hopefully, you did, too!

Ban'em isn't out yet, but he's not home and dry, either.

When the Red Wings and Tiki torches are more moral than the asshole traitor bigot loser squatting in the White House...
155 people were arrested in Ferguson.
4 were arrested in Charlottesville.
Governor Terry McAuliffe claimed
 that his cops were outgunned by the Nazis...
he lied.
The cops were at least as well armed
as the Nazi and confederate terrorists...
the cops simply chose to stand by
and let the terrorists do their worst.
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